Reunion at Joseph’s

Will I, Wont  I? That was what i was pondering about last time around.  I guess in a way I did make it. Not exactly the way I had expected it to turn out. But nevertheless I realize I am still in the race.  And in a better position too! Maybe this is the  panacea that I have always wondered  about. Or maybe I have to make it one. Either way, I find that I am in the best seat possible and aboard a bus that will take me anywhere I want to go provided I pay the price of the ticket.  Like I said, for all you know, it may be the panacea that I have been waiting for…

Apparently, on the same day that I realized that I am still in the race, there was something special reserved for that day that I had been waiting for since a few weeks. Reunion with all my best buddies from Joseph’s PUC! Man! That was SOME time we had there at Joseph’s-those two years were something totally out of this world.  Made friends for life there. And the way we all bonded during those two years was clearly discernable in the reunion that took place a few days ago. About 20 guys in all had turned up. Of course we were so many in number-about 105 I think. But 20 itself was good enough.

We all assembled at the college and then went to our 2nd PU classroom where we found our previous reunion attendance unspoilt on the black board! Man! There were so many of them that i hadnt even met ever since we passed out  of college. Many of them had come. I am sorry that I am revealing names  here but I was so damn glad to catch up with old times with Sodium-he had more attendance in Christ College than at Joseph’s!, Adrian-one of the best quizzers in the state, Arjun and Sateesh-CRs of our class, Vivek-my benchmate for a year,Rakesh-the guy who imitated Sunny, Edwin, Sridar and CRR so damn well we used to die laughing..of course we made him imitate all of them in the same classroom that we studied, John, Anjan, Sunil, Vikram, Zakriya, Anil….Damn! I hadnt even seen these guys in ages!  Too bad Jacob couldnt make it…And of course Terence who didn’t make it past 20.

We then went to Sweet Chariot to have something..spent a good amount of time there! One of us ended up eating nonveg instead of veg! But best part is that noone knows who! Took a lot of photos( I will upload some of them here as soon as I get hold of them). A certain section of Anil’s photos ended with a sneaking middle finger in the background, courtesy of Sravan! Came back to college and stayed for some more time. We ended up giving Birthday Bumps to a lot of them…….. I really wanted to go with the guys for a drink but due to some circumstances(read as Arjun was already stoned!) none of us could. Anyway time had come to leave and we all parted. Now there is something about hugging that I am not really comfortable about. But it came naturally to me when we had to say bye. I guess you do it only when you really mean it. Either way, our time was over and I bade them bye.

I maybe studying right now in one of the best colleges in the country-NITK. But I will always remain a Josephite first before being called an NITKian. And I am sure all the guys who met up there agree as well. None of us have had a better time in all the graduate colleges that we joined when compared to the time we had at Joseph’s. And I guess that’s what fuels the desire in all of us to meet up now and then and relive old times. I still remember how much fuss I was making about not joining Joseph’s simply because it was not a co-ed! But hell with co-education! I had the best two years there and nobody can take that away from me!

I guess we will be meeting up atleast once a year to visit college and relive those times again and again. Maybe not everyone will turn up all the time but everytime we meet, there will always be those memories that  bond us all together.  There are somethings that life is worth living for. This is definitely on that list!

And so after all the devastating things that happened to me over the weeks, I guess I have finally found some stability and peace in this place. And it is things like these that keep me in my senses and make me feel that life is indeed good!

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