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10 Things to do at NITK

Ok given the fact that I have about 18 hours left to stay at NITK, I am just trying to blurt out all the things that I want to say before I leave this place. One of them is the list of things to do once you come here and before you graduate and leave. This is meant to be a list which includes the stuff that I did and the stuff that I wished I had done. And it is no particular order. So here is the list of the 10 things you should do at NITK:

1) Drink alcohol: Thats right! Alcohol has been the greatest discovery of my 4 years here. The only reason why I really feel that I have enjoyed my best years has been largely alcohol. In case you are apprehensive about consuming alcohol, please allow me to say this: If you plan to remain a teetotaller your whole life and not taste alcohol ever, then stay that way. But if there is even the slightest possibility of you taking up drinking at the age of say 30 or 40 or any other time, then at that time, you will miserably regret only about one thing. You will be cursing yourself “What the F**** was I doing in my college man??” So dont allow that to happen.

2) Go to a lot of treks: There are plenty of places in and around the campus and  all you have to do is take advantage of this fact and get your asses out of your room and visit them. Whatever you do, never become like me in this aspect. In all the 4 years, I just went to one place on a trip! So don’t do the same mistake and go hiking now and then!

3) Learn an Instrument: 4 years is a really long time and definitely long enough to learn an instrument of your choice. Guitars are popular but there are people who teach other stuff too. Trust me when I say that I have seen a lot of guys picking up the guitar for the first time in their lives in the 1st year and become Pros by Final Year.

4) Listen to Floyd: If you have not yet heard to Floyd before coming to this place, then for your survival you need to listen to it at the earliest.

5) Get a chic: This is not just a suggestion. It will really make your time worthwhile if you have one. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a serious relationship or anything. It will make a difference during fests and other occasions. But of course, this being NITK, there is bound to be a shortage of chics in the campus. So the immediate alternative is to go to Manipal in search of greener pastures. Oh BTW, this is also one of the things I wish I had done.

6) Visit all Major Fests: Saarang, Mood-I are all a must! I just went to 1 Mood-I and it was a different experience altogether. These fests are the only opportunities for you to witness the biggest congregation of the best chics in INDIA! So don’t miss out on these things!

7) Watch a lot of Movies and Serials: I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this thing. Given the LAN and the DC++ hubs, you have to make use of these things as they will not be available to you later.

8) Go to the following places: Ganesh Canteen, Sharath Bar, Akshaya Bar, Garuda Bar, Bittu’s, Thadambail (for the orgasmic hot early morning buns), Basheer / Sundar, Pehelwan’s  and Krishna’s. Having stayed in the NITK hostels, it is imperative that you go to these places as frequently as possible.

9) Play daily: Irrespective of what you are interested in, be it football, cricket, basketball, volleyball or even swimming, just make sure that  you play as much as possible because you will not get such good regular company ever again!

10) Just have FUN: In the end, irrespective of what you do, just make sure that you have had a lot of fun in the campus life. A passing out senior once told me this: “There are a lot of guys here who now regret that they didn’t enjoy their 4 years here. Don’t make that mistake” His words echoed through my head everyday and so now, as a passing out Final Year, I tell you the same thing: “Have a lot of fun and enjoy these 4 years!

This hasn’t particularly been one of the better posts that I have written, but nevertheless I  mean each and every word that I have written here.

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Technically, my last post….

Thats right. I am more or less done with this place now. My only exam got over today and I only have to get the signatures on my project report tomorrow. And after that, I will be officially disconnected with this place.

4 years at NITK Suratkal have not exactly been my best. But it has definitely been the most educative and worthwhile years of my life. This blog was started after witnessing certain stuff here about 2 years back. And now that I am writing what is going to be officially the last post before I am really done with this place, it feels a little strange. But I will not say anything else now.

I will mostly be leaving in a week. Leaving for good. I still really cannot comprehend the fact that it is all indeed over. So in this one week, I plan to live life to the fullest. Even if that means getting drunk twice a day, everyday, I will still enjoy this last week of my stay at NITK.  And more importantly I have a lot to say.

So I will be embarking on a BLOGGING MARATHON starting tomorrow. And most of them will be about my 4 years here at NITK. And in the end, I will write one post that will completely epitomize everything that I went through and learnt in these 4 years. So keep watching this space.

And so this is how my officially last post as an NITK Student comes to an end. BYE!!!

