A Sunday at Wonderla…Part I

Ok..the following is a brief account of my visit to Wonderla, the amusement and theme park in Bangalore. It will be fair to say that it is by far the best amusement and theme park in Bangalore. Going there has been the easiest things for me as I live just off Mysore road and Wonderla is about 20 kms straight ahead on the road. Lots of buses going towards places near Kengeri go there. I had been there once and had no hesitation to go there again when my aunt said that she would organize the trip there to celebrate my cousin’s 6th birthday. There were totally 8 of us…only family. And I was really looking forward to having a lot of fun.

We reached the place at around 12:30 in the afternoon, owing mainly to the fact that my another cousin had to attend a Parent-Teacher meet at BASE where he is studying for IIT-JEE. He was duly told that he needed to work at least 10 hours a day, forget about all functions, forget about all other activities, co-curricular or extra-curricular, and to forget about everything that has anything to do with happiness, if he wanted to have any hopes of clearing the exam. So after listening to such a cogent monologue, I guess he was desperate to have one last plunge into happiness before he drowns himself in the sea of misery.

Ok now here is the thing. You are going to a very good theme park and you know you are going to have a good time and you know that a lot of family members have come. And amidst all this, my aunt made sure that she didn’t get a camera! And why? Because all of us would be busy having so much fun that the camera could get lost! I mean if you do not use the cam when you are having fun, then when else do you use it????? I made her regret that at each and every step of the trip there. (For those of you who are curious to know how Wonderla actually looks, visit my Flickr page )

Ok now we are inside Wonderla and just got our tickets. They are priced at about 540 for adults and 240 for kids, height being the criteria. Not bad I should say. Now as soon as I enter the place, there is this Joker dude who also happens to be a midget and he comes and stands next to me and stares at me, giving me the I-am-a-midget-trying-to-be-cool look! Me being me, I just stared at that guy contemplating whether he was happy being a midget, when suddenly he exclaims loudly, making this weird noise! I think he expected me to get scared or show some reaction or something. Unfortunately for him, the only thing that I realized was that this dude really wished he had put on some more height! But not undone by my lack of reaction, Mr. Joker alias The Midget Dude went around the entrance emulating himself and boy! He was freakin out people like hell! He, quite understandably, targeted the cute chicks who had come there and I believe his self esteem grew everytime his “short” prank worked! (Pun Intended!)

Ok then we booked our locker and all that stuff and then we went for the rides. I guess thats why people go there. The initial rides were good-Twister, Maverick and one more similar ride. Man! Whoever designed that Maverick is a genius! I mean you end up rotating and oscillating and translating and all that in weird angles you wouldnt have imagined! It was damn good! And then we went to Mary Columbus. Now I don’t have particularly great memories of this ride. But I was forced to climb onto the ship and it was Ok. Not too bad as I had imagined. But then, I had begun to feel a little uneasy. And the next ride that I went was simply put, the epitome of all that is insane on this planet! And it was aptly named INSANITY! Dude, if any of you are just bored with life and want to shake up your life, literally and figuratively, just go on this ride! God only knows how I even made it through the ride. The G-Forces were like so damn strong, I could just not move my arm! Extraordinary experience and some subsequent consequences saw me throw up in the toilet there. Not that I was not used to throwing up. Everytime I drink excessively, I end up puking. So I was then alright again.

Then we all got changed into our water sport costumes and went to the pool splash. My cousin and I were having cornetto when we climbed on the car that was going to splash into the pool. The downward acceleration was exhilarating and when we hit the water and this huge splash came down on us, it felt like 540 bucks well spent! For whatever reasons, I actually ate the ice cream even after the splash.Next on the agenda was the laser show and musical fountain which was to be held inside a theater. After a small delay, the musical fountain started. Though I would have preferred songs like VICARIOUS or LATERALUS by TOOL or any Floyd song for that matter, I sat there watching the musical fountain as they blared some arbit Bollywood song and forced the fountains to make up for the banality of the song with some exquisite co-ordination and design among the hundreds of sprinklers and lights there! The fountains succeeded in doing that for two more songs! And then came the laser show…. Now here is the thing. There are some things that you know are beyond your expectations and you don’t even get those thoughts in your head. And for me, one of those things include India doing excellently in anything related to technology. But when the laser show started, I was more than happy to eat my words. Dude! This was like some dream or something! I mean, when the hell did India progress so much? It was like you were inside the whole thing! I was actually reminded of Pink Floyd’s P.U.L.S.E concert! I am not exaggerating here! Just go there and have a look yourself. It was enough to be more than 540 bucks worth! –

And amidst all the excitement and shouting, I found so many morons who were actually taking still photographs of the laser show using their Flash! Ah! Get a life! Next we went to the wave pool.

Ok here is the thing. There is this huge pool where huge waves are being created. And there are like well over a hundred people trying to have fun with the waves. Ok nothing seems to be out of the way as of now. But upon closer look, I realize there is something fundamentally wrong with every damn person there. I mean, here they are, in a pool with waves and all they are ever trying to do is just avoid the waves at all costs by jumping at the exact time the wave is about to hit them! So that way, they “Enjoy” the waves!????! What?????? It is like that dumb dude in one of the Dashing Cars who really believed that he had a lot of fun by avoiding any possible contact with all the cars around him! Yeah I mean, think about it! The waves are coming at you. Let it hit you and carry you where it wants. Go down into the water and come up just in time to see one more wave hit you again! Yeah thats fun! I mean if all you wanted to do was jump and let the wave pass under you, then why do you even need to come to a wave pool? You might as well jump in your bathtubs! –

Whatever! After I enjoyed there, I went to this Rain Disco. And that was where I was flabbergasted by what I found!

To be continued….

7 thoughts on “A Sunday at Wonderla…Part I

  1. hey… my cousins have been planning this visit for the longest time possible… wonder when that will happen… and learning from ur experience, i shall tag my camera along:)

    will be back for the next part:)

    see ya!

  2. wow dude!!!!great experience u had dr i think……waitin 4 2nd prt…..n u say tat v mst nt avoid d waves 2 cum above us bt wat abt d shit of d people in tat whch dey wud hav left whil in d pool ha????????

    1. The second part is already written. Its just after the first part. And if u are gonna be worried abt the possibility of people’s ‘s***’ in there, you probably should not be entering the water in the first place.

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