NITK, The things that happen only to ME...

But after all, maybe not……

So here I am, again. In the same old state that I have always been at the end of every semester exam. Filled with that feeling that I could have done much better. But this time there is something more to the story. It’s not just the guilt I hold about not putting in the required efforts. This time it is something more fundamental. It was something that I had assumed and taken for granted as part of me. But only to be proved wrong this time around.

Ever since I was able to think for myself, I have always been proud and happy about my grasping power and my intelligence. When I was a kid, there was nobody who could beat me in academics. I was the topper all the way. And as I grew up, I don’t know where things slipped out of my hands, but I began to witness my own decline into obscurity. I began to be just a shadow of the genius that I was. That brilliance, that zeal in me, slowly began to desert me. And I was left staring and gasping at all the horrid results that have gone my way ever since. There have been some opportunities for me to start all over again. But then I blew them all. Absolutely no enthusiasm in working for what would give me some success in whatever I was doing. I had no identity anywhere I went. I tried a few new things so I could start anew. But same old story. Things just seemed to end up in the drain.

And all the time I have spent days together introspecting and trying to find an answer to why all this was happening. And everytime I analyzed the things that had gone against me, I always ended up with the same inference. Mea Culpa. It was my own fault. There was no other explanation that could satisfy and explain all my failures for such a long time. My lack of discipline and my laziness to work had taken toll over all my success. My unwillingness to be regular had cost me dear on more than one crucial occasion. The mind control that I possessed, or to be more precise, the lack of it had dealt a fatal blow everytime I thought that I could somehow ‘pull it off’. Procrastination killed my spirit-every damn day of my life. And still here I am, still believing that I can pull it off from nowhere-just by my brilliance and intelligence!

And that was what I always hung on to like a life saver. I always believed that it was only the lack of my effort into studies that cost me all this. And that “if I studied”, I would be way ahead of others. Why? Simply because I was far more intelligent than all the guys around me and that I “would have studied”. But that never ever materialized. Semesters came and went, exams came and went, tests came and went, free time came and went but during all that time, there I was- just convincing myself-“don’t worry…if you study, you will be able to understand it.” And that IF never became anything else. I never studied and I still believed that I deserved the better grades simply because I knew I was the only one who was actually interested in the subject and that all others were just doing it just for the sake of it. But I never bothered to work. And I got depressed everytime I got my grades. Why the hell was I complaining? I don’t study anything and I expect good grades! Now how does that make sense?

And so all this time I have been blaming nothing but myself for all the failures that have taken place. I never held anyone or anything responsible for me screwing up my stuff. And all this time I genuinely believed that I was still capable of it- if I worked that is. I have been hanging on to that belief for dear life. And like I was saying, the only difference this semester was that my belief was proved wrong.

And that has rendered me desperate. It had been my lifeline for all these years of struggle and misery. And now I don’t even have that now. All I have with me is this new realization that I am not someone special. That I am just like any other. Maybe above average, but nothing more. I may have all the genuine interest in the world and I may know how to exactly lead one’s life. But what I also know now, is that none of that will count if I don’t actually do something about it. That one identity that I was still hanging on to is now officially invalid. Losing that one identity pained so much that I have become numb to it. There is nothing more in this life. And all I got right now with me is that true interest in my studies. But of course, this is an interest without the ability. And until something happens that makes me realize that I am indeed capable, I guess I have to live just with the interest.

So all this time I thought I was capable of so big things. But after all, maybe not……

My sense of Humour, NITK

A Chat on Lan

Ok guys…this one here is something that took place last night. I switched on my computer and logged into the local sharing network. IT is called DC++.There are about 250 computer users interlinked with this network. And there is this chat window where anyone can interact with the others. And as soon as I logged in, there was this small chat that was going on among 2-3 guys. And soon I found that it was quite humorous and interesting. The following is the text of that chat. But i have to warn you that it turned very explicit and indecent in the process. SO if you feel offended then please dont read ahead. By the way, please dont frame any opinion about me with what you read below.

