Technically, my last post….

Thats right. I am more or less done with this place now. My only exam got over today and I only have to get the signatures on my project report tomorrow. And after that, I will be officially disconnected with this place.

4 years at NITK Suratkal have not exactly been my best. But it has definitely been the most educative and worthwhile years of my life. This blog was started after witnessing certain stuff here about 2 years back. And now that I am writing what is going to be officially the last post before I am really done with this place, it feels a little strange. But I will not say anything else now.

I will mostly be leaving in a week. Leaving for good. I still really cannot comprehend the fact that it is all indeed over. So in this one week, I plan to live life to the fullest. Even if that means getting drunk twice a day, everyday, I will still enjoy this last week of my stay at NITK.  And more importantly I have a lot to say.

So I will be embarking on a BLOGGING MARATHON starting tomorrow. And most of them will be about my 4 years here at NITK. And in the end, I will write one post that will completely epitomize everything that I went through and learnt in these 4 years. So keep watching this space.

And so this is how my officially last post as an NITK Student comes to an end. BYE!!!

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