Alcohol, Arbit, NITK, The things that happen only to ME...

Some Achievement

I have tried to do so many  things so far. More than not, I never got hold of them. So many things I have tried to accomplish and again, more often than not, I just didn’t get them.

Way back in my school days, I tried to win something in  sports apart from my 3rd place in tricycle race in my Kindergarden. Never got around doing anything better than second last. Then there was this whole thing about me getting the first position in my class in my acads. And that I did. But frankly there was nothing that I had to do. I just had to go and write my exams and the rest of the class was just dumb enough not to pose enough any threat to me. Of course, it was a different story altogether when the class was changed and I never got around the top 5 ever since. Or that time when I was supposed to get into IIT and all that. Bloody wasted 1 year and about half a lac of my parents’ money. And then I dont even make it past screening. OK and then I come to this  place for which I have developed a lot of respect over the years. And I believe that I have a new beginning and that I can start all over again. But look at where I am. Languishing somewhere in mid class. And I have dreams of making it into some big name Univ in USA to do my MS. This damned life has been more of unfulfilled dreams than anything else. Damn! I couldnt even get high on weed! So I had to revert to alcohol.

But this blog post is not about all the times that I never got hold of. This is something to celebrate. Yeah! Look at my Blog hits! F***in I hit 1000-and that too in a matter of 3-4 months! Yeah thats some achievement. I don’t care if you think this is some sort of lame excuse to celebrate or whatever. This is something that will get only better!

And for those of you who think this is all that  there is to me. Just you wait. Just f***in’ wait. Something big is coming. You heard that?



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