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Drunk Quizzing a.k.a Post B.Tech Final High!

And the curtains finally come down on the exclusive series on my inebriated experiences, courtesy the Farewell Quiz a.k.a the Drunken Quizzing. There was booze. There was fags. And there was a quiz. The LSD society of NITK turned up at 11 PM in decent numbers to continue the tradition of holding the last quiz under inebriated conditions. Quizmasters for the night- Tul, Bussu and Me. ROYAL STAG was the official alcohol served for the needy.

The quiz got underway with Appar proposing a toast to all the LSD members who had gathered there. To hell with scoring! Thats why Matthias was asked to keep the scores! Bussu starts off with the quiz then followed by me. Damn when the turn came for me to be the quizmaster, I was already high! But what the hell! I still conducted my quiz. And it was an amazing experience doing so, one that I will take away from my quizzing days here at LSD. Some of my questions were good while some were outright obvious. My favourite question of the lot:

This is a recipe for making what?
2 lbs ground chuck or round
tbs teryaki marinade
6 pineapple slices
6 slices of
provolne, colby, or mozz
pkg Hawaiian sweet buns

roll up 6 patties. season!
pour teryaki in to deep dish/bowl and let the patties marinate for at least 20min. grill up, add secret sauce and pineapple slices, cheese (lettuce,onions, tomato optional)

Secret Sauce-
equal parts ketchup and brown sugar
1 tbs mustard (dijon or yellow)
simmer all ingredients
untill sugar is melted and fully blended.

It was targeted at Appar and he ended up cracking it! Of course the answer to this is the Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction!

Tul continued with the quiz and wound up shortly. Most of us were high by then and thus ended the last quiz here at the Literary Stage and Debating Society of NITK, better known as the Quiz Club. Holla was revealed to be the Con of LSD for the next academic year. I just hopes he does a good job at that.

All in all, one of my real passions here at NITK came to a perfect and memorable end. I will definitely remember all the Quizzing greats who were once part of this great tradition and of course all the action that I was part of. Will sorely miss LSD.

Of course, my inebriated experience continued with me taking a much needed walk around the campus, this time with the company of Julie. Talked a lot and came back and spoke some more and then went to bed. And then in the morning, I suddenly have some vague memories of me performing the holy act of throwing up! I seriously do not recollect anything concrete after I went to bed. But some memory of me puking still exists and there was indeed proof to corroborate that in the form of some really wasted taste in my mouth when I woke up! So either way, that was my last inebriated experience at NITK.


And that was about it! One of the best discoveries of my life. Just glad to have known about it! Some day soon, I will probably write some stuff in retrospection about alcohol and me.


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