10 Things to do at NITK

Ok given the fact that I have about 18 hours left to stay at NITK, I am just trying to blurt out all the things that I want to say before I leave this place. One of them is the list of things to do once you come here and before you graduate and leave. This is meant to be a list which includes the stuff that I did and the stuff that I wished I had done. And it is no particular order. So here is the list of the 10 things you should do at NITK:

1) Drink alcohol: Thats right! Alcohol has been the greatest discovery of my 4 years here. The only reason why I really feel that I have enjoyed my best years has been largely alcohol. In case you are apprehensive about consuming alcohol, please allow me to say this: If you plan to remain a teetotaller your whole life and not taste alcohol ever, then stay that way. But if there is even the slightest possibility of you taking up drinking at the age of say 30 or 40 or any other time, then at that time, you will miserably regret only about one thing. You will be cursing yourself “What the F**** was I doing in my college man??” So dont allow that to happen.

2) Go to a lot of treks: There are plenty of places in and around the campus and  all you have to do is take advantage of this fact and get your asses out of your room and visit them. Whatever you do, never become like me in this aspect. In all the 4 years, I just went to one place on a trip! So don’t do the same mistake and go hiking now and then!

3) Learn an Instrument: 4 years is a really long time and definitely long enough to learn an instrument of your choice. Guitars are popular but there are people who teach other stuff too. Trust me when I say that I have seen a lot of guys picking up the guitar for the first time in their lives in the 1st year and become Pros by Final Year.

4) Listen to Floyd: If you have not yet heard to Floyd before coming to this place, then for your survival you need to listen to it at the earliest.

5) Get a chic: This is not just a suggestion. It will really make your time worthwhile if you have one. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a serious relationship or anything. It will make a difference during fests and other occasions. But of course, this being NITK, there is bound to be a shortage of chics in the campus. So the immediate alternative is to go to Manipal in search of greener pastures. Oh BTW, this is also one of the things I wish I had done.

6) Visit all Major Fests: Saarang, Mood-I are all a must! I just went to 1 Mood-I and it was a different experience altogether. These fests are the only opportunities for you to witness the biggest congregation of the best chics in INDIA! So don’t miss out on these things!

7) Watch a lot of Movies and Serials: I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this thing. Given the LAN and the DC++ hubs, you have to make use of these things as they will not be available to you later.

8) Go to the following places: Ganesh Canteen, Sharath Bar, Akshaya Bar, Garuda Bar, Bittu’s, Thadambail (for the orgasmic hot early morning buns), Basheer / Sundar, Pehelwan’s  and Krishna’s. Having stayed in the NITK hostels, it is imperative that you go to these places as frequently as possible.

9) Play daily: Irrespective of what you are interested in, be it football, cricket, basketball, volleyball or even swimming, just make sure that  you play as much as possible because you will not get such good regular company ever again!

10) Just have FUN: In the end, irrespective of what you do, just make sure that you have had a lot of fun in the campus life. A passing out senior once told me this: “There are a lot of guys here who now regret that they didn’t enjoy their 4 years here. Don’t make that mistake” His words echoed through my head everyday and so now, as a passing out Final Year, I tell you the same thing: “Have a lot of fun and enjoy these 4 years!

This hasn’t particularly been one of the better posts that I have written, but nevertheless I  mean each and every word that I have written here.

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