LaTeX is beautiful=>MS Word Sucks!

I cannot get more explicit! After having silently suffered my entire life writing out stuff in Word, LaTeX (pronounced Lay-Tek) came to me as one of the best discoveries of my life!

Many people discover LATEX after years of struggling with wordprocessors and desktop publishing systems, and are amazed to find that TEX has been around for over 25 years and they hadn’’t heard of it! It’s not a conspiracy, just ‘a well-kept secret known only to a few million people’, as one anonymous user has put it. Perhaps a key to why it has remained so popular is that it removes the need to fiddle with the formatting while you write. Although playing around with fonts and formatting is attractive to the newcomer, it is completely counter-productive for the serious author or editor who wants to concentrate on writing ask any journalist or professional writer. In reply to a new TeX user’s concern about his slow pace of learning, sample this statement by a seasoned TeX user:

“No, the harder part might be writing, period. TEX/LATEX
is actually easy, once you relax and stop worrying about appearance as a be-all-and-end-all. Many people have become ‘Word Processing Junkies’ and no longer ‘write’ documents, they ‘draw’ them, almost at the same level as a pre-literate 3-year old child might pretend to ‘write’ a story, but is just creating a sequence of pictures with a pad of paper and box of Crayolas — this is perfectly normal and healthy in a 3-year old child who is being creative, but is of
questionable usefulness for, say, a grad student writing a Master’s or PhD thesis or a business person writing a white paper, etc. For this reason, I strongly recommend not using any sort of fancy GUI ‘crutch’. Use a plain vanilla text editor and treat it like an old-fashioned typewriter. Don’t waste time playing with your mouse. “

All thanks to Prof.Yogananda, former HOD of Maths at IISC. He held a workshop at Engineer’07 about LaTeX and its uses. It was there that I first got initiated to the new world of TeX.

And since then, there has been no looking back! I got hold of a large number of pdfs from the net and LAN and started studying it by myself. To my surprise, I found that it was too easy to learn! And moreover, it was actually helpful!

One of the most significant aspects of LaTeX is that it gives you complete control over how you want your document to look. So when you are writing something important, you dont have to worry whether you are typing it in the right place or not or whether the formatting is right! Essentially a programming language, TeX has many unique features in itself. Like the fact that it will create the Table of Contents, List of Tables, List of Figures, Index-all by itself! You have so much flexibility that you can insert a whole new chapter in between two existing chapters without changing a single section or chapter numbering anywhere! It is truly an ingenious and versatile software.

And moreover, all the Ebooks about LaTeX are very informal and friendly in nature. They speak to you rather than just tell you what to do, which really helps. But I strongly advise all of you to have a number of E-books about TeX rather than just one or two. All are freely available on the net. One of the reasons as to why learning TeX can be a breeze is because you can learn only whatever you need to know! And save everything else to a later date.

Like one seasoned TeX user put it, “The important thing is that it is beautiful and at the same time really useful!”

For all you MS Word fans out there or those who simply do not know what LaTeX is, trust me when I say that every student on this planet should know LaTeX!

My sense of Humour, NITK

Dedication to Die-Bitch..

This post is a dedication to the memory of one of the dumbest and most stupid dogs ever to roam the hostels of NITK- Die Bitch. I first remember it from my 2nd year in the 3rd hostel block. It was such a dumb dog that it used to wag its tail at those who shouted abuses at it. Poor thing it once got stuck in the collapsible gate  and howled  and howled for over an hour while all the guys who cared for it tried to rescue it.

And then in the 3rd year it stabbed us all and went off to 8th block probably for greener pastures (read better leftovers from the better acclaimed 8th block mess). We could spot it once in a while dangling itself from a window sill trying to accomplish God-only-knows-what. This lead some of the guys to make Die-Bitch part of ludicrous PJs like:

What would you call Die-Bitch if it died by getting electrocuted in the powerhouse?

Ans: Dead Bitch!!

She became some sort of a celebrity when she had an Orkut community just for her and her fans. But DB’ s influence and presence diminished vastly in the 3rd year and now, in the final year, as I was once passing through the Hockey field, I saw a the rotting body of a dog and so decided to take the longer way around. Little did I know that the body was that of DB’s.

There are various theories put forth  to explain the sad and untimely demise of DB. None so credible than the possibility of it getting repeatedly humped by the big pack of lecherous dogs that beat around the NITK campus looking for easy preys. I mean that its a big possibility considering all the scenes that we final year guys have been witnessing outside the 8th block and Final block. Sample this:

Just the other night, at around 8, I go to final block to have my dinner and upon entering the block, I find a dog and its bitch involved in what can be termed as a feverish experience to the two. 20 minutes later, I finish my dinner and head back and what do I see? Their feverish experience is apparently yet to reach its climax! God damn it man!

And the other night, there was this huge orgy wherein all the dogs had unanimously decided to screw all rules and party! And what a sight it was! (I am about to puke…)

Thus considering these recent sightings, it is only fair to presume that DB died due to the excessive humping  it received at the hands of God-only-knows how many dogs.

And thus, in the end, Die Bitch truly lived up to its name and now, as a thing of the past, it is truly a Dead Bitch.

Rust in Peace.

Arbit, Arbits, My sense of Humour, NITK

Another Formal Notice

This is just to officially declare that the Post Script that I had mentioned in this post became void last weekend during that megalo party that took place upstairs. But unfortunately,it didn’t serve the purpose. So maybe next time I will know its purpose.

And just one more thing…I have decided to start writing about what all happens on this planet that is of any concern to mankind. That includes why the dog in my hostel at NITK is so insistent on pooping in the corridor everytime it is cleaned and other relevant topics.

I mean seriously speaking, I do have some strong views with regard to certain issues of great importance-of so great importance, that I am completely helpless to do anything about it! Like that other dog in the hostel which keeps humping that poor bitch everytime it lays its eyes on it. Or for that matter, the musings and the tacit understandings of the 4-5 other dogs which are all patiently waiting for their turn, completely oblivious to the flagrant violation of the privacy of the dog and the bitch.

Yeah so you see I do have stuff to write about and comment on. Hey what do you know? It also increases Blog Traffic! More the merrier!