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INCIDENT’08 @ NITK Surathkal – Day 0 and Day 1

I am presently in the worst state possible. Imagine my state after 2 hours of cricket, 2 hours of continuous drinking and 5 hours of continuous dancing in the DJ nite! I am just too damn tired and just waiting to go make peace with my bed… But I just wanted to give an update about my college fest that started yesterday and continued today. It has 3 more days to go but I will just run you through the events –obviously the ones that I happened to see.

Which frankly speaking, wasn’t much! Last night was the Eastern Musicals which saw 8 teams battle out for the best band of the evening. Frankly speaking, the quality of the performances and the audio was much better than last year’s. There was this air of maturity in the way the participants performed. Apparently, I had walked out during the performance of the team which eventually won the prize! The best part of their performance was, I heard, immediately after I left! Very convenient! And for once, the home team didn’t end up winning in spite of a pathetic performance. Ok frankly speaking, this time even our college’s performance was up to the mark and I have to appreciate the male lead’s voice which was smooth enough for the entire 20 mins. However it was the team from BIT ( I think) that ran away with the honours in the end. End of day 0.

Begin Day 1 and the only thing I did in the entire morning was to crack the crossword with the help of my roommate and my other close friend. The daily quiz was a farce with all the pictures in the paper hardly visible to anyone! I strongly believe that the worst event in Incident History was, is and always will be the INFORMALZ! There is absolutely no competition for that! Having watched the Mood-I Informalz at IIT Bombay, it was really hard to even comprehend the level to which Informalz at Incident would stoop down to! If you want to waste your time when you can waste your time in a better way, please visit the INFORMALZ at SS during INCIDENT! I tried my luck at the headbanging competition at the Informalz and the only thing I came out with was a sore neck that needed rest for the rest of the day!

The first worthwhile event that I attended was the India Quiz which was part of the major QUIZFEST @ INCIDENT’08. And it was a worthwhile experience! The questions were good enough in quality and quantity with not a single question on the arbit side. I missed out qualifying by some not so large margin. The Word Games that was held was even better! I believe Satya and Avi were heavily inspired by the Mood-I word games (which in turn was the best Word Games that I have ever come across)! And it readily showed in the quality and the innovation of the paper. I am sure lot of effort went into the framing of the paper. Though I am not confident of making it to the finals, I will make it a point to watch the finals.

But I guess the best was always saved for the last. The main attraction in INCIDENT are the Pro- Nites at the end of the day featuring well known professional artists of different genres on different occasions. Today was a Semi-Pro DJ Nite followed by a DJ performance by the well known Professional DJ Inferno. Thing is, I have always been a great admirer of all Professional performances. And I was really overwhelmed by this dude’s performance! I kept dancing for all the Semi-Pro DJs for the better part of 2 hours but then when DJ Inferno took the Stage, it was a totally different experience altogether! His music and tracks were teeming with professionalism! I don’t know much about DJing but I can tell you this much- DJ Inferno rocked and kicked ass! This was my first experience with a professional DJ and I would like to tell you all that DJ Inferno is very much in his own league. BTW, I , alongwith some 4 friends of mine, had been to the DJ Nite on a high, after some memorable drinking sessions. And that made the whole experience even more worthwhile and memorable! I had never danced so much in my entire life! It was more like ‘F*** all worries and just Party!” DJ Inferno lived upto everyone’s expectations and more! I would definitely pay to watch this guy perform again!

Also, Kudos to all the girls who stayed right till the end, dancing all the way till 1 in the morning! But frankly speaking, the whole SAC looked more like a Boys’ night out and one could find girls only if they were really looking for them!

Anyway, there is more to come in the 3 days ahead! Looking forward to KK’s performance tomo and the western musicals on Saturday….. Will be updating you on a daily basis…

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Post-ENGINEER’08 Disorder…

Now don’t get me wrong. ENGINEER’08 went on damn well! Even the Civil Events@ENIGNEER’08 got commendable participation from out station teams. But this post is not about how the Tech fest of my college went. You will find more details about that shortly in the Civil Events Blog. This post is about the aftermaths of the fest. Immediately after the fest got over, there was this sudden change in tempo, phone calls and activity that was too drastic for me to handle. So let me shed some more light on that now….

The event got over on Sunday (17th) night. During those 4 days prior to the Sunday, I was on my toes every single minute of the day. I, being the Convener of all Civil Events, was held responsible for anything and everything that happened. So if anyone needed anything, the only person to be contacted was me. If anybody had anything to complain about, that would very conveniently be directed towards me. So long story cut short, I was being contacted for virtually each and everything. In the span of 4 days, I must have easily gotten about 400-500 calls! My bloody phone never stopped ringing! Probably it was trying to make up for all those years that it let me down by making me run out of battery every 7-8 hours! It was totally unprecedented.

But the phone calls was just one aspect. The physical and mental anguish, coupled with the time crunch was something of a new experience to me which I was glad to go through. Handling people, doing night-outs after working like a donkey throughout the day and spending from my own pocket, the money which I knew I was not getting back-well they all  taught me so much in such small time. Like I said, I was just glad to go through all that.

But once ENGINEER got over, it was a totally different story. The only phone calls I got were from my mom enquiring about how the fest went (and of course about the state of my hunger). The only work I had was to sleep and watch Everybody Loves Raymond. The only people I had to handle were my 4 close friends when we got totally drunk in the hostel and went around the campus at 2 in the night talking arbit nonsense which included an inebriated enquiry into the smallest time interval between each of ours’ peeing sessions! So you see, there has been a drastic change in the world around me. I suddenly find myself utterly jobless, with no one contacting me (nothing unfamiliar about THAT!) and with money to waste on alcohol! I FEEL LOST!

