10 Most Exciting Things of My Past Week

This has by far been the most boring week of my entire life. I have never been bored so much that I even considered injuring myself in some way so that things get a little spiced up. Anyway I made a list of the ten most exciting things that happened to me this week. So here goes:

10) The realization that I have grown older by 1 more week.

9)  Finding some moron’s calculator under my desk in  the classroom.

8)  That sweeper dude cleaning my room thoroughly. Now it looks habitable for humans. I gave him all my stack of newspapers as a token of gratitude.

7) The opening of another center of that coffee shop near my hostel, which was earlier exclusive only to the Girls’ block (which is incidentally close to 1 km away).

6) Hitting double digits on my blog stats for the day, after a long time.

5) Waking up and getting a message that the class has been cancelled so I can sleep more.

4) The realization that next week are my mid semester exams and that I dont have to study much this time as I am in the final year.

3) Getting drunk and chasing the hostel dogs out of the hostel and then listening to TOOL when I was high enough.

2) Wishin two of my very close friends on their birthdays in a span of 4 days. One is my friend since 16  years. The other is the closest friend I have got now. Damn! Between them, there is such a contrast in the way they talk to me today. More about that later.

Ah! Now comes the most exciting part of my past week:

1) Getting a dream wherein I was some CIA dude who got around kicking a lot of mafia ass!

Yeah seriously! I am not joking! That was all my past week was about! There is absolutely nothing that was worthwhile that happened to me in the past one week. And the way things are going, I dont see any signs of improvement at all.

Whatever!  I am feeling real sleepy now. I see some opportunities in my dream wherein my life can get real exciting. So see ya all in my dreams!

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