Jhankar 2006 Part 1

What happens when a bunch of people suddenly take a break from work and realize that their company has completed 4 years of existence?
A: They decide to celebrate.

Ok now what happens when that bunch of people are actually a big bunch of heavily paid software engineers?
A: You get JHANKAR 2006!!

The inevitable was bound to happen sooner or later! And now it was the turn of Symphony Services to celebrate a simple fact that they had somehow managed to stay alive for 4 years in the IT industry! Ok I don’t have any problems with that. But consider the following facts..
1) I simply had a very bad day till 5 pm.
2) I don’t like software engineers.
3) And what I detest even more is software engineers pretending to be happy being a part of their company.
4) And I didn’t know what I was going to be subjected to.

Now somehow, God sanctioned a big gathering filled with software engineers and their families (????), 100 odd software engineers making their best effort to pretend on stage in front of a 1000 strong crowd (also of software related homo sapiens) and some food to eat-all in one place. And then somehow he managed to put me in this chaos. And so, I sat through Jhankar 2006.The following is my nerve-wracking experience of 4 ½ hours at Jhankar 2006.

Now keep in mind this was meant to be a big occasion. So u had people making a sincere attempt to make themselves look good. Ok again I don’t have any problems with that. Now the problems started once the show started.

The big-man of the company came up on stage and started talking in heavily American accented English. That was simply because he was American. Now, all employees dream about making it big in their company. They would like their name to be spoken every now and then. Well, on that day, it was surely spoken once. The big-man spoke the names of all those who had worked in his company for more than 3years and 5 years. Ok I appreciate that- but one slight problem. there were 120 names on that list!

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