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Post B.Tech High No.2

Ok for the first time in the brief history of this blog, this blog is going to be updated real time! This is largely a narration of my second experience of getting high on alcohol after my B.Tech got over day before yesterday. The first experience having taken place yesterday and the third one tomorrow.

11:23 PM: Logik, Sads and me are the drunkards for the night. I am having a KF Draught and an until-now-untried-by-me Bhutan Highland whiskey. Sads is having the aboriginal Mysore Lancer whiskey while Logik is admiring his Budweiser and Mysore Lancer. We have just opened a new blog about distorted lyrics about which I will be dealing separately. Logik and I are having the beer while Sads is gulping down his ML.

11:45 PM: With Eric Clapton’s Unplugged Video being played in the Background to the tunes of Old Love and Layla, I couldn’t resist myself playing the chords.

11:58 PM: We are done with our beer. But we are facing a small problem with the consumption of Whiskey. The only glass we had is being used by Sads and we need 2 more glasses to mix the Whiskey with the Local Drink JOY. So here is how we improvise:

1) Wash the used plastic glass and reuse it. As is being done by Logik.

2) Or if you happen to be a bit more intelligent like me, then you would cut open the beer can and wash THAT and mix your whiskey there.

12:47 AM: Niacin concert playing in the background with some of the best keyboarding and Bass guitaring ever heard. Mysore Lancer and Bhutan Highland turn out to be much better than expected.

1:03 AM: Listening to Yehudi Menuhin & Pandit Ravishankar instrumental solo. It is worthwhile to listen to when you are really high. The violin and sitar make the high a really memorable one.

1:30 AM: Listening to THE CHAIN by Fleetwood Mac followed by Man in a Box by Alice in Chains. Simultaneously belting juniors in DC++.

1:40 AM: Finally listening to the song of the night- Maggot Brain by Funkadelic. If you have not heard this song when you are high, then I strongly suggest you listen to this song the very next time you are stoned or drunk. It basically consists of a 10 minute guitar solo with no percussions and tailor made for the stoned! The background repetitive sequence of arpeggios is the only part of the song that I can play on my acoustic. And I can keep playing it all day.

1:42 AM: Sads: How many spokes are there in an umbrella???!!!???


Ok this guy is really high now…..

2:04 AM: All three of us are high and that is confirmed by the fact that we are listening to Jimi Hendrix and not complaining about it!

2:40 AM: All 3 of us decide to beat around the campus at this time. Sads suddenly realizes that he is really sloshed! Same for LOGIK. But I am perfect! As in I have achieved the optimal high that I had dreamt since over a year. And it feels great!

3:25AM: We are back from our CAMPUS BEAT inevitably involving belting the first years slogging their asses away! And I will now be doing something creative and Sads is still making the effort to get LOW! Logik is doing his usual stuff with his computer in his room.

4:30 AM: I get P and go to Thadambail with him to have early morning breakfast. Oh btw, in case you didn’t know, Thadambail is this really shady place near the hostel which opens at 4:30 in the morning and caters to the hunger needs of the hostel junta who have their biological clock shifted by a few hours. And it was great again…

5:00AM: I am finally going to sleep now. I dont know if I will be able to drink again tonight.

So thats as far as my second post B.Tech high goes! Cya at my third experience!


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