The Past, Present and Future of my Mobile Phone

It is really surprising how much things change over a period of years. How many things come and go and how many stay. Considering the 31/2 years that have elapsed between my admission to NITK and now, I have to say I have seen a lot more than what I expected to see. And I am happy about it. But right now I am not going to rant about how things could have been better etc etc. What I am going to tell you about is one accessory of mine that has remained faithful to me all these years and has also been the reason why I have felt more dead than alive. I am talking about my mobile phone.

Ever since my mom realized, in a matter of 10 days, that she could not possibly remain sane without checking on me whether I have had my breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner on a daily basis, I have been the proud owner of a mobile phone. And that has been the only thing that kept me in my senses during the first 2 years. Talking for hours together was nothing new to me, considering the fact that I was very familiar with 2 hours+ long conversations on a daily basis. My landline bill was coming about Rs. 5000 for every month. And trust me when I say that it is not a small amount.

The calls that contributed the most to the bill were my very long conversations with X, my occasional long conversations with Y and regular 1 hour long chats with a buddy of mine. Now when I say long, I mean really long. In fact, my longest conversation has been with X and lasted for a stunning 6 1/2 hours! It started at 10 in the morning and went on till 4:30 in the evening-no kidding!!My second longest conversation has also been with X and that lasted for about 5 hours! And this was in the night-from about 11 in the night to 4 in the morning! And likewise, I have had long conversations with quite a few people.

So you see, when I say long, I mean really really long.

And this being the case, the trend was abruptly disrupted as none of my friends had a mobile phone and calling landlines from my mobile was getting increasingly uneconomical. So there was this stage in the beginning when I became very desperate to talk. And then, as if in response, everybody seemed to be getting mobile phones. So in the first and second years, I was talking for hours together to X, Y and Z. So much so, my monthly mobile phone bill crossed the 1000 mark on quite a few occasions! At times, I used to wonder how I could have possibly remained in my senses if it wasn’t for my mobile phone. Those were the good times…

But like I said in the beginning, some things stay and some don’t. So as time passed on and I entered my 3rd year, a lot of things had changed. I was not talking to Z anymore. I realized that X would never give a call back. And that I would get to talk to Y everytime I went home. So it will suffice to say that I began to under-utilize my mobile phone. I hardly made any calls. I hardly got any calls. I even gave up on carrying it around. There was simply no point in doing so. Thus began the decadence of my relationship with my mobile. And those were the times that I felt I was just existing or equivalently-dead.

Things only got worse. My monthly bill was around the 500 mark in the initial stages of my 3rd year. But it slowly and steadily declined and now it is somewhere near the 300 mark-which according to my Plan, means that I am wasting half the money! Not that it is difficult to change my plan, it is just that I am still hopeful that my relationship with my mobile phone will improve (Note that I didn’t say that I was hopeful of getting more calls).

And as it stands now, I am hardly giving it any thought. I am past that stage when I use to look into my mobile phone and pray that it would ring. Once I had even gone to the extent of wishing that some dude would call for a wrong number! But like I said, I am past that stage. I realized that there are many more things that I would rather worry about than wondering as to who will call who wont.

On retrospection, I would just like to remind myself of all the good times that I had with my mobile phone and just hope that those times come again.

6 thoughts on “The Past, Present and Future of my Mobile Phone

  1. A really arbit, despo, and lame post. But the point is, I’ve a similar thing bout sms’s, n gtalk pings. Just wish they’d happen. I guess u still are a bit lamer than that. Kudos.

    It’d help if we know who’s X,Y,Z, but I think the reason why u chose those particular names is coz u wanted to keep them anon. I get it šŸ™‚

  2. Arbit-yes.Despo-Yes.
    But definitely not lame…
    Point is you have no idea how much I used to talk before coming to the hostel…
    Either way, Gtalk pings and SMS’s are really much much lamer than phone calls!

    And yes. It is for anonymity that I have not revealed names. But if you are really curious, you can search my archives to find out who is who. There is quite a lot about X,Y and Z in the archives…
    But again, if at all they happened to read it, then they would definitely know whom I am referring to…

  3. dont agree with me? I mean what the f*** is there to agree or not? I am not writing this shit for people to agree! I am writing this because i am just pissed at the way some people treat me…whether you agree or not doesnt make the smallest difference to me…
    man whoever you are- IDETRORCE- are you sure you have written the comment to the right post?Coz I really doubt it!

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