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Post B.Tech High No. 1

So this is exactly about my first high after my B.Tech. I am still in my hostel and will be leaving in a week. And in an effort to honor my pact which involves me drinking every day till I leave this place, I went to AKSHAYA bar with Masai, Sads, Nikhil Balaji and Goshta. 2 hours later we were at the beach at 10 in the night and high from all the drinking. Felt the cool breeze over our numb faces add to the already nostalgic ambience. Heard the waves crash against the rocks incessantly.Talked all shit that we could have possibly spoken. Belted everyone possible. Discussed every regret that we had over the past 4 years.

And in the end, made a pact that we would go there again on Saturday 19th and drink there itself. And thats exactly what we gonna do. But of course that doesn’t mean I dont do anything in the meantime. My main objective in these last  6 days of my 4 year stay at NITK is to do all the things that I never ended up doing all this time. Going to the beach drunk was something that I hadn’t done before. And thats exactly what I am going to continue to do so.   Will update on a daily basis.

Presently still in an inebriated state of mind……

And before I forget, we had a major kick in the senses while coming back from the beach a few minutes back when we just passed beside a bloody full length PYTHON lying on the road under a street lamp!!!!!! It was so damn thick and long and so bloody intimidating in the state that we were in, that we just freaked and ran! But damn it was good!


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