There were 6 guys-[Maladroit], [Anonymous],[Bo],[Cursor],[Necromancer] and [Silver]. [Shanky] joined in later in the end and made it really vulgar. So the chat session was wound up soon after. You will find a lot of F-words and other really horrible and very offensive stuff. So once again i warn you that you might not like it. Anyway, I dont really expect anyone to make any sense out of the following. But i had some of the best times during this chat. I almost died laughing. I will start with the chat already in progress as i was not able to get the entire chat. So here goes:-


[Cursor] Yeah. Maybe the space was just enough?

[Maladroit] what was the first word that cursor learnt to spell?-

[Anonymous] sadf….sadfsag….sagha;lhglhasgl;khs;lakhg…….

[N00B_Silver] Cursor to Mom: Click Click

[Anonymous] –

[Cursor] Okay, that would be the answer to your question, Maladroit.

[Cursor] XD

[Bo] i dunno…was it googoo gaga?

[Cursor] Heh.

[Cursor] I meant the sadf…

[Maladroit] cursor finally got it right-

[Maladroit] heh

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Heh.

[Anonymous] cursors first word was [Cursor] Heh.

[Bo] anonymous sure has an identity crisis

[Anonymous] [Bo] anonymous sure has an identity crisis

[Anonymouse] Yeah, I’ll say

[Bo] as i said…

[Cursor] Wohoo!!

[Bo] he proved tht

[Anonymouse] [Anonymous] [Bo] anonymous sure has an identity crisis

[Cursor] Super.

[Maladroit] what the F**** is that?-

[Anonymouse] lol

[Anonymous] [Anonymouse] heh

[Bo] silver,tht has to b u!

[Anonymouse] wrong spelling man

[Cursor] =O F word!

[Anonymouse] F*** not F****

[Cursor] *f-word*?

[Cursor] Shit.

[Anonymouse] betta

[Anonymous] [Anonymouse]wrong spelling man

[Bo] change bak to silver..the brightness is lost!!

[Cursor] Stop frigging censoring me!

[Anonymouse] *f-word*

[Bo] beep

[Cursor] Yeah. And bring on the underwear as well.

[Bo] the attack of the underwear clad morons led by captain underpants

[Cursor] How’s f@ck?

[Bo] captain underwear with the pink underwear on top…superhero style

[Anonymouse] fack?

[Bo] duck?

[Anonymouse] eminem huh

[Anonymouse] *f-word*

[Anonymouse] sucker

[Anonymous] [Anonymouse] eminem heh

[Darklord] wat the *f-word*

[Anonymouse] Ah…. that works

[Cursor] Heh.

[Anonymouse] lol, lets overload the filter system

[Darklord] *f-word*

[Cursor] Yay!

[Anonymouse] *f-word*

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Heh.

[Anonymouse] Noo…..

[Bo] hmmm…looks like the hub is alive and kicking!

[Darklord] fcukkkkkkkkkk

[Anonymous] [Anonymouse] Yes…Yessssssss………….Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…………..

[Cursor] loss for words part!!-

[Bo] kcuf?

[Anonymouse] heh

[Cursor] Heh.

[Anonymous] kcuf?

[Cursor] x_X

[Bo] oh god,anonymous..ur slow as well

[Anonymous] X_x

[Maladroit] dont drink water fish fcuk there-

[Bo] aiyooo

[Anonymous] Yes

[Cursor] x_O?

[Cursor] Black eye.

[Cursor] XD

[Bo] whack on balls

[Anonymous] coz im heh ……hehhhhh………….heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh……………

[Cursor] Heh.

[Maladroit] is that ur fav pastime cursor?-

[Cursor] Three in 10 minutes! I commend you, Anonyous

[Maladroit] no i am not talking abt blinking-

[Anonymous] [Cursor] X_o?

