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10 Things to do at NITK

Ok given the fact that I have about 18 hours left to stay at NITK, I am just trying to blurt out all the things that I want to say before I leave this place. One of them is the list of things to do once you come here and before you graduate and leave. This is meant to be a list which includes the stuff that I did and the stuff that I wished I had done. And it is no particular order. So here is the list of the 10 things you should do at NITK:

1) Drink alcohol: Thats right! Alcohol has been the greatest discovery of my 4 years here. The only reason why I really feel that I have enjoyed my best years has been largely alcohol. In case you are apprehensive about consuming alcohol, please allow me to say this: If you plan to remain a teetotaller your whole life and not taste alcohol ever, then stay that way. But if there is even the slightest possibility of you taking up drinking at the age of say 30 or 40 or any other time, then at that time, you will miserably regret only about one thing. You will be cursing yourself “What the F**** was I doing in my college man??” So dont allow that to happen.

2) Go to a lot of treks: There are plenty of places in and around the campus and  all you have to do is take advantage of this fact and get your asses out of your room and visit them. Whatever you do, never become like me in this aspect. In all the 4 years, I just went to one place on a trip! So don’t do the same mistake and go hiking now and then!

3) Learn an Instrument: 4 years is a really long time and definitely long enough to learn an instrument of your choice. Guitars are popular but there are people who teach other stuff too. Trust me when I say that I have seen a lot of guys picking up the guitar for the first time in their lives in the 1st year and become Pros by Final Year.

4) Listen to Floyd: If you have not yet heard to Floyd before coming to this place, then for your survival you need to listen to it at the earliest.

5) Get a chic: This is not just a suggestion. It will really make your time worthwhile if you have one. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a serious relationship or anything. It will make a difference during fests and other occasions. But of course, this being NITK, there is bound to be a shortage of chics in the campus. So the immediate alternative is to go to Manipal in search of greener pastures. Oh BTW, this is also one of the things I wish I had done.

6) Visit all Major Fests: Saarang, Mood-I are all a must! I just went to 1 Mood-I and it was a different experience altogether. These fests are the only opportunities for you to witness the biggest congregation of the best chics in INDIA! So don’t miss out on these things!

7) Watch a lot of Movies and Serials: I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this thing. Given the LAN and the DC++ hubs, you have to make use of these things as they will not be available to you later.

8) Go to the following places: Ganesh Canteen, Sharath Bar, Akshaya Bar, Garuda Bar, Bittu’s, Thadambail (for the orgasmic hot early morning buns), Basheer / Sundar, Pehelwan’s  and Krishna’s. Having stayed in the NITK hostels, it is imperative that you go to these places as frequently as possible.

9) Play daily: Irrespective of what you are interested in, be it football, cricket, basketball, volleyball or even swimming, just make sure that  you play as much as possible because you will not get such good regular company ever again!

10) Just have FUN: In the end, irrespective of what you do, just make sure that you have had a lot of fun in the campus life. A passing out senior once told me this: “There are a lot of guys here who now regret that they didn’t enjoy their 4 years here. Don’t make that mistake” His words echoed through my head everyday and so now, as a passing out Final Year, I tell you the same thing: “Have a lot of fun and enjoy these 4 years!

This hasn’t particularly been one of the better posts that I have written, but nevertheless I  mean each and every word that I have written here.

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Drunk Quizzing a.k.a Post B.Tech Final High!

And the curtains finally come down on the exclusive series on my inebriated experiences, courtesy the Farewell Quiz a.k.a the Drunken Quizzing. There was booze. There was fags. And there was a quiz. The LSD society of NITK turned up at 11 PM in decent numbers to continue the tradition of holding the last quiz under inebriated conditions. Quizmasters for the night- Tul, Bussu and Me. ROYAL STAG was the official alcohol served for the needy.

The quiz got underway with Appar proposing a toast to all the LSD members who had gathered there. To hell with scoring! Thats why Matthias was asked to keep the scores! Bussu starts off with the quiz then followed by me. Damn when the turn came for me to be the quizmaster, I was already high! But what the hell! I still conducted my quiz. And it was an amazing experience doing so, one that I will take away from my quizzing days here at LSD. Some of my questions were good while some were outright obvious. My favourite question of the lot:

This is a recipe for making what?
2 lbs ground chuck or round
tbs teryaki marinade
6 pineapple slices
6 slices of
provolne, colby, or mozz
pkg Hawaiian sweet buns

roll up 6 patties. season!
pour teryaki in to deep dish/bowl and let the patties marinate for at least 20min. grill up, add secret sauce and pineapple slices, cheese (lettuce,onions, tomato optional)

Secret Sauce-
equal parts ketchup and brown sugar
1 tbs mustard (dijon or yellow)
simmer all ingredients
untill sugar is melted and fully blended.

It was targeted at Appar and he ended up cracking it! Of course the answer to this is the Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction!

Tul continued with the quiz and wound up shortly. Most of us were high by then and thus ended the last quiz here at the Literary Stage and Debating Society of NITK, better known as the Quiz Club. Holla was revealed to be the Con of LSD for the next academic year. I just hopes he does a good job at that.

All in all, one of my real passions here at NITK came to a perfect and memorable end. I will definitely remember all the Quizzing greats who were once part of this great tradition and of course all the action that I was part of. Will sorely miss LSD.

Of course, my inebriated experience continued with me taking a much needed walk around the campus, this time with the company of Julie. Talked a lot and came back and spoke some more and then went to bed. And then in the morning, I suddenly have some vague memories of me performing the holy act of throwing up! I seriously do not recollect anything concrete after I went to bed. But some memory of me puking still exists and there was indeed proof to corroborate that in the form of some really wasted taste in my mouth when I woke up! So either way, that was my last inebriated experience at NITK.


