Banality a.k.a Bollywood.

The experience of watching a Bollywood movie and suddenly realizing that you have got clairvoyant powers shouldn’t particularly be considered eccentric, especially if you are someone who is in the habit of scavenging 3 movies in a day’s free time. Or for that matter, on one of those rare occasions, when you get the other end of the stick first, you can’t help but exclaim “Oh ****! I knew it! Those Bollywood jerks never had an original thought!” Why?Because that’s the way it just is.

At some time or the other, Bollywood directors and producers have drawn their ‘inspirations’ from various ‘sources'(read as non-Indian movies). And more often than not, these ‘inspired’ movies very glibly and succesfully exhort the innocent Indian movie goer to come out of the cinema hall and exclaim,” Ah! What a great Bollywood movie!” Now the trick here, lies not only in “making” the “remake” well, but also depends on the very choice of the ‘inspiration’. For instance, remaking the Richard Gere starrer “Unforgiven” as the Mallika Sherwat starrer “Murder” and releasing it at a time when lakhs of people are silently screaming for explicit sex scenes in Indian movies is a very sagacious act. However trying to ‘remake’ a movie and claiming it to be a “tribute” to the same is not exactly a laudable act, especially when the movie in question is “The Godfather”. But again, the innocent Indian movie goer, completely oblivious to the blatant and shameless plagiarism, actually takes pride in the consequent cognition that he/she has just watched a good movie and that it happened to be made in Bollywood.

And it is this very facet of the Indian movie go-er that these nugatory directors look to exploit. And to be frank, they succeed in doing a good job at that. Lets face it. We have recognized directors remaking highly succesful English movies in Hindi and it is a law of chance that some of the remakes turn out to be actually watchable ones and among them, a very few of them may actually demand some genuine appreciation. So this being the case, nobody is really complaining about the very concept of remaking other movies.

So as long as there is no sudden onslaught of Bollywood directors paying their ‘tributes’ to their ‘inspirations’, I will continue to hope that, once in a blue moon, there will come along an original Bollywood movie which would excite me enough to make the effort to actually sit in front of the screen and stare at it for over two hours. And in the meantime, I will continue to explore more Hollywood movies, and who knows? Somewhere in my exploration, I might come across something and exclaim,”Oh ****! I knew it!…..etc etc”.
But whatever may happen, I just pray they don’t even get the thought of remaking cults like “Pulp Fiction”! Hey wait! Last I heard, no Bollywood director has died recently! Oh ****!

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