A Sunday at Wonderla…Part II

Ok I presume that you have read my part I on my experience at Wonderla, the amusement and water park in Bangalore. If you have not yet read it, then just scroll down for the next post and you will find it there. Well anyway, I had told you about my experience till the time I was on my way to the Rain Disco. And that was where I had stopped. So here is what I found that really turned me off and proved to be a strong impetus to write about it.

Ok so I am on my way to the Rain Disco from the wave pool in my Tee and Bermuda (with the relevant things inside as well). I was with my cousin bro who, I can comfortably say, thinks very much on my own lines. I find that this Rain Disco essentially is a huge indoor hall with hundreds of sprinklers on top to give you the artificial rain experience and also fitted with huge speakers to blare some (hopefully listen-able) music. So far so good. Then I see something else. In fact the most relevant thing to notice was right in front of me. There is this huge notorious barrier running along the entire length of the hall dividing the hall into two unforgivable sections. Unforgivable-yes! Why? Because there was this huge glaring notice which seemed to take all the sadistic pleasure in the world announcing that the division to the right is where the men will be dancing and the division to the left is where the women and couples will be dancing!!!!!!


I mean seriously WTF? At that time, I look at the “MEN’S” side and all I see are a bunch of I-am-cool-because-I-will-be-dancing-in-my-underwear-and -girls-can-watch-me kinda guys! And I look at the “Couples and Women” side and all I see is this big group of hot chics from God-knows-where in their swimsuit and ready to shake their way to glory!! And I (and my cousin) am just outside the two barriers looking at this glaring contrast that so flagrantly exhibited the disparity in the fortunes between women and men! I mean.. just look at it! Its like once in a Year or something you come to this place with the sole aim of having fun. And here you are, in a place, where everyone (read ‘all girls’) see fit to be in their swimsuit, not exactly oblivious to the nature of it. And there is this place where all you are expected to do is to just dance your way to glory. And then there is this asinine rule that all boys should dance with all the other boys!!! What am I? A freakin’ gay or what??!? Seriously did they expect me to go dance there with pounds and pounds of masculine flesh hovering all around me like that big pack of lecherous dogs in my hostel that humped the hostel bitch to death? While all the time, there are these really glam chics right next to the barrier and all I can possibly do is just fantasize that I would be dancing amongst them if that dumb rule wasn’t there! Its not like I am going to dance with some chic there and take her out to dinner the same night and end up banging her, thus unabashedly contributing to the moral decadence of our country! Needless to say, I couldn’t stand the possibility of dancing amidst such a Neandrathal crowd. So my cousin and I coolly walked out and went to the water slides.

Ah! Thank God for all the water slides that were at our disposal. It was a welcome change and I devoured it to the last possible drop-quite literally! There was this huge vertical fall where the slope was like some 80 degrees or something and all you ended up doing was to just fall at that slope! Some thrill that was! Plus my cousin and I ended up having the customary water sliding race which I inevitably ended up winning-what with me weighing 15 kgs more than him! And then later the rest of the family joined us as their stint with the Rain Disco had just got over.

An apt Trivia question would be: What is common to the songs:”Crazy Frog”, “Jhalak Dik”, “Brasil” and that Kannada song from that movie Mungaru Male? Ans: These are the songs that they play at the Rain Disco at Wonderla that are meant to excite you and get you all groovy! Ah! Get a Life!

Well we still did have a lot of fun there. That included my cousin scaring the shit out of his sister and my aunt as they came screaming down the waterline at full speed only to see him block the exit with his not-so-well built half naked body performing some really questionable acrobatics! Come to think of it, all water slides and falls were almost always accompanied with deafening screams (mostly from the female sector) that were meant to be a very efficient way of releasing tension. After sometime, my cousin,his sister and I, went into this shallow pool wherein we tried to compete with each other in propelling an airtube that was fitted into us. After due cheating on my cousin’s part, which included turning us upside down, and walking half the distance, he won the race. And in the end, I urged my aunt to get into one last water slide which I knew was the one giving the most thrill and she duly obliged. Only to scream her lungs out truly believing that the world was really going to end! I mean, the guy at the top of that waterslide, heard the screams echoing through the pipe and very appropriately remarked that my aunt would never come back to wonderla again! And with that, all of us wound up our rides for the day.

It was already dark around 6:45 pm. So we hurried up and dressed ourselves and it was only then that all of us realized that we were dog hungry! Seriously we could have eaten a dog! So we ordered a lot of grilled sandwiches and ate it piping hot! We were the last customers of the restaurant there and so we were the only people eating there. It somehow felt good. Having had a lot of fun and in the end, eating hot sandwiches with “Walk like an Egyptian” playing in the background(which incidentally was the only sensible song that was played throughout the day), I have to say, I enjoyed all the time that I had then.

Though at each and every moment that I spent there, I was pained to realize that I could never go there with someone, I still have to say that I had an amazing time and I strongly recommend all of you to pay a visit there once to see it for yourself.

5 thoughts on “A Sunday at Wonderla…Part II

  1. I did enjoyed your version of fun at Wonder la. I would like to make a comment on Rain Disco. As a youngster you will certainlt feel the segregation of the floor into male and couples/ladies. It was not there when its launched. The reason fot the segregation is the reported misbhaviour incidents from the visitors.

  2. @Suhan:
    I am frankly not surprised about the misbehaviour on part of some men…And to be more candid, I would rather have my female friends and relatives dance in a separate place rather than see them dance in the same place as some idiots who can cause trouble…
    So i have to say that it is a necessary evil…
    But I could never bring myself to dance with the men who were looking so repugnant to me there…so i skipped the dance altogether and went in search of greener pastures…

  3. A story very well narated… Yo have qualities of a writer.. I liked the way and tone you explained

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