Chivas Regal….its Good!

Trust me when I say that it is worth every buck that you spend for it.  My cousin got  me a whole bottle of it from germany-thats right completely duty free!

Chivas Regal

And its so damn smooth man! Maybe it costs around 4500 bucks here, but trust me, if you have the money, go get yourself one.

And also trust me when I say that it tastes even better when you have a lot of troubles to drown yourself in!

3 thoughts on “Chivas Regal….its Good!

  1. Hey! Thanks for your comment of Deep Purple…

    I’ve never got a chance to taste Chivas…But I’ve had the following the order that I had them…
    Red Label
    Black Label

    I had them all neat..even w/o ice cubes…and take it from’ll love it… you can feel it right from the lips, gums to esophagus to stomach!!!

    I’m in a busy schedule now…havent gone thru all the blogs..will surely do…BTW, how did u get hold of my site?

    once again Thanks dude…Keep me posted…

  2. Dude I have tasted Teachers and Red Label…. They are damn good as well….but trust me when i insist that u should try chivas regal….and obviously neat iself…
    Anyway which one do u think is better to try? Haig or Black Label?

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