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So Much to say….so much to do..

Yeah thats exactly what it is right now. I have quite a lot to blog about. I was planning on writing about 4-5 posts about very specific incidents-something worth mentioning about. But, unfortunately, for the past few days, I have been too damn occupied to write anything sensible and true.

Lots of work already underway for the publicity of NITK’s technical fest ENGINEER that will be held on Feb 14-17 2008. I am organizing the Civil Events at ENGINEER and as I am in the Final Year this time, no moron will be telling me that I cant have a quiz dedicated to Civil Engineering during the fest. In fact we are looking at the Quiz being the highlight event this time. Publicity has already started for the Civil Events. In case, whoever is reading this blog (more of this later), is remotely interested as to what the fuss is all about, do visit the Engineer website.

Well apart from that, it just so happens that, according to the Hindu calendar, today is my birthday. The previous sentence is a fact. End of story.

Well it also happens that 26th is my actual birthday according to the gregarian or whatever calendar all of us follow. Thats day after tomorrow. And I am going home for it. Just thinking about what exactly is so damn different about that one day in the entire year, that it makes all of us truly believe we are happy! Ok maybe its the fact that a few more people bother to make the effort to remember you and call you. Like one of my long time “friend” who candidly remarked that my birthday is stored in the mobile and so it will not be forgotten. The ironic part is that my birthday is the only reason why my friend will call me!

Whatever… Last time around, everyone whomever I expected, and wanted to call me, called. Thats the only thing that mattered. This time too, I know whom to expect a call from and who will not call. And I am fine with it. Somebody once told me to be satisfied with whatever I got. I simply ignored it. Now I know how it has to be really construed. I will never be satisfied until I get what I want if what I want is in my control. Other people are not in my control and so I realized that in this case, I am quite satisfied with what I get. No complaints. I simply stop expecting certain things from certain people. Now this is the real end of the story.

Also, a few days back I had the privilege to get real high after a long time. The consequences included my good friend divulging certain details which I really wish I had forgotten, me taking a much awaited leak on the National Highway (NH-17), and the entire experience culminating with my friend and me performing the aboriginal ‘Poriki’ dance in a public Dussera procession at 11:30 in the night! Nice time really….

And as for the readers of my blog, I have been really dumbfounded to find that my blog has been read about 30-40 times daily in the past one week! I tried to think of all the sane souls on this planet who would venture into reading the thoughts of a deranged individual. And I am convinced that the viewership of this blog include the spirits of the heavenly, the dead, the undead, the ghost of that dude who “lives” in that place they showed on World’s Scariest Places, the ‘enthu’siastic dude who stays in Room 2 of my hostel block, or my friend who visits my blog whenever I tell him to.

If by any chance, you do not belong to any of the above broad categories, then please do leave a comment to let me know that you are not just a spirit or a virus.

And right now, I am really constrained for time. I have a test tomorrow in shallow foundations which I inevitably have to ace. So what this simply means is that I have to go. But before I go, I will give you a sneak preview into what is coming ahead….

1) The account of the huge family get together at my house which turned out to be much more than that.

2) An account of how uneventful my birthday is likely to turn out.

3) And why I am feeling a little more sane nowadays.


3 thoughts on “So Much to say….so much to do..”

  1. Since you’ve a great distinction of sharing your B’day with Yours truly, U’ll be sure of getting one call for wishes that day… And thnx for the Buns…

  2. Oh ya….I almost forgot that it was me who reminded you that we share the same birthday….
    Either way, you are welcome…
    And I have made the effort to give your blog a link from mine….
    Simply put, I expect the favor to be returned…..:)

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