About Photo Sharing Sites and other rantings…

I have been spending the entire day trying out various photo sharing websites like Flickr, Photobucket, Photoworks and Picasa. All of them claim to offer a lot of features and space to upload your photos. But it is only today, after a long study into them that I realized that each had some or the other flaw.

Take Flickr for example: I had been using Flickr to upload my photos. Though I had not been really uploading a hell lot, there were quite a few photos in my account and I had grouped them into two sets or albums. Now today I upload some 20 more photos and then I create one more set. So far so good. Then I upload some more and try to create one more separate set and guess what? I cant! Thats right! I am not allowed to create more than 3 sets of photos in Flickr! Then how the hell am I supposed to organize my photos? And to be able to create more sets, I am supposed to pay them $25 a year! Balls to you people!

If the reason why this is done is to make people realize the extra features that is available to them on payment, then it is one of the lamest features to be restricted. It is just that- the lamest thing possible! Now all my photos are just haphazardly stored in the Flickr account. Visit it here .

So I was recommended the likes of Picasa. Now here is the thing. I usually have a lot of photos to upload at a time. But Picasa allows me to upload only 3 at a time from the website. I can upload very very easily using the Picasa program but again, very very conveniently my esteemed college has set up a proxy setting which has to be entered into every program that requires net connection and unfortunately the Picasa program has no such feature. So to hell with Picasa as well.

Then I opened Photobucket. There I found things pretty convenient until I tried to use their bulk uploader. It needed some java shit that just refused to install on my comp. But atleast you can upload some 20 photos at a time. So I stuck to it. And then I see that it has some very unconvincing display features. Flickr has(had) good and really appealing display features. So when a stranger visits your photo account, they wont get bored to death. But I wouldnt be surprised if a visitor to my photobucket account makes an honest effort to forget my very existence. But I have to say that they have a very interesting feature of tagging parts of the photo. So you can name your friends in the photo and when the mouse pointer hovers around his/her face, the name is displayed. That was cool!

But in the end, I have to say that it was a really frustrating experience today.

Presently I am sticking on to Photobucket. Here is my account.

Either way, I was quite surprised how much my traffic has increased ever since I wrote the previous post blaspheming someone I know quite well. Keep it up guys!!! There is more coming!

And apart from all the ranting, I would like to bring your esteemed attention to the very fact as to why I have suddenly become very enthusiastic about sharing photos. Well thing is that 2 days ago, I finally did what I hadnt done in the 3 1/2 years. I travelled north from my college towards Manipal seeking greener pastures. And boy was I in for a treat!

So you will find a post about my trip to Manipal and the subsequent realization that I was a stranger in a strange land. That is most likely to be my next post…

So till then, keep reading and thank you for all the traffic!

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