Jhankar 2006 Part 2

Now the worst situations in life are those over which you have absolutely no control whatsoever. So I sat there watching all the 120 employees smile and have their 7.53 seconds of fame on stage-happy to just be part of another arbit IT company. I was desperately trying to amuse myself by calculate the number of footsteps taken by each employee to climb on stage and collect their certificate or whatever forgettable memento, along with of course, a hand shake with the big-man himself. And then I tried to compute the probability of how many steps the successive employee would take based on the normal distribution curve that I tried to plot in my mind. Like I said, I was desperate. But then, the atmosphere was so draconic that I soon gave up on what appeared to be-my first ever practical application of probability and statistics in real life.
So while I was desperately hanging on to probability and statistics, the employees who were on stage were growing at an alarming rate. Soon the stage climaxed (pun unintended!) with it’s maximum capacity.
And so there you had it: the biggest bunch of software engineers right up there on stage…all of them having one common look- a look that simply seemed to scream out just one message:
“Hey look people- I exist!!!”

And the night had just begun…….may god have mercy upon me!

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