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A Stranger in Manipal- Part I

Final semester at NITK calls for an inevitable paradigm shift in the life of the hostel inmates. Suddenly one is expected to understand and realize the true importance of not doing anything worthwhile for months together and still feel happy and satisfied about it. As a corollary, it is also expected of the students to make complete use of all the facilities that are so easily accessible to them in the hostel. This includes buying a quarter of cheap Old Monk rum for a mere 35 bucks from Garuda Bar along with the cheap Baba Cola which further costs 4 bucks for 300 ml and then getting high-at least 4-5 times a week. One is also expected to drag one’s lazy ass outside the campus to explore greener pastures.

And that was exactly what I did on Saturday. After 3 1/2 years of getting stuck in my hostel room, I finally made up my mind to explore the earth that existed to the north of my college at Surathkal. All the 3 1/2 years, I had been frequently subjected to highly regarded parables about the treasure cove that existed about 60 km north in a place called Manipal. There was a general notion that all that was of high value there was largely due to the unequal and unfair distribution of the same. So off I went, finally,with my friend, seeking greener pastures.

I was to be greeted there by one more of my friends who stays in the very place itself. So after the ball breaking bus journey, I finally arrived at Manipal. And by the time, I stepped foot on the ground there, I knew that I would not be disappointed. Now before I venture into describing the exact nature of the highly valued assets of the place, let me just tell you in brief about my situation.

Now you see, my college is widely known for its academics and relevant stuff. Exactly-relevant stuff. The only thing that you can possibly improve on is on those very lines. But if you come to my college with an expectation of meeting and befriending people of the XX chromosome type- you have come to the wrong place pal. NITK Surathkal is the perfect illustration for the saying (or fact): “`Beauty and Brains never go hand in hand.” That was how we guys used to explain the phenomenon of the lack of ‘chics’ in my college. But soon we realized that the girls in my college had neither the brains nor the beauty. And I have been stuck in this college for over 3 1/2 years. So I guess you have now gathered my situation as a whole. And it is seeking greener pastures in this regard that I took my trip to Manipal.

And in my next post, you will find in detail, my tryst with the treasure cove and the subsequent realization that I was indeed a stranger in a strange land.


1 thought on “A Stranger in Manipal- Part I”

  1. No beauty.. No brains… Hilarious.. No wonder u’ve few xx-friends here.I suppose ur lucky in a way.

    And.. Old monk zindabad… All hail Baba…

    And finally a true, critique:- ur new template/layout sucks. I can’t read ur blog. If that effect is intentional, then .. No comments.

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