INCIDENT’08 @ NITK Surathkal – Day 0 and Day 1

I am presently in the worst state possible. Imagine my state after 2 hours of cricket, 2 hours of continuous drinking and 5 hours of continuous dancing in the DJ nite! I am just too damn tired and just waiting to go make peace with my bed… But I just wanted to give an update about my college fest that started yesterday and continued today. It has 3 more days to go but I will just run you through the events –obviously the ones that I happened to see.

Which frankly speaking, wasn’t much! Last night was the Eastern Musicals which saw 8 teams battle out for the best band of the evening. Frankly speaking, the quality of the performances and the audio was much better than last year’s. There was this air of maturity in the way the participants performed. Apparently, I had walked out during the performance of the team which eventually won the prize! The best part of their performance was, I heard, immediately after I left! Very convenient! And for once, the home team didn’t end up winning in spite of a pathetic performance. Ok frankly speaking, this time even our college’s performance was up to the mark and I have to appreciate the male lead’s voice which was smooth enough for the entire 20 mins. However it was the team from BIT ( I think) that ran away with the honours in the end. End of day 0.

Begin Day 1 and the only thing I did in the entire morning was to crack the crossword with the help of my roommate and my other close friend. The daily quiz was a farce with all the pictures in the paper hardly visible to anyone! I strongly believe that the worst event in Incident History was, is and always will be the INFORMALZ! There is absolutely no competition for that! Having watched the Mood-I Informalz at IIT Bombay, it was really hard to even comprehend the level to which Informalz at Incident would stoop down to! If you want to waste your time when you can waste your time in a better way, please visit the INFORMALZ at SS during INCIDENT! I tried my luck at the headbanging competition at the Informalz and the only thing I came out with was a sore neck that needed rest for the rest of the day!

The first worthwhile event that I attended was the India Quiz which was part of the major QUIZFEST @ INCIDENT’08. And it was a worthwhile experience! The questions were good enough in quality and quantity with not a single question on the arbit side. I missed out qualifying by some not so large margin. The Word Games that was held was even better! I believe Satya and Avi were heavily inspired by the Mood-I word games (which in turn was the best Word Games that I have ever come across)! And it readily showed in the quality and the innovation of the paper. I am sure lot of effort went into the framing of the paper. Though I am not confident of making it to the finals, I will make it a point to watch the finals.

But I guess the best was always saved for the last. The main attraction in INCIDENT are the Pro- Nites at the end of the day featuring well known professional artists of different genres on different occasions. Today was a Semi-Pro DJ Nite followed by a DJ performance by the well known Professional DJ Inferno. Thing is, I have always been a great admirer of all Professional performances. And I was really overwhelmed by this dude’s performance! I kept dancing for all the Semi-Pro DJs for the better part of 2 hours but then when DJ Inferno took the Stage, it was a totally different experience altogether! His music and tracks were teeming with professionalism! I don’t know much about DJing but I can tell you this much- DJ Inferno rocked and kicked ass! This was my first experience with a professional DJ and I would like to tell you all that DJ Inferno is very much in his own league. BTW, I , alongwith some 4 friends of mine, had been to the DJ Nite on a high, after some memorable drinking sessions. And that made the whole experience even more worthwhile and memorable! I had never danced so much in my entire life! It was more like ‘F*** all worries and just Party!” DJ Inferno lived upto everyone’s expectations and more! I would definitely pay to watch this guy perform again!

Also, Kudos to all the girls who stayed right till the end, dancing all the way till 1 in the morning! But frankly speaking, the whole SAC looked more like a Boys’ night out and one could find girls only if they were really looking for them!

Anyway, there is more to come in the 3 days ahead! Looking forward to KK’s performance tomo and the western musicals on Saturday….. Will be updating you on a daily basis…

5 thoughts on “INCIDENT’08 @ NITK Surathkal – Day 0 and Day 1

  1. You fuckpot!!! It was the team from Bangalore Institute of Technology that won the eastern musicals, after the GODlevel classical lead vocalist in their team, single handedly stole the show, with tracks like Aghosh- Paisa, and that awesome Raaga Keeravani Fusion.

    Nitte, apart from a decent flute performance from my ol’friend Anant, ended up being a voyeuristic delight, with the pinky girl, doing some gaydance for a gayer telugu song called DELLAMO…

    SO get your facts straight..
    Oh, I’m sorry. You did. You indeed walked out of the best performance.

    Yet to read the whole post. further blasts to follow

  2. Well in case you hadn’t seen, I have included a (I think) b4 NITTE. And screw the Inci ‘System’ for naming colleges with just numbers because of which some innocent guy like me gets confused about which college was which number when writing a review and further because of which some over-ENTHU kid points out the mistake!
    Yeah and I missed the vouyeristic dance too…

  3. Dude, You “thought” that the Nitte Team won. Hurrah. They’ll feel happy that one person actually liked their performance. Why?Because he wasn’t there.

    The voyeuristic dance was so bad that our college’s cheap, female-desperate , uncultured, barbaric, immoral, and indecent crowd, did not like it. Now, that’s saying something.

    I don’t think you’d be committing some heinous crime if you could just edit that damn post. Your readers will not be offended, by that edits. I’m sure.

    If anything , if the BIT team, happens to come across your post, they might feel bad.
    Two reasons:- 1.You dint give them credit.
    2. One “civil” member from the above mentioned crowd types( Ya, him), actually walked up to this god-level singer, and told profanities at him. Why, cos he sang classical, and our dumb retard here, doesn’t have the IQ to perceive it.

  4. Firstly, for the great benefit of Mankind and specifically for Logik, I have edited the entry…
    All hail the BIT team!
    And I guess I can quite figure out who that ‘civil’ guy was….Very obvious…
    And I believe that voyueristic dance didnt add much to the entertainment aspect as well…

  5. I missed the DJ Inferno gig :(. And, I too happened to wrongly accredit the MSRIT team to be winners! 🙂 Obviously, enthu saved my skin by pointing out the error!

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