[Cursor] Heh. Other than Hehing?

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Ill go to classes with anonymous

[Cursor] For free?

[Cursor] Wait. I want a claification made.

[Bo] okay

[Cursor] I’m NOT a keyboard , so I’m obviously not your type.

[Anonymous] [Cursor] No you have to pay me with what u get after the classes end hhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….

[Cursor] Eh?

[Cursor] Gimme back my Heh!

[Maladroit] take that cursor-

[Anonymous] [Cursor] heh

[Anonymous] take it heh

[Cursor] Ugh.

[Maladroit] hey guys cursor “took” it!-

[Cursor] Yeah?

[Anonymous] [Cursor]u asked for it

[Maladroit] where is bo?-

[Cursor] Er.. Whadda?

[Anonymous] [bo]heh

[Bo] he’s barelly alive

[Cursor] Good.

[Anonymous] [Bo] i like bare people

[Maladroit] is he bare or is he alive?-

[Cursor] Heh.

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Heh.

[Bo] he’s not bare yet…he plans to take a bath later!

[Maladroit] let all know when u do that-

[Bo] he might bare his teeth tho!

[Bo] and y wud i mala?

[Maladroit] coz i am bored of seeing u alive-

[Silver] Well, if he’s bare, he’ll haveta die

[Bo] u r??

[Anonymous] [Bo] I wanna have a bath too and all the bathrooms are full except one…

[Bo] whou!!

[Bo] wow…anon…u use a lot of logic in life

[Cursor] Where’s Silver? Taking too much time to change!

[Silver] lol, here i am

[Cursor] Aha.

[Silver] hub hates me

[Anonymous] [Bo] Is that a yes…

[Cursor] Heh.

[Maladroit] ur face value is increasing silver-

[Silver] I got already 2 spam warnings

[Bo] ah..i thot he had returned bak to normal state from excited state

[Silver] Ohk

[Silver] Fine.

[Bo] heh

[Silver] [Platinum] Fine

[Cursor] Ugh.


– [singla] SpamWarning 3: MainChat spam abuse

[Cursor] Heh.

[Cursor] Rofl.

[Cursor] I’ve never had that one..

[Maladroit] how the F*** do u do that?-

[Silver] lol, I insult the hub

[Anonymous] [Silver] [Platinum] [Diamond] Fine

[Silver] it gives me that

[Silver] Like, say “*f-word* the hub 5 times consecutively

[Silver] *f-word* the hub

[Silver] *f-word* the hub

[Maladroit] let me try that-

[Anonymous] [Silver] *f-word* the hub

[Anonymous] [Silver] *f-word* the hub

[Anonymous] [Silver] *f-word* the hub

[Silver] quickly man

[Anonymous] thats five

[Silver] lol

[Silver] [Anonymous] [Silver] *f-word* the hub

[Silver] [Anonymous] [Silver] *f-word* the hub

[Silver] [Anonymous] [Silver] *f-word* the hub

[Cursor] Heh.

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Heh.[Cursor] Heh.[Cursor] Heh.[Cursor] Heh.[Cursor] Heh.

[Cursor] Sahi.

[Bo] wot the f-word is the spam warning anyway?

[Silver] wtf

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Galat

[Cursor] Lol. It’ll be programmed to kick our Hehers after December.

[Maladroit] i didnt get any spam warning-

[Cursor] Maaro!

[Bo] kill

[Cursor] Heh.

[Silver] lol, I told ya, the hub hates ME

[Cursor] Yeah. That too.

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Meri Maaro!

[Cursor] Heh.

[Silver] one sex

[Silver] *sec

[Silver] I show you pic

[Maladroit] hub f***in hates him-

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Maaro!

[Cursor] Rofl.

[Bo] cursor..does tht lan wire still luv u?

[Cursor] Oh yeah..

[Bo] u been singing with it??

