Hey Mr. Kheny …. NICE Names!

I got up today at around 9 in the morning and headed straight to the newspaper. And finally I see someone who has got guts of steel! I mean check this out!

“Kheny calls Gowda as ‘Ravana’ and the Chief Minister as ‘Kumbhakarana’ ! “

This dude Ashok Kheny is the owner of Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE). He has been the guy trying to build a world class road from Bangalore to Mysore (BMIC) since a decade. NO NO! It doesn’t mean that he is not good at his job. On the other hand, he is one guy on this planet who has taken a whole load of shit from a whole load of people. Trust me when I say that this guy has gone to hell and come back and then realized that there isn’t much of a difference!

The people in question- Gowda and his son, the Chief Minister of Karnataka- have been tormenting this Kheny guy since time immemorial. And why? For some alleged land encroachment. They did everything from threatening him to passing a legislation to the effect of nullifying his contract (or something like that). They have stalled this road project for well over a decade and they still wont allow him to complete this road!

I mean just go and see the work that these NICE guys have done so far as they have been allowed! It is just off Mysore Road near Kengeri. The moment you enter this road, you will feel like you have been transported into some Autobahn or something! No kidding! The road is as smooth as silk and perfectly laid out! And there is this one spot which he has built in such a way that you will refuse to believe it is actually possible in India!

Me being a Civil Engineer, am able to tell you that you have no freakin’ idea how much time and effort has gone into the making of that road! If you think you have some clue, then think again! Right from the surveying to the blasting to the soil testing to the designing and finally to the execution- it is a slow and painful process. And this dude has executed all this to perfection!

And these politicians cannot see anything improving around them. So they find some arbit reason and make so much noise that people eventually believe that somehow, farmers are affected. And whenever farmers are in the picture, it is an unwritten rule that all should side with the farmer! And so this Kheny dude was at the receiving end at most of the times!

And then today I see that he has finally been true to himself and called the former Prime Minister of India as Ravana and his son who is the present Chief Minister of Karnataka as Kumbhakarana! Man I tell you this Kheny guy has guts of steel! It takes loads of guts to say that!

Hats off to you man!

NOTE: The above blog is not meant to disparage any Political Party or  worker.

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