The things that happen only to ME...

C,G,Am,D….I feel Alive!

Ah! It felt like something long gone or forgotten. Damn it! It felt that it was too good to be actually taking place. I felt alive when i played that damn G and then changed it to the C! Thats the guitar chords for “Wish you Were Here” you waste! I was bloody smiling man…u heard that? I was smiling for something I did!

Take that! Well after all I guess life is not as boring as it seems it is….


Been Busy….actually!

Ya…Thats right! I have actually been busy and i am not free now either. I have my last damn exam tomorrow and i believe that it is morally not right to blog in a situation like this. Thats why this blog ends here. PS: I will be back soon. Real soon…