How Much Longer…?

What the hell have I been doing of late? And when I say of late I mean for the past 5-6 years of my life. And that is a long time. I have done absolutely nothing close to what I am capable of. Hardly ever studied. Never really looked like I was going to excel in any other field as well. I went though the usual identity crisis any teenager might undergo. But today even after 3 years after my teenage got over, I am still a nobody.

I have been given all the facilities and opportunities that anyone could have asked for to achieve their dreams. And I blew each and every one of them. Spent hell lot of a time on introspection. Never yielded anything new. I mean ya maybe I did realize what was happening to me and all that. But it eventually never lead to anything constructive. A couple of weeks later I was still the same old nobody.

My last semester could have been big. But I blew it again. So much so I let that laxity to eat into a whole month of this semester. And now I still have more opportunities to do something worthwhile. But I can hardly be sure of what will eventually materialize. Maybe something. Maybe nothing. But in the end there will be that something that I could have done to make myself feel better than what I will be then.

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