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Civil Branch Diary

Thanks to my good friend’s timely intervention, I had to remove the Civil Branch Diary post that I had put up a few weeks back. But now that the College Mag is out, I do not have any problems with putting up my Branch’s Diary for the 4 years that we have stayed here. This appeared in the college mag VITRUVIAN and was written largely by me with inputs from various sources. I thank all those people who came up with ideas for the Branch Diary.

One word of note: The Civil girls of my batch, like I had notified in my earlier post, really believed that they had the complete rights to write the Branch Diary. But of course, I was not giving anything to them! Not that I have anything against is just that I dont like them. Period. So you will hardly find much stuff commending the girls’ achievements in here. Some of the girls actually went to the extent of making fun of it. But now that they have a copy, I have just one thing to say:


Also of note is the fact that one of my earlier posts- Banality a.k.a Bollywood-also has found it’s way into VITRUVIAN with some minor editing, which I frankly found that it made the article better. So if you have a copy of the VITRU, then do read it or you can visit the link that I have given.

So anyway, here is a copy of the Civil Branch Diary that I wrote for VITRUVIAN.

Concrete Ideas

Four years is not exactly a long time. Especially, if you happen to be studying in the Civil Dept. But it was definitely long enough for a bunch of complete strangers to bond like concrete and forge friendships of steel.

First Year

The first year took off with us Civil junta being clubbed together with the Mining junta for the duration of the first year. The first few days largely consisted of teachers regularly subjecting us to repetitive hypnotic sessions, thereby firmly drilling into our heads, the fact that “NITK is a great Institute” and that “We have made the ‘correct’ decision of joining Civil or Mining.” After the initial ice breaking was over, Yadav was ‘elected’ the CR by the handful of the class junta who actually made the effort to wake up early on a Saturday morning and go all the way to cast their precious vote. Very soon, the junta visiting the gym found it to be a totally unnecessary act, as the weekly Drawing and Workshop hours successfully catered to the need for physical exercise. C Programming theory, as per the ‘SENIOR’ Faculty (who made it a point to regularly emphasize the ‘Senior’ part), was officially over in the second week! (Thank God for Yashwanth Kanetkar!) The Trical classes were renowned for their insight into life and its many mysteries – courtesy Punekar. Of more significance, however, were the extra-small question papers in the exams, conveniently followed by the single digit marks, distributed generously for the majority! (All Hail the Relative Grading System!) Julie topped (an act that would be repeated many more times) both the semesters with his high 9 pointers-with Som and Eshita right behind him.

Third Semester

The third semester kicked off with Pandey and Manish heading off to Mech and Chem respectively to seek greener pastures. (So much for all those hypnotic sessions!)Enter The New Guy- Tidke with all his extra experience. 42 (Yes it is indeed the answer to life, universe and everything!) – was the final number of misguided souls from all over the country and abroad making up the class junta for the rest of the years! Battery, as the new CR, took the solemn oath to make sure that more classes were cancelled and assignments postponed. Crrescendo saw Julie, Shreyas, Loki, Unmukt, Waheez, Ronsi, Sandy, Meghali and VJ –all making up the 2nd year dance team. From then on, the official dance team always unofficially comprised of Civil guys and IT gals. Meanwhile, Sasikumar, with Mechanics of Materials, went one step ahead in terms of low marks which saw the whole class get more zeros during the course than in their entire life. But rest assured! The grading system once again came to our rescue with the ‘cut-off’ for FF very conveniently fixed at -9! The tradition of utilizing the Survey Practice as an excuse to get a sneak-peak into the neighbouring Maximum Security Prison (read GB) continued, with guys with dumpy levels and cross staffs getting up, close and personal views of the GB gate and the forbidden territories within! The ‘educational’ class trip-courtesy Hari and Loki-to St. Mary’s Island to witness the rare ‘hexagonal rock formations’ ended up being the most fun-filled event in the semester, with almost the entire class turning up for the day long trip! (Oh, we did see those rock formations you know..) DVR’s chillax Geology classes coupled with the Mid-Sem=End Sem Geology question papers made the third semester a breeze. The semester wound up with Julie topping yet again.

