Alcohol, My sense of Humour, The things that happen only to ME...

The GREat Disaster!

Ah! I really cant believe it actually turned out that way. I still have not been able to just comprehend the magnitude of what happened yesterday.

ONE YEAR effort and 7500 bucks later, I am told that I can’t write the GRE just because I dont have a passport! And that too I am told about this 1 hour before this exam! Now hows that for a shocker?

Ok I should have verified earlier as to what are all the stuff I needed to have but I didnt pay much attention to that as I clearly remembered that the application form had asked me to enter a Government issued ID for the verification and I had duly entered “Driver’s License”.  And also I dont hear anybody say anything about a passport!

AH!  I need a drink!

(After a drink..)

AH! I need another drink!

(After another drink…)

Ah! F***  it!

My sense of Humour

Just for Ratings…

I am writing this post just so that i can get my blog a better rating in Google search than what is presently there. Apparently, putting up links to this blog in my own blog actually helps increase the ratings. I mean my post about the Garuda Mall incident is ranked higher than The Hindu for god’s sake!

So here goes…

That should do i guess…lets see…

The things that happen only to ME...

What it Takes?

So what does it take to get that feeling of having ‘done that’? What does it take to wake up every morning with a feeling of having ‘done that’? And what is it that seperates those who feel it and those who dont?

Simply put, the answer to it all is ACTION. Thats the only thing that seperates one from the rest.

And why am I talking about all this now? Simply because its high time for me to DO something rather than  just THINK about doing something.

Like I realized , irrespective of what you think or intend, what eventually matters is what you DO.

Panacea…hmmm….the words sounds real interesting once again…

The things that happen only to ME...

The “Real World”….

Ah! Some of the things that keep happening to me, I realized, are meant only for one purpose. Just to make me understand and realize what to expect from this whole damn world. Looks like the ‘real world’, as it is referred to frequently, is inundated with people of the i-like-to-make-your-life-miserable kind. Too bad I keep running into this kind every now and then. I already had one bad experience in my college for being the whistle-blower of some kind. Only of course to be later dishonoured in front of the who’s who of the college.

Anyway this is something different. This is more like this guy is taking a keen interest in disparaging my name with the people concerned! And for what? For some trivial things that I did not follow when I was undergoing one full month of unpaid labour! I don’t know what’s up with people and their attitude.

I guess this is indeed a taste of the ‘real world’ that we have been told so much about since our school days. And I am sure that everybody would have had to deal with this kind of nonsense at many points in their lives. Even all the successful people would have had to deal with all these unworthy people. So I believe I am no exception.

I realize that in my life, I will have to take a lot of shit from a lot of people and all this is just the beginning of my education of the ‘real world’. And I believe now I am getting prepared better each and every day.