[Maladroit] so where is it? is it part of u now?-

[Bo] man…poor roommate of urs

[Anonymous] [Bo] Plz teach me to love a lan wire

[Silver] lol, sing with it man

[Cursor] I’ve been training it to behave.

[Silver] similar to toilet training?

[Bo] [anonymous]i don’t sing with the lan wire,i do other ‘things’

[Anonymous] for the gb inmates

[Cursor] Right.

[Anonymous] they lack “dil***”

[Bo] ask it to SIT

[Cursor] Except that I skipped the roll over part.

[Bo] and then give a paw

[Silver] [Bo] ask it to SHIT


[Bo] [silver]ask it to sing

[Silver] La la la

[Maladroit] who is grass?-


[Silver] a guy eaten by cow?

[Bo] hmmm…he’s cud to a cow

[Silver] heh, great minds think alike

[Bo] lol…

[Bo] maybe,he is on a higher plane than all of us

[Silver] grass: Sumthing which you eat, you will puke.

[Bo] the grass was greener

[Maladroit] ok i get the “hang ” of it!-

[Anonymous] [Silver] grass: Sumthing which you smoke, you will enjoy.

[Silver] [Anonymous] [Silver] grass: Sumthing which you smoke, you will get destroyed

[Anonymous] [Bo] the grass IS greener

[Silver] on which side man?

[Maladroit] always on the other side-

[Bo] grasshopper: something which walks on grass

[Silver] hopper: sumthing that hops!

[Maladroit] it actually hops-didnt u know?-

[Bo] when it isn’t hopping tht is

[Anonymous] [Silver] on the flipsyde?

[Maladroit] i thought it only hopped-

[Bo] obviously it walks when not hopping

[Silver] lol, its called grasswalker than?

[Anonymous] no i thought they were learning to fly

[Bo] or they ver comfortably numb

[Maladroit] no it will be called “grass-walk when not hop-er”-

[Bo] maybe they wished u ver ther

[Anonymous] if a grasshopper runs its called a grassblade runner

[Bo] tht was saaad

[Silver] Grassblade runner: A runner who sticks a blade of grass up his behind.


[Anonymous] [Cursor]Hey you

[Neeraj] IS THE

[Neeraj] RE A

[Bo] hmmm

[Neeraj] NY

[Silver] wazzzzup, the guy loves caps

[Neeraj] WHO ASHI?

[Maladroit] whats up with neeraj and his capitals?-

[Cursor] Hey you you.

[Silver] try hats on sumtimes as well.

[Neeraj] hey kewl

[Anonymous] [Neeraj] I am a master at “master******”

[Silver] lol

[Neeraj] eeeeeee

[Cursor] Ugh.

[Neeraj] who are these wierdos speakin wired stuff

[Bo] maybe some1 is torturing him

[Neeraj] uuuuuuu

[Bo] go save neeraj!

[Cursor] Rofl.

[Neeraj] give me the name

[Maladroit] ahoy!-

[Maladroit] here i come-

[Cursor] Anony! Do you job!

[Anonymous] neeraj im cuming

[Cursor] *your

[Cursor] Blink blink.

[Bo] [anonymous]have no fear,i’m here..

[Neeraj] ok anonymous stop usin the laptop underme

[Neeraj] i cant contorl

[Maladroit] lose control!-

[Neeraj] okkkkk

[Cursor] ContORl you should!

[Neeraj] sry anony

[Bo] hmmm…ask anonymous to control

[Neeraj] but ur cummed

[Anonymous] [Neeraj]Im the laptop and u are using me

[Cursor] Heh.

[Anonymous] I was Cummed

[Silver] Anonymous: control. See, asked.

[Neeraj] sad ass

[Bo] [neeraj]laptop is gay

[Cursor] How the?

[Anonymous] now im free for a second run

[Maladroit] control alt delete-

[Neeraj] [bo] , i like to copy fake stuff , coz im a fake dick

[Bo] cool..start running..i’ll time u

[Silver] The hockey court is waiting

[Anonymous] [Neeraj]What is ur rate?