Fourth Semester

Enter fourth semester. The class junta suddenly found themselves choked in pending assignments and projects. Endangered species included the junta who did the assignments by themselves, as a result of which Som, Julie, Prass and others suddenly became, everyone’s ‘Chaddi Dost’! The combination of Fluid Mechanics and BMD (not to be confused with the sacred concept of the Bending Moment Diagram!) proved to be not so ‘friendly’ after all with the entire class junta ‘accidentally’ (yes we still maintain it as coincidental!) mass bunking for the one and only time in all the 4 years! With the progress of the semester, the expectancy level of English in BMD’s classes seemed to depreciate at such an alarming rate that by the end of the semester, the class junta began to doubt their own grammar! Meanwhile SN provided the spark in the class with his exuberant lectures on Soil Mechanics. VG’s never ending list of projects kept everyone on their toes, what with VG doling out free advice (read ‘mandatory rules’) on how to write the project like a PhD thesis! BRJ’s Structural Analysis lectures were reminiscent of the hypnotic sessions in the first year while KSBN made a guest appearance to teach us a small part of Design. Geology lab exam suddenly increased the traffic to A1 Printers with extra demand for µ-Xeroxes! The semester ended up with Julie topping the class again (This is getting very boring!) making it 4 consecutive semesters at the top for him!

Arbit Civilian: Sir, the mid-sem was very easy. Everybody scored well!

SN (smiling): Wait till you see the technical quiz…

(After technical quiz…)

Arbit Civilian: Show some mercy…Show some mercy!

Fifth Semester

The fifth semester perhaps saw the best teachers around handling the courses for us throughout the semester. LN with Water Conveyance Systems, Sasikumar with Optimization, MCN with Analysis-II, AUR with his extra cool Highway and Traffic Engineering classes and SN back with Applied Soil Mech made the experience of attending classes a truly memorable one! On the other hand, the Management Theory classes successfully reminded us of why not all courses in a semester can be interesting. Drawing came back to haunt us again in the form of Building Drawing – this time under the jurisdiction of VG! One very unfortunate batch of class junta were destined to attend one more semester of BMD’s classes –this time for FM Lab! Yadav’s second term as CR saw him set new benchmarks when it came to the CR bunking classes which in turn made the junta aptly name him ‘Bunkit’! Meanwhile, NR, RoyaanD, Som, Shreyas, Nagarjun and Pras made waves at the Civil Fest NIRMAAN at BMSCE by winning the rolling trophy, competing against colleges from all over the country! And in the class, RoyaanD, Ram, Anil, Ostrich, Pammar, Mukki, Tidke, Ganolia, Mallu, Pammar, PVD and others had firmly established their positions in the class as the Lords of the Last Bench with some of them even making it into the official late-comers list. Concrete Technology saw the junta who had taken the elective set new records in mugging and reproducing extra-arbit facts in the exams. Finally there was a switch in pole position with Eshita on top, taking over from Julie for the first time!

Sixth Semester

The sixth semester saw a blend of courses ranging from the monologue-driven Environmental Engg to the monotonous Steel Design to the no-attendance-taken Water Resources and many more. NR decided to build his ‘foundations’ in M.Tech by taking up two PG electives, thus setting the stage for others to do the same in future semesters. Yaragal’s Steel Design dictation classes saw new records being set for writing down dictated problems (and their solution!) throughout the semester. MKN’s Water Resources saw a horde of Final Year junta taking up the course- thanks largely due to MKN’s no-attendance-taken policy coupled with the extra lenient exam invigilation and generous grades. The official Last Benchers added one more dimension to their Association by judiciously utilizing the back-door of the Seminar Hall during Environmental classes (strictly for Emergency EXIT purposes only!). Meanwhile, Yadav worked extremely hard to come up with a pink gay-looking Branch T-Shirt which prompted the class junta to boycott wearing it under any circumstances. The low attendance in the classes was more than made up by the increased attendance of some of the class junta at the local bars with Ostrich, RoyaanD, Anil and other fellow Last Benchers leading the way. Nagarjun and Battery were elected PCs for a very hectic Placement Schedule that was due to come up soon. Chotu belted GATE with a cool double digit rank! Eshita continued her reign at the top by topping in the sixth semester as well.

