Post-ENGINEER’08 Disorder…

Now don’t get me wrong. ENGINEER’08 went on damn well! Even the Civil Events@ENIGNEER’08 got commendable participation from out station teams. But this post is not about how the Tech fest of my college went. You will find more details about that shortly in the Civil Events Blog. This post is about the aftermaths of the fest. Immediately after the fest got over, there was this sudden change in tempo, phone calls and activity that was too drastic for me to handle. So let me shed some more light on that now….

The event got over on Sunday (17th) night. During those 4 days prior to the Sunday, I was on my toes every single minute of the day. I, being the Convener of all Civil Events, was held responsible for anything and everything that happened. So if anyone needed anything, the only person to be contacted was me. If anybody had anything to complain about, that would very conveniently be directed towards me. So long story cut short, I was being contacted for virtually each and everything. In the span of 4 days, I must have easily gotten about 400-500 calls! My bloody phone never stopped ringing! Probably it was trying to make up for all those years that it let me down by making me run out of battery every 7-8 hours! It was totally unprecedented.

But the phone calls was just one aspect. The physical and mental anguish, coupled with the time crunch was something of a new experience to me which I was glad to go through. Handling people, doing night-outs after working like a donkey throughout the day and spending from my own pocket, the money which I knew I was not getting back-well they all  taught me so much in such small time. Like I said, I was just glad to go through all that.

But once ENGINEER got over, it was a totally different story. The only phone calls I got were from my mom enquiring about how the fest went (and of course about the state of my hunger). The only work I had was to sleep and watch Everybody Loves Raymond. The only people I had to handle were my 4 close friends when we got totally drunk in the hostel and went around the campus at 2 in the night talking arbit nonsense which included an inebriated enquiry into the smallest time interval between each of ours’ peeing sessions! So you see, there has been a drastic change in the world around me. I suddenly find myself utterly jobless, with no one contacting me (nothing unfamiliar about THAT!) and with money to waste on alcohol! I FEEL LOST!

Frankly speaking, I really feel like working now. I just don’t know how all of a sudden things can get so lax. Well, let’s not forget that the college cultural fest-INCIDENT’08 is around the corner. And I plan to enjoy each and every moment of it, what with this being my final INCI! I am looking forward to that.

Also of interest is the branch diary-a satirical view of the 4 years at NITK- that we (CIVIL BATCHMATES) have to write for the college mag. I am taking an active interest in writing in it, what with all my ‘experience’ in writing and analyzing! The girls of my class suddenly come up with this ‘agreement’ that apparently took place 2-3 years back when they were given complete power to write the branch diary 2-3 years later! Insane as it may seem, well, after all, they are all girls! And they are not getting anything! But rest assured. We guys shall make a sincere effort to compile the best branch diary written so far! And I shall be putting it up here for all to see.

Much more to say and discuss-SERIOUSLY! But all that in my next post. So till then…….


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