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Civil Events @ ENGINEER’08

This is my blog and so I decided to carry out the most useless form of publicity for the Civil Engineering events at  my college Technical Fest ENGINEER’08 from Feb 14-17(Oh ya BTW, my college is NITK Surathkal). Useless-evidently for the fact that my blog traffic is hardly anything worth mentioning. And so no harm in informing the whole world through this innocuous medium. I am organizing the Civil Engineering Events in the fest and I would really appreciate it if you (whomsoever’s spirit you maybe) could just get your esteemed self to witness and participate in the events of my branch. There are a whole load of them. And if you are not of my branch, well come anyway(and you may get along a friend who is in Civil Engineering). There are a whole load of things to do and see here. Really…..I am not joking! You gotta trust me on this!

Hey look, I am not getting paid or anything to do this publicity here. I  just thought- Well, here I am putting in so much effort to make this event a success with truckloads of prize money and so it would be nice if you could come along and have fun and enjoy the whole experience.  Do you see it? Its a win-win situation here! You get the prize money and the experience and then we are also happy that you participated and won. Hey did I forget to mention our college is the only college in India to have its own private beach? Thats right. So don’t miss out on this opportunity man.

And as a true organizer, I shall now give out my mobile number for the whole world to see and misuse:

Akshay.N.R:9886762406. So now you can call me anytime and talk nonsense. But I would also like for you to enquire about the fest-Civil Events in particular.

Also my mail ID with which you may send all your banal forwards which I promise I will never get tired deleting as long as you have something to ask about the fest in it.


Thank You. Thank you

Now with this, I shall conclude my completely ineffective publicity, lest I cause more harm than help…….

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A Lot of Arbit Stuff…

There have been a whole load of arbit things going on around that really deserve something more than just a moment’s thought. And so in my sincere effort to immortalize the same, I shall duly make a mention of them in this very post. So here goes, in no particular order:

1) I finally had my second stint with CHIVAS REGAL. And to be frank, it was perhaps, by far the most eventful thing that has taken place in my home in the past few years! The eventful part was not so much the consumption of the Scotch as was the aftermath of emptying the 1 litre bottle by just the 4 of us! That included me, my cousin, my dad and my uncle. The consumption prolonged long enough for all 4 of us to feel invincible in our own ways. My cousin truly believed that he was in the perfect position to drive back home after some 300ml of hard liquor. And he went on to demonstrate his steadfastness by trying to walk straight on a line. It was only after I told him that the very fact that he is trying to walk in a line proves that he is not in control. Each one of us reacted in our own unique ways. Not to mention all the hidden feelings that were revealed during the consumption. I couldn’t help but tell my mom all the things that I wanted to tell her but never really got around doing it. My mom was really feeling incongruous amidst the whole inebriated state of affairs. But soon things wound up and I woke up next day with absolutely zero hangover. MAN! Thats why CHIVAS REGAL is what it is!

2) About 3 days prior to that, was New Years Eve. Oh, btw, Happy New Year and all that. Now lets get down to the relevant part. We had a sizeable party at our house. My cousins, aunt, uncle, some neighbours. In all we were some 10-15. Again, by default, there was alcohol. Mainly beer, with a little whiskey by the side. Got buzzed enough to enjoy the rest of the function a little more than usual. That included food tasting better, the music sounding more melodious, relevant people looking good and of course the firecrackers looking even better.

3) The worst movie that I have watched in a long time has been very easy for me to decide. OM SHANTI OM. It was just too easy for me to choose this movie over many bollywood competitors. Now here is thing. It is such a pathetic movie. But still went on to become a huge hit. Now let me first remind you that this can happen only in India. So how do you make a pathetic movie succesful? Very simple. Spend more cash to create extra-large hype and publicize the movie as the best movie ever made etc etc. And guess what? The people actually buy it! They truly believe the movie to be exactly what the reviews told them to be. And its an open secret that most of the reviews are funded by the producers themselves.