Seventh Semester

The advent of Final Year suddenly saw a clear transition in terms of many things including number of class hours, attendance (both at bars and classes) along with the role of the CR! PvD was elected the CR amidst a heated race for the union elections and immediately raised the benchmark set by Yadav with regard to bunking classes! Swarna was subsequently elected the GB Mata by all the inmates of the neighbouring Maximum Security Prison. Julie, Ganolia, Tidke, Shreyas & Unmukt suddenly found themselves being addressed as Con or Joint Con of various clubs. Meanwhile the Placement scene was teeming with frenzy, with almost everyone getting placed in a myriad of companies. Soumya and Vineet headed the pay scale by getting into Exeter and Oracle respectively. For the first time, Core companies actually faced a problem of choice with a Civil company offering the highest package in the college this time. Placements also served as a very valid excuse to bunk more classes in an already class-starved timetable! NR and Jasim went on to win the Rolling Trophy at BMSCE for the second time in succession along with a group of juniors. Yaragal returned with one more semester of Dictation for Estimation and Costing. On the other hand, the highlight of the semester were the inspirational lectures on Structural Design and Drawing by KSBN & MCN followed by the torturous drawing sessions (in the rooms). The Drawing classes were truly engrossing with KSBN’s impeccable concepts and style of teaching, coupled with his frequent references to all the things that ‘Keshava’ CAN do! Come to think of it, is there anything that ‘Keshava’ CANNOT do??!!? The ‘light and glass’ tracing apparatus in 8th block became the most demanded thing on Thursday afternoons. The sight of all the junta walking to the drawing hall for the end sem, with their boards and drafters, reminded all of a herd of sheep heading to the slaughterhouse! The semester culminated with Som belting all the subjects and becoming the first 10-pointer in the class!

Eighth Semester

Boredom and inactivity reached new heights with most of the junta having a maximum of 3 hours of classes every week- thanks largely to AUR’s 4 hours-for-the-semester Transportation Studio! PG electives became the order of the day with most of the guys taking up M.Tech courses. Civil Engg became the only branch in the batch to hit 100% placement! Civil Events @ ENGINEER’08 saw widespread participation from various colleges- thanks largely to the untiring efforts of NR, Loki, Naga and Shreyas. Driven by boredom, jobless junta resorted to prank calls to kill the time. Major Projects remained very much in a latent state for most of the semester with almost everyone getting into action only after the deadlines were announced! Naga, having slogged for CAT, made all the Civil guys proud by receiving all 6 calls from the IIMs! Chotu improved upon his previous attempt and went on to bag the 22nd rank in GATE. Som , RoyaanD, Battery & Shreyas made it into big name universities like UMich, Virginia Tech, Maryland etc., with more admits well in sight! Civil farewell saw each member of the female population of the batch shed light on the on-campus mystery as to why all the Civil GB inmates were a cult-both in and out of GB!

All said and done, that was just the tip of the iceberg. It will take a lot more to write about all the fun and frolic that we have been through in these 4 years. 4 years, where we met some of the best people, the Masters in their field and drew inspirations from them. And wherever we may go, whatever we may do, we will always remain ‘The Civil Junta’ from NITK Suratkal!

So that was my branch diary. If you were in the Civil Batch of 04-08, then you will know who is who. And of course, I am NR in the diary.

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And I am Back!!

Notwithstanding the steadily diminishing reader count for this exclusive blog coupled with the fact that I have my project submission tomorrow and that this might as well be the last post of my life as an Undergraduate student at NITK Suratkal, I have decided to take charge of the situation and rescue my faithful blog from the mediocrities of low blog view count and low posting frequency! Thanks largely to my college authorities’ sudden interest in the ‘upgrading’ of the Internet ‘facililties’ (Read IRONPORT Site Blocker), the closest I have got to the world of Internet in the past couple of weeks is GTalk Pinging and chatting- what with the ‘upgrading’ resulting in NITKian’s best friend:ULTRASURF, being rendered useless.

But FEAR NOT my friend for the NITKians toiled day and night, in search of that one route to freedom, that one route to open all gates to the world of Orkutting, Facebooking (or whatever you choose to call it), unlimited power for self expression and the likes. And what a reward indeed!

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I present to you:

FREEGATE Ver.6.6!!! The new age ULTRASURF; brand new on the NITKian Computer! Available for Free Download on DC++ and yet to be detected and blocked by the NITK CCC Server!

All hail the NITKian Spirit!

Ok now lets get down to the real reason why I am even writing this post. Fact is that I just have too much to say! So much I can’t even recollect them all now! So I will just start somewhere:

1. Firstly, I should be writing my Major Project Report now instead of this pointless blog. Hey but what the hell! Iam desperately in need of some self expression, what with the closest I have got to putting thoughts on paper was my marathon 48 hour report writing involving Soil Slope Stability using Finite Element Method of Analysis and PLAXIS software!
2. I have exactly 7 days to go before I am officially out of my college-what with Final Year actually being the FINAL YEAR! Though I am most likely going to stay for about 10-12 more days, it is very possible that this is my last post as an official NITKian. I had wanted to reach 100 posts before leaving this college and I guess I will do it after my exam gets over on 14th.
3. Due to the complete inconsequence of the following fact, I shall reveal the same. After it’s brief stint with a sudden burst of activity, my mobile phone is back to it’s old ways of inactivity and sluggishness.

