The GREat Disaster!

Ah! I really cant believe it actually turned out that way. I still have not been able to just comprehend the magnitude of what happened yesterday.

ONE YEAR effort and 7500 bucks later, I am told that I can’t write the GRE just because I dont have a passport! And that too I am told about this 1 hour before this exam! Now hows that for a shocker?

Ok I should have verified earlier as to what are all the stuff I needed to have but I didnt pay much attention to that as I clearly remembered that the application form had asked me to enter a Government issued ID for the verification and I had duly entered “Driver’s License”.  And also I dont hear anybody say anything about a passport!

AH!  I need a drink!

(After a drink..)

AH! I need another drink!

(After another drink…)

Ah! F***  it!

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