My Mobile is Actually Ringing!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, it feels good to be in control, to be in a position to right the wrong. But this comes at a price. Needless to say, there is a lot of work involved. And it hasn’t really been very recent that I worked hard on anything. But things are going well and I am getting more and more confident that eventually all will run smoothly. Interestingly, as a natural consequence of being in this position, I am subjected to some real unfamiliar territory.

One of them being that my mobile phone seems to be ringing! Really…it actually rings! I am actually getting calls! Now my esteemed readers will be aware, from my previous posts, of my not-so-happy-happy relationship with my mobile. Now this being the case, I was not really used to answering the phone for reasons apart from my mom checking in on the status of my hunger, or….or…..or…. Ok that’s the only reason my phone rings. So when all of a sudden, I had people calling me every half hour to check in on the latest updates or whether they can waste some more time before they can submit their entries for the events, I felt like I was being rudely disturbed. Yeah seriously!

But as days passed, the calls became more of a pleasantry and less of a disturbance. And now I am happy to attend the phone calls and clarify any doubts that are being asked. Because you see, after one more week, these calls are going to stop as well and I shall again take up my anti-mobile stance. So as long as the calls are coming, I am not going to complain. And once they stop, well, I can still continue to hope optimistically that things are going to improve. Hope…hmmm….its really a good thing to hang on to. The uncertainty surrounding it is most satisfying.

Oh and BTW, after a gap of I-don’t-care-how-fuckin’-long, I got a message from this person. Needless to say, I was surprised. But after an hour, I didn’t even have that message on my mobile. Here is how it went…

Message 1: Hi. How are u? Hows college going on?

My Reply: Me fine. Hardly any classes going on.

Message 2 (immediately following my reply): No project work? Our project started last week.

My Reply: Finished half project last semester. Will be working later.

That was it. End of story. I am tired of this shit and I retired my ass long back. So no point trying to get back in touch. Whatever… I just felt frustrated. And now I am fine. Really.

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