4. During my marathon report writing, I just reinforced my long standing belief that MS WORD SUCKS!!!!! And that LaTeX ROCKS!!!!
5. Now here is something! A few weeks back, I finally got my lazy ass out of my room and went on a trek with 4 of my friends to the Kodachadari peak. I will shortly be writing a blog dedicated to all the adventures we had during that 2 day trek along with Logik’s regular crap-a-holic needs, Cramp-Man’s cramps, Akella’s stint as the Bad Bouncer, Sads’ musings with his inebriated self and lest I forget, “How Masai got high, got wild and got a thought of Humping the Whores next room!!” Keep watching this blog for full details in the near future.
6. The following incident involves very graphic description of what a human being is capable of when he/she is high. Reader Discretion is advised. One of my good friends, fellow drunkard, fellow Blogger and fellow wanna-be-high-in-general had this bizarre incident during HOLI that left everyone open-mouthed and one person’s bed wet! I present to you the story of “How ***** got high, got sleepy and got Adi’s bed wet!” Now, without wasting too much time on unnecessary details, it will be sufficient to say that the person in question grossly misjudged the amount of the traditional “24 Hour Full Power” B***G Balls that were needed to get one stoned! And now lets skip to the part when ***** got too stoned, went into Adi’s room and went to sleep on his bed. Now lets fast forward to the moment when ***** suddenly wakes up and finds all the people around him laughing for some reason hitherto unknown to him. Then it is only a matter of time before even the stoned ***** realizes that the bed is fully wet with his own liquid assets! And it is then that ***** requests someone to guide him to the right place to relieve himself and then guide him back to his own room. So there is your story of “How ***** got high, got sleepy………….” NOTE: The ‘human being’ in question, after reading this post, suddenly came up with threats that can’t be mentioned here for the fact that I had publicized his (mis)adventure with wrong details. So, with all due apologies to Mr. *****, I have made the changes that you have requested for!
7. And talking about Holi, I celebrated Holi after a gap of 2 years and I have to say I really enjoyed it. What with me almost witnessing the “Female Mud Wrestling” (the wrestling part being the one that was absent), “Throw the dude in the pit!” and “Get Dirty” competitions! Of special mention, however was the once-in-a-lifetime sight of Ms. Nachiketa doing a ‘Hulk-Hogan’ on some innocent looking dude by trying to rip off his shirt! Thank God I made a timely intervention and tried to reason with her in the following way: “Hey this is not fair! You can rip our shirts but we can’t rip yours!!” Obviously it didn’t work! In other events,  there is always this added dimension to Holi celebrations and this time it was more so given the fact that that special someone (see Point 9) was there to play Holi with me.
8. With only a few days left in the college, the college junta suddenly seemed to be in a mood to write politically-too-correct testimonials for all the people in the batch. This includes the people whom they have spoken to, the people whom they know by name and those people whose faces they were seeing for the first time in the yearbook in all the 4 years! I spent considerable time trying to come up with the Top 10 Testimonials written by anyone to anyone. I am more or less done with my list and will be uploading it shortly.
9. At this point, I would like to point out that I recently experienced a long forgotten feeling which made me smile with genuine happiness. Though on a miniature scale and transient in nature, it was enough to remind me that all is not over still and that there is still a chance for me. After a gap of about a year and a half, there is finally one more message that is stored permanently in my mobile inbox. To whoever that person is: THANK YOU FOR THAT LITTLE THING!
10. Royan owes me 100 bucks. But he is broke. If anyone has any money to give away, either as charity or as a long term ( I mean really really long term) loan, please contact him. He needs money to recharge his mobile so that he can talk to that someone from 12 in the night to 4 in the morning.

11. My Dad suddenly dropped a bomb shell at home by saying that he is going to quit his job and that he is starting a Restaurant of his own! Given the fact that my dad is 53 years old, I have to say I really admire his enthusiasm at that age! Next thing I know: Opening date for Restaurant: 11th May 2008.

So there you have it! Some updates on whatever is happening in my life of late. And if you will excuse me for now, I need to get on with my report as I would still like to be eligible for my Bachelor’s Degree after 4 years.