[Bo] [neeraj]i am a dick

[Cursor] [Anonymous] Ouch! Stop it Neeraj!

[Neeraj] [bo] i luv dick , but i want one

[Neeraj] lol k

[Maladroit] hey did u all forget that bo is getting bare soon?-

[Anonymous] [bo] u can have mine

[Neeraj] fine , do i know u guys?

[Cursor] Yeah! In two more hours, eh, Bo?

[Maladroit] does it matter?-

[Anonymous] [bo] mine is a fake but a reaal good one

[Maladroit] neeraj?-

[Neeraj] yea it does

[Bo] [anonymous]i’m gay

[Cursor] Heh.

[Silver] [bo] I know that becos?

[Neeraj] k,,, so all ur exams got over eh?

[Anonymous] [Bo] i’m gay too

[Bo] [bo]aliver told me he’s gay with anon

[Neeraj] hey theres a dota server , guys join

[Bo] [bo]make tht silver

[Anonymous] [bo] so lets do it

[Silver] Cool, bo-gay man

[Bo] silver: the bright moron

[Anonymous] [Silver] Wanna cum tonight

[Anonymous] to nc

[Bo] [anonymous]yess

[Cursor] Heh.

[Silver] [Anonymous] [Silver] Wanna cum tonight, not with anon.

[Maladroit] cursor knows his art of interrupting-

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Heh………Heeeeeeeh………….Heeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………….

[Cursor] Rofl!

[Bo] does cursor go heh in class too?

[Maladroit] u dont wanna know-

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Heh.

[Cursor] Skipped two classes.

[Bo] prof: wot r u doin? cursor : heh

[Silver] Prof: You know the answer cursor?

Cursor: heh….heh

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Heh.

[Maladroit] rofl-

[Maladroit] how does that cursor laugh?-

[Silver] heh?

[Anonymous] [cursor]to get good marks did this to the prof Heh………Heeeeeeeh………….Heeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………….

[Cursor] Heh.

[Silver] lol

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Heh.

[Bo] when he’s humping,he’d go…heh heh heh heh heh

[Cursor] Hahahah!

[Maladroit] how do u know bo]?-

[Anonymous] When he is cuming Heh………Heeeeeeeh………….Heeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………….

[Maladroit] were u very close then?-

[Bo] it’s called asumption boy

[Cursor] Ahem. -cough- -chokes–dies-

[Silver] now he’s bare

[Cursor] Who’s assumption boy?

[Anonymous] [cursot]heh

[Cursor] Ack!!

[Bo] [cursor]i’m a dimwit

[Cursor] Heh.

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Heh.

[Maladroit] hey cursor u rock man-

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Heh.

[Bo] rock??


[Cursor] Woah. Whaa??

[Maladroit] oops sorry-

[Maladroit] cursor u heh man-

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Im so horny ….I wanna heh

[Cursor] Ah, better.

[Silver] roflcar

[Bo] doesn’t any1 have exams tomm?

[Cursor] Gah. That’s picked up as well?

[Cursor] Yup. I do.

[Silver] congrats

[Cursor] Strength of Materials.

[Anonymous] [Cursor]

[Cursor] Yay!

[Silver] Hattricks on u

[Cursor] Thanks.

[Bo] and the prize goes to

[Bo] ….

[Anonymous] [Cursor] heh

[Silver] lol, the strength of mech paper

[Cursor] I’d like to thank Anony for the great Heh………Heeeeeeeh………….Heeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………….

[Silver] What is the strength of iron: heh

Does still bend: heh

Do I know the correct answer: heh

Name: heh

[Cursor] Heh.

[Anonymous] [Bo] when i become angry ‘red’ i get ‘Bo-red’

[Cursor] Lamo.

[Cursor] *Lmao. Gah.

