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Another Year Down the Drain (???)

Ok. So I celebrated my 21st birthday on the 26th of October, that is, just a few days back. Whoever I expected to wish me did so. And I dont ask for anything more.Ya so it also simply means that I am 21 years old. And it also means that I am one more year older since my birth and more importantly, that I am one more year closer to my death. I was just thinking about all the things that I had promised myself that I would be doing in my 21st year and all the things that I finally didn’t end up doing. And when I compared them, I found that the lists were simply matching to perfection.

I had simply done nothing that I had promised myself that I would on my 20th birthday. But at the same time I did a lot of things that I hadn’t promised myself. And that’s a lot. My 21st year was the abode to my worst semester for more than one reason. But in the end there were quite a lot of things that I rather think about than all those horrible things that I happened to do in that one horrible semester. Of course there will always be things that simply happen by themselves and you don’t have to do anything about it. All you have to do is to just allow it to happen. And there were many things that just “happened”.

The following are some of the more relevant things that just “happened”:

1) I grew by one more year.

2) I passed in two semesters.

3) I ended a close friendship with my school mate. ( For more info, read ‘Requiem for the past’)

4) My holidays got wasted.

5) I got internet in my hostel room.

6) I got my Driver’s License for car and two wheeler.

7) I made one new friend.

8) A lot of similar stuff…….


Ok so there you had it. Some of the relevant things that just happened to have happened. Now I will be giving you a list of all those things that I did and that really mattered. Now before I tell you those things, there is still something that I did that has simply changed the very way I think. And if it wasn’t for it, I would have still be living life thinking that we are going to die anyway, so why bother achieve anything now.

I read The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. And trust me, there has been nothing more influential to me than what was conveyed in those two books. It is simply not enough that I just make a mention about it in this blog. I will be writing a complete blog just about that soon. And it will be something that will define me.

And for all the other stuff that I “did” in my 21st year, here is the list:

1) I have now become part of something that has the potential to become something big in the near future.

2) I finally finished my original work that I had been secretly working on for the past few months.

3) I smiled because I had in my hands something that was mine- something that was completely from my own thinking.

4) I have more or less decided that I will be pursuing soil engineering for my higher studies.

5) I realized that I am more happy here with my new group of friends than what I was in my previous academic year.

6) And in the end I realized that preparation really pays.

This is not one of the better blogs that I have written. But I just have a lot of things to say. This was just the beginning of the many blogs that I will be writing within this week.

Like I said, there are many things that just happen and there are many things that you make happen. And life is all about having both of them in the right proportions.

Another year down the drain? I will leave it to you to figure out. But whatever may have happened in my 21st year, one thing that I am damn sure about is that I am atleast, much much wiser than what I was one year back. And I will definitely gain a lot from that.

22nd year is already under way. But what does it mean? Or rather, what will I make it mean?

Whatever it be, it wont be another year down the drain next time on….

My sense of Humour, NITK


I have formally made up my mind that, henceforth, I will only be dealing with facts and nothing else. Ok this is nothing new to all my esteemed readers (which basically includes me and you-and you might actually be me). Ah chuck it! I cant even talk sense. Forget trying to make sense of what I talk. And now I am here trying to type a blog and I really don’t know what sense I will be able to make at the end of the post. I really can’t think of anything sensible to make sense of right now as I am feeling really sleepy. But I promised myself that I would be putting up some blog today before evening. So here I am. Trying to type a blog.

So all I will do this time is to just sum up certain facts of life (mine that is-after all this is my blog). Just a few things that seemed to have just “happened”. Don’t know why or how, they just seem to have happened. And so, in no particular order, here it goes.

1) My mid sem exams are over. You are free to infer whatever you want from this.

2) I have begun to play a lot of quake- especially with my room mate. Its mainly just to train myself. I basically suck big time at quake. So I am just trying to improve myself. “Practice makes Perfect” you see…..

3) Today I will begin my movie marathon alongwith my roommate. We will be watching atleast some 4-5 movies daily and about 7-8 on weekends.

4) My close classmate has begun to smoke. Well he actually has a crush on this female but he doesn’t have the balls to go talk to her. (Hey sorry dude, I have just stated a fact-that’s all)

5) My mom called me some 4 times in one day.

6) One day before that, some arbit muslim guy happened to crash into some arbit hindu’s vehicle and kill him in the process. And very conveniently that arbit muslim guy was illegally transporting cattle. So no need to explain what came next.

7) My close friend’s birthday took place. I did not forget to wish her.

8) I listened to all my favourite Pink Floyd songs last night.

9) I read someone’s blog.

10) I am right now just writing some non-sense. Nothing more.


God help me and god help all those who have read this blog till now. I do not wish to further humiliate you. So this is officially the last sentence of this blog post.

My sense of Humour

How Blogging is going to Help me…

Come to think of it, I really don’t know how blogging is helping me. Ok all that banter about me getting to express myself and air my own views is all fine. But how is it actually helping me?

So last week I came up with this idea as to how I can actually use blogging to my benefit. So here is my plan.

You see, I am one among the significant minority of the Indian Undergraduate student community who aspire for higher studies in their respective fields. And so this inevitably implies that I have to write the GRE. And as far as I know, I need to have a strong vocablulary to actually have any hopes of cracking it.

And thats where Blogspot comes into play. Since I have this unexplained (and sometimes unreasonable) passion for blogging, I thought I might as well use this as part of my preparation for the GRE. And how exactly is it going to happen?

Thats where my imagination kicked in.
Now you see I have been learning all these new words from all these “Improve Your Vocabulary” books that my vocabulary has significantly increased. Now I also know that its not just about having a good vocabulary that matters but it is also how you make use of it. So this is what I am going to do:
Every time I sit to type a blog, I will take a list of words that I have newly got acquainted with. Then I will take some totally arbit situation which I am quite familiar with. And then I will type a blog about that situation. But the catch here is that come what may, I will somehow have to throw in those new words in the blog and still try to maintain some sense in it!
So in that way I will be using those new words in some relavent(?????) context and at the same time I would have written one more blog.

Two kills with one shot-eh? (What say you?)

So henceforth you will find a lot of posts that will have a lot more English vocabulary. But I cannot say anything about the content( or the lack of it)!

MS, here I come!!!

PS: “Rectilinear Redemption” is NOT part of my vocabulary.


All The Damn Wait…..

And finally i get internet in the hostel room itself. The much awaited entry of net into our sacred rooms is finally over. Now everyone can get spoilt.
Not Me!
I will be very careful as to what i surf and when i surf i will make sure that i wont be wasting my time. I will not surf anything that is beyind my necessity. I will use it for constructive purposes only.
Ok fact is that i will be blogging more often than b4. But right now i have to study 4 my exams that will end on monday. So till then tata.

By the way this is one more blog