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High Again!

And I am listening to “The Noose” by A Perfect Circle. Man! I strongly believe that this song was composed for people to listen when they are high! And real high I mean! Though I am not that high, this is pretty high compared to the past few weeks during which I have been relatively sober and normal.

Man! What the f*** was I thinking? I am in freaking Final Year…got nothing to do except do some project which has to be submitted in like one year…and I am sober! God help me!I need to make sure that I get high atleast once a week and listen to something like I am listening to right now-Floyd or A Perfect Circle or Tool. Man! Tool is damn good! You listen to Lateralus and Right in Two or Vicarious. Damn good songs!

But of course, staying in NITK and not getting stoned by valid means is not something that anyone would be pleased of. I have been trying to get stoned by valid means but for whatever reasons I am just not getting high! God help me again!

Whatever! I got a call again some days back. But I guess I have already learnt to live without you. So I do believe its indeed all over. And screw that guy who was really responsible for all this. SCREW YOU MAN! I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL!

Yeah whatever! I am really high and I am listening to Comfortably Numb. Things dont get really better than this…trust me. Alcohol rules!


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