[Bo] sad joke

[Cursor] Oh.. joke? Where? Where?

[Silver] gawk.

[Bo] behind u

[Cursor] Heh.

[Cursor] w00t!

[Silver] [Cursor] Heh.

[Cursor] And again.. and again.. :-@

[Cursor] =@ Aha.

[Bo] [cursor]i can’t find him…i think joke ran away

[Anonymous] [Silver] [Cursor] Heh.

[Maladroit] i got dc-

[Cursor] Good to know. They somehow behave that way when I’m around.

[Cursor] Welcome back!

[Maladroit] than u than u-

[Anonymous] [Maladroit] heh

[Maladroit] wtf happened to my k?-

[Anonymous] k?

[Silver] its after the j

[Cursor] Anony’s been messing you you K.

[Cursor] *with your.

[Anonymous] [Cursor] heh

[Cursor] X_X

[Bo] okay guys…i better b goin…i gotta study a bit…

[Anonymous] x_x

[Cursor] Noooooooo!

[Bo] cya all at nite…we can close the hub with sad jokes

[Maladroit] hey bo reveal thyself and leave-

[Silver] noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

[Anonymous] [Cursor] x_x

[Bo] and make it memorable!!

[Cursor] Last day for the hub, Bo!

[Maladroit] –

[Silver] Bo studies, oh…….

[Silver] For what man

[Bo] is a nerd

[Cursor] Happy holidays.

[Maladroit] a hairy nerd-

[Silver] The papers so easy that you actually haveta study to fail.

[Silver] ?

[Anonymous] Bo-seDK

[Cursor] Eh? Wha?? @ Anony.

[Bo] hehe…not tomorrow’s exam…i wanna get up for lunch tomm

[Anonymous] [Anonymous] Bo-seDK

[Cursor] Heh.

[Bo] heh…

[Maladroit] reveal thyself bo-

[Bo] okay all…miss you all..b gud in the hols!!

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Heh.

– [Bo] heh.

[Maladroit] see u at palace grounds-

[Cursor] See you then, Bo.

[Maladroit] in front of deep purple-

[Bo] [anonymous]i’ll surely b happy and gay

[Cursor] Yup. Me too.

[Silver] adios and happy holidays

[Bo] yup..cya at palace grounds…lemme kno if u get passes maladoit

[Maladroit] i guess i have to pass tomo-

[Anonymous] Anyone wanna spend the entire nite exercising plz contact me at the gay bar

[Bo] heh!

[Silver] lol

[Cursor] Is it a treat?

[Bo] u have a gym there?

[Silver] highly specific in nature

[Cursor] Heh.

[Anonymous] Yep one that u wont forget

[Cursor] Sure. Bo is UP for it.

[Bo] for water sports and high impact sports only

[Anonymous] Ill show u what a pain in the ass i am quite literally

[Bo] haha…

[Cursor] He’s all yours.

[Silver] boom.

[Bo] i’m not…bo is straight!!

[Maladroit] bo is stratight?-

[Cursor] But anony is not!

[Bo] cursor can blink away all night without stopping

[Maladroit] so when is he getting bare?-

[Cursor] Rofl!

[Silver] [Bo] i’m not…bo is gay!!!!!

[Anonymous] [Bo] im coming ‘straight ‘to you sorry ‘gay ‘to you

[Bo] maladoit…ur gay too

[Cursor] False claims!

[Bo] anonymous…meet galadoit…he’s gay

[Silver] any lesbos from gb around?

[Cursor] Rofl.

[Silver] need cure need cure

[Maladroit] hey they dont help our cause

[Anonymous] [Im ] BI

[Bo] haha…

[Maladroit] lesbos dont serve our needs-

[Bo] donate to the sperm bank for a productive cause

[Cursor] Right.

[Anonymous] reproductive cause

[Cursor] Right.

[Maladroit] heh-

[Bo] thtz wot production is about

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Right.heh

[Silver] Cause: Give a mini bo?