Coming back to the movie in itself, it is supposed to be a spoof on the movie making styles of the 70’s and the 80’s. It not only fails at that, but it also makes sure that it makes a blatant and shameless mockery out of itself. And even if the script tries to talk sense, along comes Shah Rukh Khan to make sure that the movie sucks! I actually felt like puking as I was watching the movie.

So for all of you who actually liked the movie, god save you all…

4) On the other hand, another Bollywood movie really interested me. This movie was a critically acclaimed movie but a commercial failure. I am talking about NO SMOKING. It is Bollywood’s first attempt at film noir. And I have to say I was really impressed with the acting prowess of John Abraham and also the script written by Anurag Kashyap. The movie recieved widespread criticism for flouting with the boundaries of mainstream cinema. Needless to say, the people read these reviews and never even bothered to watch the movie. Some nimrod actually believed that movies like these are only fit to be uploaded on youtube for general viewing! (I hope that guy becomes a retard some day.) But for those few who watched the movie and actually understood the hidden message, will realize that the director Anurag Kashyap has been silently laughing at all the criticisms and negative reviews. It is more like he is happily showing all these people his middle finger and screaming “up yours!” I suggest that you watch the movie with an open mind and make an effort to interpret every character and situation in the movie. And if you don’t understand it, then just go back to your usual mainstream movies.

5) About 3 months back, I made one of the discoveries of my life when I watched PULP FICTION. Now for those of you who tried watching it for the first time and gave up for lack of story, let me tell you that I did the same too. That was when I hadnt watched too many movies and was not familiar with the idea of a cult movie. Only a couple of years after I first tried to watch the movie, did I make myself sit in front of the computer and watch the entire movie. And man! It was one of the best things to have ever happened to me! First of all, one has to realize that this is not a plot driven movie but that it is a dialogue driven movie. So if there is anything that you need to pay attention to, it is the dialogues in the movie and of course the characters as such. Each character exists because of a reason. There is no character that exists just for the sake of it. Ever since, I have got obsessed with the character Jules, portrayed excellently by Samuel Jackson. “The Bonnie situation” in the movie is perhaps the best piece of movie making that I have ever seen! Tarantino is a genius! I strongly suggest each one of you to watch the movie more than once. Thats because the first time you watch it , you are bound to leave it incomplete.

6) I have finally regained my interest in books after a long hiatus. I have decided to screw the library near my home and am going to buy the books myself instead. I have already bought and finished quite a few books. I am presently exploring something that is both new and different to me. Recently I finished reading “Brave New World” by
Aldous Huxley, “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel, “Crime and Punishment” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and finished part of “Business Maharajas” by Gita Piramal. Each book,I found, was new and different in its own way. My main objective is to read as many new and diversified writings as possible. I am presently reading “Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance” by RObert Pirsig and next in line is “The Brothers Karamazov” by Dostoyevsky followed by “Notes from the Underground” again by Dostoyevsky.

7) The following statement is meant directly for a good friend of mine and it is meant to convey exactly what it says:
“22 is too damn young an age to get married!”

8) I am finally back in my hostel and have big plans of travelling in my last semester. I shall update as and when my travels take place.

So there it was. 8 totally arbit things that I just felt deserved more attention than just that thought in my head. Like I said in my earlier post, I have to write an extensive report on my experience at Mood indigo in Bombay, which I shall be doing as soon as I am able to upload my pics. So till then, please be patient.

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Out of Connection…

Thats right! I am out of Internet connection since the past few days and thats the reason why I havent been able to put up new posts. Frankly speaking, I have a hell lot to say. I had been to Bombay to attend Mood-Indigo, the annual cultural fest of IIT Bombay. There is a hell lot to be told about that. Also I have to say about my second not so sublime encounter with CHIVAS REGAL. All this and more in my next few posts…..

So my esteemed (non-existent) readers, please be patient. I shall write soon!