Frankly speaking, I really feel like working now. I just don’t know how all of a sudden things can get so lax. Well, let’s not forget that the college cultural fest-INCIDENT’08 is around the corner. And I plan to enjoy each and every moment of it, what with this being my final INCI! I am looking forward to that.

Also of interest is the branch diary-a satirical view of the 4 years at NITK- that we (CIVIL BATCHMATES) have to write for the college mag. I am taking an active interest in writing in it, what with all my ‘experience’ in writing and analyzing! The girls of my class suddenly come up with this ‘agreement’ that apparently took place 2-3 years back when they were given complete power to write the branch diary 2-3 years later! Insane as it may seem, well, after all, they are all girls! And they are not getting anything! But rest assured. We guys shall make a sincere effort to compile the best branch diary written so far! And I shall be putting it up here for all to see.

Much more to say and discuss-SERIOUSLY! But all that in my next post. So till then…….


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My Mobile is Actually Ringing!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, it feels good to be in control, to be in a position to right the wrong. But this comes at a price. Needless to say, there is a lot of work involved. And it hasn’t really been very recent that I worked hard on anything. But things are going well and I am getting more and more confident that eventually all will run smoothly. Interestingly, as a natural consequence of being in this position, I am subjected to some real unfamiliar territory.

One of them being that my mobile phone seems to be ringing! Really…it actually rings! I am actually getting calls! Now my esteemed readers will be aware, from my previous posts, of my not-so-happy-happy relationship with my mobile. Now this being the case, I was not really used to answering the phone for reasons apart from my mom checking in on the status of my hunger, or….or…..or…. Ok that’s the only reason my phone rings. So when all of a sudden, I had people calling me every half hour to check in on the latest updates or whether they can waste some more time before they can submit their entries for the events, I felt like I was being rudely disturbed. Yeah seriously!

But as days passed, the calls became more of a pleasantry and less of a disturbance. And now I am happy to attend the phone calls and clarify any doubts that are being asked. Because you see, after one more week, these calls are going to stop as well and I shall again take up my anti-mobile stance. So as long as the calls are coming, I am not going to complain. And once they stop, well, I can still continue to hope optimistically that things are going to improve. Hope…hmmm….its really a good thing to hang on to. The uncertainty surrounding it is most satisfying.

Oh and BTW, after a gap of I-don’t-care-how-fuckin’-long, I got a message from this person. Needless to say, I was surprised. But after an hour, I didn’t even have that message on my mobile. Here is how it went…

Message 1: Hi. How are u? Hows college going on?

My Reply: Me fine. Hardly any classes going on.

Message 2 (immediately following my reply): No project work? Our project started last week.

My Reply: Finished half project last semester. Will be working later.

That was it. End of story. I am tired of this shit and I retired my ass long back. So no point trying to get back in touch. Whatever… I just felt frustrated. And now I am fine. Really.

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Feels Good…..

It has been over 5 years since I last felt like this. And 5 years is a long time. All this while, it has been a painful experience watching the whole action from the sidelines and constantly realizing that I could have done a much better job. A lack of identity in one of the crucial facets of an engineering college cost me a lot throughout. It is probably something that I will always regret. But not anymore…

After an agonizing wait, I am finally where I belong. And I am happy.  I may have probably been out of touch. But I still found myself doing useful work. And it wasn’t long before I got what I needed. And it was a pleasant surprise indeed. And ever since, it feels different.

It feels good to be in control…..truly in control.

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Megadeth in Bangalore

This is a preview to the Megadeth Concert as part of Rock in India Festival that took place on March 14th 2008 at Palace Grounds in Bangalore. If you are looking for a review on the concert, click here

Ok. Everybody who was anybody and who listened to some kinda music were there to see Iron Maiden at Bangalore last year. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t make it there (and yes I still call myself a rock fan). Now before you make up your mind to bash me up for good, please listen to the lame excuses that I have to offer. Please listen to what I have to say.


Ok it actually makes sense for you to bash me up. Go ahead. But just make sure that I am in a state to attend the Megadeth concert in Bangalore on 14th March! Goddamnit! Finally I will be able to see them in front of me. All these years I have been living without even the smallest hope that I will someday see them live. But here I am. Just a little over a month to go and I will be headbanging till my neck breaks.

I am going to make amends for missing out on the Maiden concert by doing whatever it takes to get the front row. Even if that means standing in the queue from 11 in the morning for the Megadeth show that starts at 8 in the night!

And about the event, there is another big name band coming. The whole event is actually a Rock Festival. The first of its kind in India. So with Megadeth headlining the show, we have Machinehead supporting them! And apart from all these, we have our own local Professional Rock bands performing before them. The list goes like this:


2)Thermal and a Quarter

3) Mother Jane

4) Prestorika

5)Junkyard Groove

6) Casino Blues

7) Millenium

So thats the complete list of the bands that will be performing at Rock in India Festival on March 14th 2008. The show as such will begin at 2PM. So I presume the local bands will be playing in the daytime and Machinehead and Megadeth will perform in the night. Tickets are priced at 1000 Rs.

I have been reading a lot about Dream Theater also coming down for the Festival. Obviously it is a dream come true for any metalhead. But of what I have been able to gather info, they are scheduled to perform in Venezuela on the same day. So I guess that sort of ruled them out…But then I was later to learn from a variety of sources about the rumour of DT having cancelled the entire South America Show. Being highly unlikely, I checked out their official website and it said no such thing. So officially atleast DT is not coming to Bangalore. Will update if anything comes up…

UPDATE: I bought my passes for the concert online. The ticket cost is 1000 bucks but you will be charged another 100 bucks for the courier fee. So I suggest you buy in numbers more than 1 to save money. The tickets are due to come by March 4th or 5th.

Man, I can’t wait to make amends…..

You coming?