[Silver] heh

[Maladroit] what is the best thing i like abt babies?-

[Cursor] …

[Anonymous] [Cursor]heh

[Silver] underage porn? sicko..

[Cursor] Small dicks?

[Bo] if mini bo is fat,the process will b called mass production

[Cursor] x_X

[Anonymous] tight cunts

[Cursor] Gah. You’re cruel!!

[Maladroit] god damn it!-

[Anonymous] [Cursor] X_x

[Cursor] Its not your nature to go for cunts, Anony!

[Anonymous] also cute nipples

[Maladroit] is bo around?-

[Anonymous] right im talking about boys

[Cursor] Heh. Answer please, Maladroit.

[Silver] lol, BO! Bo? guy? huh, HE is gay. Not she is gay

[Bo] i have learnt a lot frm anon

[Maladroit] the best thing i like abt babies:-

[Maladroit] making them!-

[Silver] rofl

[Bo] u make babies with wot??clay?

[Cursor] Heh.

[Anonymous] im the master of every ‘thing’

[Cursor] Great.

[Bo] ur a master of silver too??it’s a thing

[Maladroit] let ur imagination run wild-

[Anonymous] [Cursor]not Great. loooooong

[Silver] ah….. lustre is inprisonable

[Cursor] Aha.

[Bo] hehe…okay all…i shall b off…!!

[Bo] adios…

[Anonymous] nope master of ‘batter’

[Silver] Adios bare bo.

[Maladroit] bo off-

[Cursor] See you!

[Cursor] Ta.

[Maladroit] good sleep man-

[Bo] and plz kick biswas a little extra..courtesy Bo

[Anonymous] let me see u bare Bo

[Cursor] Right.

[Bo] i’ll b bak at 1!!

[Maladroit] reveal thyself b4 leaving bo-

[Cursor] Back at 1?

[Bo] balls..

[Silver] Ah…. back at 1

[Cursor] Good.

[Silver] Cool, let ppl download their porn till then I guess

[Cursor] Reveal the balls later,

[Anonymous] Bo has to do something with balls

[Bo] i’ll inaugrate the new year’s hub with my name

[Bo] ya..i play football…on the football field with a ball

[Silver] Bo’s hub….. imagination

[Silver] Users: gay 1

Gay 2

[Anonymous] new hub Bo balls

[Cursor] Gah. 1 = Jan 1?

[Silver] etc etc

[Anonymous] And MasterBatter

[Bo] silver’s hub…

[Bo] scary gurl 1

[Bo] lesbo fat gurl 2

[Cursor] Heh.

[Silver] COOOL

[Anonymous] underage girl 1

[Cursor] Heh.

[Bo] gurl 3..wait…i mean 75%gurl

[Anonymous] underage gay boy 1

[Silver] NO….

[Silver] thats for anon only

[Cursor] Yup.

[Bo] hehe…u can share with him silver

[Cursor] Second that,

[Cursor] Heh.

[Silver] we’ll call the girl pulsor

[Anonymous] thanx guys to let it for me only

[Bo] friends share

[Maladroit] i will videotape it all-

[Cursor] Ugh.

[Bo] ewwww

[Cursor] Pulsor who?

[scorpio] mvcmb

[Silver] Definately male

[Bo] adios!!

[Silver] adiosway

[Silver] no 3

[Cursor] See you!

[Anonymous] ill share the gay underage boy 1 on dc++

[Maladroit] cya bo-

[Cursor] No. 3 is right.

[Cursor] -silence0

[Cursor] –

[Cursor] -more silence0

[Silver] Slient_Force?

[Cursor] Gah.

[Cursor] Where?

[Cursor] Blink.

[Anonymous] cum back on dc++ to meet the underage boy 1 later next sem

[Silver] he’s stash’s reduced like crazy. 50 GB only?

[Cursor] Who does he think he is to do that??

