What do you ask ME for?

I am not complaining or defending myself against any accusation or wrong doing. I am simply trying to figure out what people would ask me about? Something that they would want to learn. And something that I am known for. Sample this:

You ask Donald Trump how to make money.

You ask Arsene Wenger how to play beautiful football.

You ask George Jung how to sell Cocaine.

You ask Frank Lucas how to sell Heroin.

You ask Vijay Mallya how to sell alcohol.

You ask Quentin Tarantino how to make a cult movie.

You ask Maynard Keenan how to make the best music to listen to when you are stoned.

You ask Hitler how to start a World War.

You ask  the French how to mess things up.

So amidst all this and more, I was just wondering….

What do you ask ME for?

Hmmmm…. come to think of it, I may have the answer in a few weeks or months time.  And to be frank, with my end semester exams a day away, I am not really serious about the whole thing at all. I am not really concerned or worried as to how I do in the exam. I already sort of know my  position in my class and there is nothing that I can do to bring about a dramatic change. So I am just sitting back and relaxing now.

Watched “Sideways” an hour back.  Very very relevant movie to me. Some of the things that were portrayed in one of the characters was reminiscent of what I was, and maybe still,  going through in my life.

“You are too young for your age!” This is what my friend told me last week. Somehow it made a lot of sense to me. Maybe I need to do something to grow up and get that extra responsibility coming my way. Sitting in front of my computer in my hostel for most of the day, having no class to attend, watching the hostel dogs hump each other to death are not exactly the most efficient way to gain responsibility.

So I am doing something else. And maybe, just maybe, after a few months, you can ask me how to do that thing that I am doing…….

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