I have formally made up my mind that, henceforth, I will only be dealing with facts and nothing else. Ok this is nothing new to all my esteemed readers (which basically includes me and you-and you might actually be me). Ah chuck it! I cant even talk sense. Forget trying to make sense of what I talk. And now I am here trying to type a blog and I really don’t know what sense I will be able to make at the end of the post. I really can’t think of anything sensible to make sense of right now as I am feeling really sleepy. But I promised myself that I would be putting up some blog today before evening. So here I am. Trying to type a blog.

So all I will do this time is to just sum up certain facts of life (mine that is-after all this is my blog). Just a few things that seemed to have just “happened”. Don’t know why or how, they just seem to have happened. And so, in no particular order, here it goes.

1) My mid sem exams are over. You are free to infer whatever you want from this.

2) I have begun to play a lot of quake- especially with my room mate. Its mainly just to train myself. I basically suck big time at quake. So I am just trying to improve myself. “Practice makes Perfect” you see…..

3) Today I will begin my movie marathon alongwith my roommate. We will be watching atleast some 4-5 movies daily and about 7-8 on weekends.

4) My close classmate has begun to smoke. Well he actually has a crush on this female but he doesn’t have the balls to go talk to her. (Hey sorry dude, I have just stated a fact-that’s all)

5) My mom called me some 4 times in one day.

6) One day before that, some arbit muslim guy happened to crash into some arbit hindu’s vehicle and kill him in the process. And very conveniently that arbit muslim guy was illegally transporting cattle. So no need to explain what came next.

7) My close friend’s birthday took place. I did not forget to wish her.

8) I listened to all my favourite Pink Floyd songs last night.

9) I read someone’s blog.

10) I am right now just writing some non-sense. Nothing more.


God help me and god help all those who have read this blog till now. I do not wish to further humiliate you. So this is officially the last sentence of this blog post.

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