Civil Events @ ENGINEER’08

This is my blog and so I decided to carry out the most useless form of publicity for the Civil Engineering events at  my college Technical Fest ENGINEER’08 from Feb 14-17(Oh ya BTW, my college is NITK Surathkal). Useless-evidently for the fact that my blog traffic is hardly anything worth mentioning. And so no harm in informing the whole world through this innocuous medium. I am organizing the Civil Engineering Events in the fest and I would really appreciate it if you (whomsoever’s spirit you maybe) could just get your esteemed self to witness and participate in the events of my branch. There are a whole load of them. And if you are not of my branch, well come anyway(and you may get along a friend who is in Civil Engineering). There are a whole load of things to do and see here. Really…..I am not joking! You gotta trust me on this!

Hey look, I am not getting paid or anything to do this publicity here. I  just thought- Well, here I am putting in so much effort to make this event a success with truckloads of prize money and so it would be nice if you could come along and have fun and enjoy the whole experience.  Do you see it? Its a win-win situation here! You get the prize money and the experience and then we are also happy that you participated and won. Hey did I forget to mention our college is the only college in India to have its own private beach? Thats right. So don’t miss out on this opportunity man.

And as a true organizer, I shall now give out my mobile number for the whole world to see and misuse:

Akshay.N.R:9886762406. So now you can call me anytime and talk nonsense. But I would also like for you to enquire about the fest-Civil Events in particular.

Also my mail ID with which you may send all your banal forwards which I promise I will never get tired deleting as long as you have something to ask about the fest in it.


Thank You. Thank you

Now with this, I shall conclude my completely ineffective publicity, lest I cause more harm than help…….

One thought on “Civil Events @ ENGINEER’08

  1. Hey,
    you forgot to add +91 in front of your cell no. Are you not depriving your outstation , abroad participants etc to contact the magnificent N.R….

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