Megadeth in Bangalore

This is a preview to the Megadeth Concert as part of Rock in India Festival that took place on March 14th 2008 at Palace Grounds in Bangalore. If you are looking for a review on the concert, click here

Ok. Everybody who was anybody and who listened to some kinda music were there to see Iron Maiden at Bangalore last year. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t make it there (and yes I still call myself a rock fan). Now before you make up your mind to bash me up for good, please listen to the lame excuses that I have to offer. Please listen to what I have to say.


Ok it actually makes sense for you to bash me up. Go ahead. But just make sure that I am in a state to attend the Megadeth concert in Bangalore on 14th March! Goddamnit! Finally I will be able to see them in front of me. All these years I have been living without even the smallest hope that I will someday see them live. But here I am. Just a little over a month to go and I will be headbanging till my neck breaks.

I am going to make amends for missing out on the Maiden concert by doing whatever it takes to get the front row. Even if that means standing in the queue from 11 in the morning for the Megadeth show that starts at 8 in the night!

And about the event, there is another big name band coming. The whole event is actually a Rock Festival. The first of its kind in India. So with Megadeth headlining the show, we have Machinehead supporting them! And apart from all these, we have our own local Professional Rock bands performing before them. The list goes like this:


2)Thermal and a Quarter

3) Mother Jane

4) Prestorika

5)Junkyard Groove

6) Casino Blues

7) Millenium

So thats the complete list of the bands that will be performing at Rock in India Festival on March 14th 2008. The show as such will begin at 2PM. So I presume the local bands will be playing in the daytime and Machinehead and Megadeth will perform in the night. Tickets are priced at 1000 Rs.

I have been reading a lot about Dream Theater also coming down for the Festival. Obviously it is a dream come true for any metalhead. But of what I have been able to gather info, they are scheduled to perform in Venezuela on the same day. So I guess that sort of ruled them out…But then I was later to learn from a variety of sources about the rumour of DT having cancelled the entire South America Show. Being highly unlikely, I checked out their official website and it said no such thing. So officially atleast DT is not coming to Bangalore. Will update if anything comes up…

UPDATE: I bought my passes for the concert online. The ticket cost is 1000 bucks but you will be charged another 100 bucks for the courier fee. So I suggest you buy in numbers more than 1 to save money. The tickets are due to come by March 4th or 5th.

Man, I can’t wait to make amends…..

You coming?

20 thoughts on “Megadeth in Bangalore

  1. there’s some rumour that Dream Theater will also be present for this?…or will Dream Theater perform in Bangalore separately around the same period?…

  2. No dude…it is infact confirmed that DT will not be coming…atleast not on March 14th….On that day, they will be performing at Venezuela..Check out the official website…

  3. Man Bangalore is one place where u will never run out of hotels…I suggest u try for a small hotel near Palace Grounds itself….that is near MEkhri Circle or nearby in RT Nagar…it will be easier for u to travel to the venue..
    Thing is that even I am not in Bangalore right now…Wil l be descending there some 2 days b4 the event to my home…

  4. and what about the passes dude……how are u getting em…
    now im in mumbai …but im not sure whether they ll sell em passes at the planet m outlets maiden..

  5. yeeeeeah
    Thats great to see megadeth here in bangalore ,I had missed maiden in mumbai but ill never miss them again if they gonna be back in next few years,any ways megadeth is here uhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. Man cannot wait for the metalheads, i missed maiden coz i’m working in kuwait & i’m gonna travel soon just for da show

  7. Very impatiently waiting….
    But i think the more impatient thing will be on the day of the concert….we have to wait from about 12 in the afternoon to around 8 in the night to see megadeth..
    Thats gonna be hard!

  8. u missed maiden..
    u missed maiden…

    and dire straits and jethro tull…

    for christ’s sake, i mean satan’s sake….
    stop calling yourself a rock fan..

  9. Goddamn u Bala!
    Only I know under what circumstances i missed them…
    Though nothing is going to change the fact that in the end, I missed them all…
    Thats why I am really looking forward to make amends…..
    man u missed Deep Purple and Scorpions!
    U are in my league only dude!

  10. \m/ Was browsing news abt Megadeth in B’lore n ended up in ur post… Niz !

    Was a bit late this time to take my ticket… took it ysday from Planet M

    I had been for Deep purple n Maiden… cant wait to bang my head for Megadeth …

    All are gone, all but one.
    No contest, nowhere to run.
    No more left, only one.
    This is it, this is the countdown to extinction.

    \m/ always!
    Just another metalkid…

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