Oh ok…its actually Diwali!

It is a great irony. For the past few months, I have been witnessing a lot fireworks to celebrate a myriad of events. So much so, that if someone is bursting crackers, I go and enquire as to what is the occasion. And then today, something was not right throughout the day. People were bursting crackers all through the day. The only thought that came to my head was that all these people must have been celebrating India’s victory over Pakistan in the first one day cricket match(now don’t mistake me…I no longer watch cricket).

And so I hardly gave any more thought as to what other reasons the junta might have to burst crackers. Then I received a SMS saying:


Then I am like …Oh F***!

Its actually Diwali! The reason these people are making so much noise with the crackers is because today is actually Diwali and this is when you are supposed to burst crackers! And what did I do? I  got drunk the night before! Damn the irony man!

Either way, dont expect me to burst crackers! My days of cracker bursting got over long back! I have had my share of scaring people, bursting crackers in toilets, hand held “atomic” bombs, black eyes, burst tumblers etc. And poor things, those dogs had to go through a week of nightmare! They still do.

So I never bothered to burst any crackers. But there is something about the night being lit up by fire that makes me smile. So when I was returning to my hostel at 9:30 in the night, I was pleasantly surprised to see a big bunch of hostelers bursting crackers with ear-splitting sounds. The drama also included a tacit competition amongst the cracker bursting crowd regarding who is the most daring of them all. So the consequences involved letting off rockets from the hands, taking a chain cracker and allowing it to burst, while all the time that dude was waving it like it was some sort of a flag waving on a  victory march. It also included lighting up the cracker and “daringly” throw it at a group of people standing close by! But whatever potentially dangerous things were being performed there, I guess the only relevant thing is that all of them were having fun-including me.

So in the end, as I took a small walk around all the hostels, I saw that each hostel was lit up with a myriad of crackers and the sports complex, I learnt, was filled with (get a load of this!) GIRLS bursting crackers! And not just lighting the cracker and running away to safety! I mean they were performing the same antics that I happened to witness in front of my hostel! Now that is what I call as out of place!

And as I saw all these, I was just happy that the whole country is not filled with people like me who do not give  a damn about bursting crackers! The most illuminated festival in the whole world definitely needs to be carried on forever. And good to know that there are still people who find peace in the ear splitting noise. It is because of them that the festive mood is still existent. Not because of me!

2 thoughts on “Oh ok…its actually Diwali!

  1. Turns out my craving for crackers was finally satisfied. I got bitti supply of pataki on both the days. Yippee..
    Getting drunk on the eve of diwali. Shame on your parts :)…

    @ ” It is because of them that the festive mood is still existent. Not because of me! ” … – Applause…

  2. Oh congrats on your acquisition of the much longed for patakis!
    And wait…I remember to have got drunk on the eve of diwali with some guy-some guy who stays in room 2 of my hostel. Hmmm….someone whose nickname is ‘logik’..
    Come to think of it, that “drunkard on the eve of Diwali ” just left a comment above!
    Oh F***! I am actually responding to HIS comment only!
    Shame on his parts too!!!:)

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