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Wastage Kannada Rhyme

I saw this post here (Apparently he didn’t appreciate the dumb part!) and I just burst out laughing!  It has been one of the dumbest and wastage piece of Kannada ever written. I am not even going to make an effort to translate it as it is only going to diminish the dumb effect it intends to create. All I will tell is that it is about a dumb guy who ends up doing some dumb stuff. So here it goes:

ondhu dina peddana heNdti laadu maaDiddlu
yaaru nodabaaradendu Dabbil muchchittlu
allinda bandha pedhdha baggi noDida
illinda bandha pedhdha baggi noDida
chendu chendu chendu endu aatavaaDida
pedhdha aatavaaDida

ondhu dina peddana heNdti koDbaLe maaDiddlu
yaaru nodabaaradendu Dabbil muchchittlu
allinda bandha pedhdha baggi noDida
illinda bandha pedhdha baggi noDida
baLe baLe baLe endu kaige haakkonDa
pedhdha kaige haakkonDa

ondhu dina peddana heNdti mysore pak maaDiddlu
yaaru nodabaaradendu Dabbil muchchittlu
allinda bandha pedhdha baggi noDida
illinda bandha pedhdha baggi noDida
soapu soapu soapu endu snana maaDida
pedhdha snana maaDida

ondhu dina peddana heNdti kesari baath maaDiddlu
yaaru nodabaaradendu Dabbil muchchittlu
allinda bandha pedhdha baggi noDida
illinda bandha pedhdha baggi noDida
gandha gandha gandha endu maige baLkonda
pedhdha maige baLkonda

ondhu dina peddana heNdti manchada mele malagiddaLu
yaaru nodabaaradendu kambli muchchikondaLu
allinda bandha pedhdha baggi noDida
illinda bandha pedhdha baggi noDida
sathlu sathlu sathlu endu benki hachidha!!!!!!

How much dumber can you get?!!??

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Somethin I Really would NEVER have SAID…


And thats the only reason why I am even writing this thing right now…

As much as I would like to digest it believing it to be not much of a consequence, I cannot deny the blatant absence of that someone special in my life. I have been in constant denial with myself about the positive aspects about having one for the past 3 years now. And like my good friend keeps reminding me, as per the lines on my palm, there are only 2 humans of the opposite gender (of any age and thereby in any role) that will influence me in my life- my Mom and my good friend herself! And everything that has happened in the past 3 years seem to corroborate the same. My mom and my good friend since 8 years have been the only humans of the opposite gender who have stayed with me throughout the whole mess that was my B.Tech…

“The sense of touch is, I believe, by far the most intimate aspect of human feeling. It is the sense of touch that has brought me to life on so many occasions. And you were such an integral aspect in all of them. I cannot quite comprehend how I would have turned out if it wasn’t for those frequent outings with you. You might be the one to say I don’t have any hope of finding that someone special. But you are the one who still gives me hope of that someone special….

Dusting off the sparkles, from your clothes, off my car seat is the most memorable part of my outing with you…..”

Like I said, I am still drinking and I had absolutely no intention of saying what I have said in this post. So don’t bother to interpret it in any way…

I have no damn clue what I will have to face for what I have written above….


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As Close as I am going to get to getting SENTI…

