How Blogging is going to Help me…

Come to think of it, I really don’t know how blogging is helping me. Ok all that banter about me getting to express myself and air my own views is all fine. But how is it actually helping me?

So last week I came up with this idea as to how I can actually use blogging to my benefit. So here is my plan.

You see, I am one among the significant minority of the Indian Undergraduate student community who aspire for higher studies in their respective fields. And so this inevitably implies that I have to write the GRE. And as far as I know, I need to have a strong vocablulary to actually have any hopes of cracking it.

And thats where Blogspot comes into play. Since I have this unexplained (and sometimes unreasonable) passion for blogging, I thought I might as well use this as part of my preparation for the GRE. And how exactly is it going to happen?

Thats where my imagination kicked in.
Now you see I have been learning all these new words from all these “Improve Your Vocabulary” books that my vocabulary has significantly increased. Now I also know that its not just about having a good vocabulary that matters but it is also how you make use of it. So this is what I am going to do:
Every time I sit to type a blog, I will take a list of words that I have newly got acquainted with. Then I will take some totally arbit situation which I am quite familiar with. And then I will type a blog about that situation. But the catch here is that come what may, I will somehow have to throw in those new words in the blog and still try to maintain some sense in it!
So in that way I will be using those new words in some relavent(?????) context and at the same time I would have written one more blog.

Two kills with one shot-eh? (What say you?)

So henceforth you will find a lot of posts that will have a lot more English vocabulary. But I cannot say anything about the content( or the lack of it)!

MS, here I come!!!

PS: “Rectilinear Redemption” is NOT part of my vocabulary.

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