And that was about it! One of the best discoveries of my life. Just glad to have known about it! Some day soon, I will probably write some stuff in retrospection about alcohol and me.

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Post B.Tech High No. 3 & 4

Thanks largely to my good friend with a SHADY VOICE, I was stabbed on Friday with my efforts to get drunk again. But of course I only had to wait till Saturday night thats yesterday to consume alcohol again! But unfortunately I couldn’t have much. Just didn’t go in.

Same with today. Though I have more stuff right now, I don’t have glasses or for that matter company to drink. Just finished with half a litre of FOSTER’S beer. Most likely will stop at that.

Tomorrow the last quiz of the semester will be held in the block and there will be lots of booze. Will definitely get high then.

Have lots to say actually but will write them all once I am in a mood to do so. Will most likely be leaving hostel for good on Tuesday. Cant really believe it still.

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Post B.Tech High No.2

Ok for the first time in the brief history of this blog, this blog is going to be updated real time! This is largely a narration of my second experience of getting high on alcohol after my B.Tech got over day before yesterday. The first experience having taken place yesterday and the third one tomorrow.

11:23 PM: Logik, Sads and me are the drunkards for the night. I am having a KF Draught and an until-now-untried-by-me Bhutan Highland whiskey. Sads is having the aboriginal Mysore Lancer whiskey while Logik is admiring his Budweiser and Mysore Lancer. We have just opened a new blog about distorted lyrics about which I will be dealing separately. Logik and I are having the beer while Sads is gulping down his ML.

11:45 PM: With Eric Clapton’s Unplugged Video being played in the Background to the tunes of Old Love and Layla, I couldn’t resist myself playing the chords.

11:58 PM: We are done with our beer. But we are facing a small problem with the consumption of Whiskey. The only glass we had is being used by Sads and we need 2 more glasses to mix the Whiskey with the Local Drink JOY. So here is how we improvise:

1) Wash the used plastic glass and reuse it. As is being done by Logik.

2) Or if you happen to be a bit more intelligent like me, then you would cut open the beer can and wash THAT and mix your whiskey there.

12:47 AM: Niacin concert playing in the background with some of the best keyboarding and Bass guitaring ever heard. Mysore Lancer and Bhutan Highland turn out to be much better than expected.

1:03 AM: Listening to Yehudi Menuhin & Pandit Ravishankar instrumental solo. It is worthwhile to listen to when you are really high. The violin and sitar make the high a really memorable one.

1:30 AM: Listening to THE CHAIN by Fleetwood Mac followed by Man in a Box by Alice in Chains. Simultaneously belting juniors in DC++.

1:40 AM: Finally listening to the song of the night- Maggot Brain by Funkadelic. If you have not heard this song when you are high, then I strongly suggest you listen to this song the very next time you are stoned or drunk. It basically consists of a 10 minute guitar solo with no percussions and tailor made for the stoned! The background repetitive sequence of arpeggios is the only part of the song that I can play on my acoustic. And I can keep playing it all day.

1:42 AM: Sads: How many spokes are there in an umbrella???!!!???


Ok this guy is really high now…..

2:04 AM: All three of us are high and that is confirmed by the fact that we are listening to Jimi Hendrix and not complaining about it!

2:40 AM: All 3 of us decide to beat around the campus at this time. Sads suddenly realizes that he is really sloshed! Same for LOGIK. But I am perfect! As in I have achieved the optimal high that I had dreamt since over a year. And it feels great!

3:25AM: We are back from our CAMPUS BEAT inevitably involving belting the first years slogging their asses away! And I will now be doing something creative and Sads is still making the effort to get LOW! Logik is doing his usual stuff with his computer in his room.

4:30 AM: I get P and go to Thadambail with him to have early morning breakfast. Oh btw, in case you didn’t know, Thadambail is this really shady place near the hostel which opens at 4:30 in the morning and caters to the hunger needs of the hostel junta who have their biological clock shifted by a few hours. And it was great again…

5:00AM: I am finally going to sleep now. I dont know if I will be able to drink again tonight.

So thats as far as my second post B.Tech high goes! Cya at my third experience!

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Post B.Tech High No. 1

So this is exactly about my first high after my B.Tech. I am still in my hostel and will be leaving in a week. And in an effort to honor my pact which involves me drinking every day till I leave this place, I went to AKSHAYA bar with Masai, Sads, Nikhil Balaji and Goshta. 2 hours later we were at the beach at 10 in the night and high from all the drinking. Felt the cool breeze over our numb faces add to the already nostalgic ambience. Heard the waves crash against the rocks incessantly.Talked all shit that we could have possibly spoken. Belted everyone possible. Discussed every regret that we had over the past 4 years.

And in the end, made a pact that we would go there again on Saturday 19th and drink there itself. And thats exactly what we gonna do. But of course that doesn’t mean I dont do anything in the meantime. My main objective in these last  6 days of my 4 year stay at NITK is to do all the things that I never ended up doing all this time. Going to the beach drunk was something that I hadn’t done before. And thats exactly what I am going to continue to do so.   Will update on a daily basis.

Presently still in an inebriated state of mind……

And before I forget, we had a major kick in the senses while coming back from the beach a few minutes back when we just passed beside a bloody full length PYTHON lying on the road under a street lamp!!!!!! It was so damn thick and long and so bloody intimidating in the state that we were in, that we just freaked and ran! But damn it was good!