Needless to say, I am quite drunk now. Quite high, considering the fact that I am getting high more frequently nowadays at home with my dad than with my friends at my hostel. But I would any day exchange any number of my highs here with my Dad for 1 high with my friends at hostel. But thats just not possible now…is it? I am done with my college and hostel. I have got high enough number of times-largely encapsulated in my Post BTech High Series. But like I said, I would gladly exchange this blog post for a walk around NITK campus-my campus- at 2 in the night with the company of fellow drunkards-P, Royan, Sads, Suhas, Logik, Shodan, Nikhil Balaji, Ghoshta, Guru Sub…… anybody at all…. But I have to painfully remind myself that I am out of NITK and that I will probably be going back there only sometime in December to get my degree. And even then, Royan or Suhas or Shodan or Nikhil or Guru Sub will not be there at that time- as they would be half way around the globe doing their MS. Cant really comprehend that. Its too much for me to digest-even when I am high… After I came back from college and hostel for good some time 1 month back, I have gotten high some 3-4 times. Thats maybe probably more frequent than I had in my hostel. But like I said, I would give any number of highs at home for just one high with any of my fellow drunkards and for a midnight walk around my campus. Damn! Those were the times man! Those were the times! Why the fuck did it have to end? I just wish those midnight walks never ended…. The one during which Sads, P, Logik,Royan and Me went around the campus, tenting at the Basketball Court for over an hour and talking shit was probably one of the high points of my Final Year! But again, there is not going to be another campus beat at the dead of the night with all of them…. Still cant believe it… I don’t think I ever will….. And so every time I get high at home, I will keep wishing that there was some way I could transform my high to a drinking session in my hostel followed by a midnight inebriated walk around the campus….. I guess this is what they call WISHFUL THINKING….. God Damn it! Why the hell did it have to end????

I guess this is as Sentimental and Nostalgic as I was going to get over my college and hostel life. Not that I dont have anything more to say. It is just that I am not sure if I would have ever made the effort to write about it…. So in continuation of the Senti posts, I believe this is just as far as I would go to becoming Senti about my 4 years at NITK.


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Anticipation of a Change in the air….

Ever since I attended my first Bloggers’ Meet organized as part of the Manipal Media Students’ Convention, where I was subjected to the nuances of serious writing, I have been constantly contemplating on changing my very mindset with which I write each and every post in this blog. My mood during my writing sessions can swing anywhere from sentimental to creepy to outright sarcastic and temperamental. Not to forget the innumerable occasions during which I have had a much “HIGHER” insight into the world around me-thanks largely to a lot of water, with some Alcohol content of course (usually around 40%). This being the case, I realized that there was never enough motivation for me to churn out a post which would possess some positive literary value.

I primarily am motivated to do some serious writing after I started reading some blogs which I personally rate very highly on the literary and informative aspect. It is another fact that these blogs that I read regularly are written either by Journalists or some freelance writers. I, being a Civil Engineer, will definitely have to tread a long, hard path to begin to churn out material which are somewhere even remotely close to their standards. But nevertheless, I can always see that there is some standard that I am definitely capable of achieving. And maybe, once I hit some improvement, I can go further and hope that it is a recursive  process. But how I go about it is a question that needs to be addressed at the earliest.

I find that most of the well written articles or essays are more opinion oriented than information oriented. Whether it comes to a debate on some prevailing policy or a review on a book, there seems to be an inherent opinion in the minds of the author/writer which is expressed, sometimes camouflaged, amidst relevant or corroborating pieces of information. When it comes to reviews- either of movies or books- it is usually found imperative to identify and communicate the ‘mood’ the book or the movie creates in the way it is written. I find that it really takes good talent and skill to be able to not only identify but to also be able to put into words, the mood that is the subconscious result of the experience of reading a book or watching a movie. It is this reason that I frequent The Middle Stage very often.

Apart from Book and Movie Reviews, the prospect of ‘Serious Writing’ extends over many dimensions which include script writing, political commentary and an objective analysis of any widely debated issue. Though I am definitely not going to try my hand at script writing, I may at sometime write some political commentary or debate both sides on a hot topic. It is also a good option to take a mildly sarcastic view of things which happen to be beyond my control to change, or to just describe quite literally, the world around me, either in my immediate vicinity or the general atmosphere in meticulous detail, explaining the contribution of each and every item to the general mood that is created!

