Alcohol, The things that happen only to ME...

Alcohol Kills…Kills more than just People.

Too bad I was involved this time. Its funny really how I havent realized the magnitude of all the things that happenned to me the past week and now I seem to be so cool about it. But just you wait for a couple of weeks and by then if I havent found something really big to grab my attention, only God have mercy on my soul!

So what is it that I am ranting about so much? Well i guess you have to wait till I get Internet connection in my home..which is another 2-3 days. And then I will talk.

Alcohol kills…..hey lets drink to that!

Arbit, NITK, The things that happen only to ME...

Some Worry, Some Compensation, Some Thoughts

With the nagging compulsion of having to score a 8 pointer this semester looming in the backdrop, I have been tearing myself apart for the past few days, stretching myself beyond the limits I had defined for myself. But in the end, if all of it pays off, then I can only smile and take a dig at that dark side of me which keeps reminding me that I am not any more special than everyone else. It has been an enervating experience- this past week. Sure I never really studied when I had the time to and kept things till the last moment. But the fact that I was able make myself do the needful was in itself quite reassuring. Lack of sleep, no one to talk to, that looming uncertainty and more than anything else, that lack of past success has made the past week more telling than tiring. But like I said, I strongly believe in “All is well that ends well.”

On the lighter side, the only compensation I had was to see Manchester United getting a taste of their own medicine, when they were belted royally by AC Milan at the San Siro. After that 7-1 humiliation they handed to Roma a couple of weeks back, I never really thought that they would take it so badly. Not that I am a strong Milan supporter. Yeah! Take it ManU

I, in fact support Chelsea in Epl. So after they were quite deservedly knocked out by Liverpool, I really couldn’t see Man U taking all the honours. So I had an amazing time watching the second leg at San Siro with about 30 people in the hostel. Yeah! Take it like a Whore Man U!

But apart from that there were a few very significant things that I realized over the past few days. All those people around me, who have made a name for themselves have something different in them which I am not able to really point out at this stage. Maybe its in the very way they think, that air of professionalism or maybe just that sense of achievement they seem to carry around them wherever they go. What those achievements are is irrelevant. Its only the fact that they have done something that they believed was important to them that gives them that feeling of pride.

I guess there is a lot for me to learn. There is a long way for me to go and explore. So many things I have to change about myself. And I guess the best part is the fact that I have ample opportunities to do that. Maybe I have not created a name for myself in these 3 years. But life is not over and I still have the final year left.


And to end this post, I just learnt that the one person whom I loathe and abhor above everyone else, actually decided to tread in my path. I Rule!