[Silver] heh

[Anonymous] Silent+Force

[Silver] Porn freak doesnt cheat us all tho

[Anonymous] [Cursor] Great.

[Maladroit] porn freak also has cheated us-

[Silver] what!!

[Zealot] 4400 3rd season ne1?

[Maladroit] there is no porn in his porn collection-

[Silver] I have most porn then

[Silver] shit

[Anonymous] Does porn freak have underage gay boy porn

[Silver] actually, he did have underage alot

[Silver] kinda made me sick.

[Anonymous] c ya guys i dont want a hattrick

[Anonymous] bye

[Silver] adios

[Anonymous] Screw you guys im going home

[Cursor] Heh.

[Cursor] Screw well.

[Maladroit] guess what?-

[Anonymous] OR Screw you gays im going home

[Maladroit] i got some shocker of a news b4 i leave-

[Anonymous] OR Screw you gays im going to hump you

[Cursor] What news?

[Anonymous] news wagon

[Maladroit] that anonymous and maladroit are roomies!-

[Silver] heh… cool

[Anonymous] we are mates

[Silver] I believe talking was popular as well.

[Maladroit] where is cursor?-

[Silver] hehhinng…?

[Anonymous] he is blinking

[Cursor] Phone call.

[Silver] [Cursor] Blink, heh. Blink, heh

[Maladroit] dude u even talk?-

[Anonymous] he is with me in b/w heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

[Silver] w….o……r……d

[shanky] *************

[Silver] lol

[SKD] hehe…..n1 ma8

[Silver] shanky

[Silver] yo, neighbour

[Zealot] is it 18 or 411]]

[Zealot] ?

[Maladroit] 18

[Zealot] k

[SKD] den whts da 411 fur

[shanky] **************************

[Maladroit] hey shanky u make me sick-

[Anonymous] **************************

[Silver] lol, pass to anon

[Silver] lol.

[Anonymous] thahx silver

[Silver] heh…

[Silver] soz

[Anonymous] [Silver] heh…

[shanky] maladroit u wastage go *f-word* the dogs outside

[Silver] thank god for the filter

[Anonymous] i want the dogs too

[Silver] my my

[Maladroit] dude the dogs have enough company-

[Maladroit] i counted 7 dogs and 6 bitches last night-

[Silver] shanky was the last bitch

[Anonymous] and i satisfied them all

[Anonymous] with food

[Maladroit] ya i remember seeing him-

[Maladroit] guys i am moving out-

[Silver] kinda reminded me of that small bitch who keeps trying to get humped.

[Silver] heh

[Maladroit] ya i thought that was shanky-

[Silver] kinda would have hard time typing the *f-word* he typed

[Anonymous] ok im leaving all u gays out there mail me at *f-word*.com

[Silver] fine, it is

[shanky] silver u surathkal whore

[Maladroit] cool down da shanky-

[shanky] cheapest whore oin this district

[Silver] ah….

[shanky] *f-word* u all

[Silver] you will do that wouldnt you

[Maladroit] go study for tomo’s tele switch exam-

[Silver] please oblige

[Anonymous] *f-word*

[Maladroit] *f-word*-

[shanky] i dont need 2 listen to shit from u

[Maladroit] shanky go study

[shanky] u *f-word* stunted dwarf

[Silver] ending with a positive note ey… cool.

[shanky] positive …

[shanky] *f-word* u and ur positives

[Maladroit] hiv +ve-

[shanky] hahaha .. *f-word* u wastage

[shanky] maladroit who the *f-word* are u

[Silver] luv filter.


And so as the conversation became very vulgar due to [Shanky’s] presence, I closed the chat and went to study for the exams that i had the next day. But i will always remember the entire chat…one of the best times of my life!-

[Cursor] Heh!

Like I said, I dont want you to frame any opinion about me by reading this. This is just another day in a hostel. You will know when you stay in a hostel like this once…