My Uneventful 22nd Birthday…

As promised, I shall now be giving you a detailed account of the fact that nothing happened on my birthday. You will be enlightened about each and every minute detail of my uneventful birthday-which includes how many times I browsed through all the channels, how long I saw my street dog jump around to catch its tail, how many times I went to the fridge and opened it-only to find the same things that I found ten minutes before, how long I looked at the clock and kept reminding myself that it was my birthday and the number of times I kept counting to 5 and stopped, realizing that there would not be any more callers.

It was really a long wait for this birthday and for whatever reason, it went exactly how I expected it to go. The people whom I knew for sure wouldnt call- didn’t call. And of all the small number of people whom I expected to call, some didn’t. Every birthday, I have always wanted some 2 or 3 people to call me. It makes my day special. Really. I may be getting all sentimental now. But thats the fact. There are some people every year by whom I would like to be called on my birthday. There were some this time too. One called. The other didn’t.

But I just couldn’t believe what happened with this friend of mine with whom I used to speak a lot a couple of years back and now it so happens that I am the only one calling of late. Once long back, she had told me that she had saved my birthday on her mobile so she wont forget it. Promptly enough she sends me a message in the morning wishing me and telling me that she would call me in the evening. And as soon as I read that second part, I couldn’t stop laughing! I knew exactly what would happen… She wouldn’t call in the evening! As simple as that! (Now please be notified that she was not one of the people from whom I was really waiting to be called. )

You see, she may have set a reminder to send me a damn SMS on my birthday. But you see, she never set any damn reminder to call me that evening!

Improvisation..thats what I mean by improvisation!

But I guess the highest point of my birthday was when my close friend made the effort to call me all the way from BANGKOK to wish me. It was only then that I began to realize that it doesn’t matter if some don’t remember important things. But what does matter are those very few people who do remember and give a damn about certain things. I was really happy to know that I do have someone whom I can bank upon to call me from wherever on this planet if it is my birthday. Moron! He strained himself so much that he now has Pre-slip disc. Bed rest for 15 days. I just hope he gets back to normalcy.

Well either way, I later learnt that the one person from whom I was expecting a call “mistook” 26th to be 25th. And so called on 27th, genuinely believing it to be 26th. Atleast that was what I was told. Too bad I am no longer the ingenuous fool that I once was.

And in the night, my parents, me, my aunts and cousins went out to have dinner. I also got a spanking new pair of ADIDAS sport shoes worth Rs.2500/- as a gift. I came back home at around 11 in the night and went to sleep at 12:10-after I realized that it was indeed too late for anybody to call. that was how my 22nd birthday went. As insignificant as any other day.

So if I have to recount all the significant things that I did in my 22nd year, here is the list:

1) Started alcohol consumption under full parental guidance.

2) Started learning guitar and bought myself one in the summer.

3) Completed a record 22 years of staying single.

4) Opened a WordPress Blog as well.

Thats about it I guess.

But whatever may have happened on my birthday, I am not complaining right now. Because for me, right now, there are a whole load of other things that are of better concern. After all these years, I may be in the process of actually discovering my identity. Only time will tell.

3 thoughts on “My Uneventful 22nd Birthday…

  1. If it helps, my B’day was more boring, and uneventful than yours.. And its my 21st that too….No gifts, and A monster treat..

    Parental Guidance Advisory.. Brilliant.. I did the same , the first time, I Beered.. No fireworks.. jus’ saying use moderation.. he he

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