So here is what I am going to do to put these massive plans of change into action. I will most likely be opening a new blog for this purpose so that I can continue to write nonsense unhindered in ‘this’ blog. I will post the link soon-provided I actually make the effort to open one. And in that blog, you will find me writing book and movie reviews, some political and policy commentary along with some verbose description of totally irrelevant places or events. And maybe someday, just someday, I actually feel that I can churn out a decent script.

This is one thing that I have really been wanting to do, as my passion for writing seems to be accruing at a steady rate since quite some time. And hopefully, with regular (????!!!!!!????) writing sessions, someday I can actually be in a position to be able to put into words, anything I feel or see…..

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Kenny G Live in Bangalore- A concert with a difference!

Sublime. Thats how I would describe it. Thats exactly how I would describe it. The combination of Black Dog Scotch and Kenny G, performing Live right in front of you, was just sublime. The night was perfect on the terrace of the UB City with a cool breeze and no rain clouds threatening to spoil the elegant atmosphere. Sitting on the terrace, right between the two towering buildings, in a sea of white seats, it was not difficult to sense the anticipation in the air. The couple of hours leading up to the concert were punctuated by the complimentary shot of Black Dog Scotch! They were, after all, the main sponsors and they set the perfect tone with a beautiful young lady handing out the complimentary coupons. ( I now wonder if she would have given me an extra coupon if I had complimented her on her looks…)

Kenny G in Bangalore

60ml Black Dog- On the Rocks: Thats how my evening began! And what smoothness! I could feel the Scotch mesmerizing my tongue and make its way right through to my stomach! So much so, I bought another dose soon after. And with an intention of devouring the Scotch through the concert, I began to have small sips when I heard a small commotion. The commotion sounded like something eagerly awaited and then I saw the man- Kenny G walking through the crowd, with his saxophone, playing as he passed the exuberantly applauding crowd. And then as he walked to the platform right in front of me, in the middle of the audience, and climbed on it to play his soprano sax for about 10 minutes, I just couldn’t help admiring the ease with which he was playing the instrument. And as he made his way to the stage, holding a single note for well over 5 minutes (He would later explain the nasal technique behind the seemingly impossible act!), the crowd applauded, the applause filled with awe and wonder!

At this point, I have to say that it had been a very long time since I actually listened to his music and though I remembered each and every tune, I couldn’t place the tune with its name. But with the names of the songs being displayed on the big screen, that was not to be a problem. He started off his classics with “Silhouette”- the title track from his 1988 album. And as that came to a close, Kenny G took some time out to humor the audience with his almost-perfectly-memorized Kannada in which he went to the extent of saying:

“Namaskara Bengaluru. Nanage illi thumba khushi agtha idhe. Kshamisi, nanage Kannada gotthilla…….

Thumba Dhanyavadhagalu. Iga naanu Havana Haadu haadthini”

Translation: “Hello Bangalore. I am really happy here. Pardon me. I don’t know Kannada…. Thank you very much. Now I will sing Havana”

The crowd applauded his efforts to talk in the local language. But I have to say, the experience of seeing Kenny G playing “Havana” in front of you and savoring a glass of Black Dog- on the rocks – on top of UB CITY with a cool breeze blowing over your face, was a completely unique experience in itself. The song is probably the most melodious one I have ever heard and he was playing the notes to perfection-improvising only where necessary while always keeping the melody intact! He went on to play “Sentimental” and a couple of songs from his brand new album “Rhythm and Romance”. The album happens to be a latin based one with Kenny G playing the Sax and a troupe of Latin music professionals backing him up.

At this point, I have to mention that all the band members were just simply astonishing with their instruments. Ron Powell on the percussions gave a breath taking percussion solo showcasing his prowess in a myriad of drums, bongos and the like. Vail Johnson on the bass gave the longest and a mind numbing bass solo that I have personally seen live. Robert Damper with his keyboard was a treat to watch during his solo in a song that Kenny G played just for the Piano solo. Daniel Bejarano and John Raymond on the drums and the guitar played their role to perfection.

Of course, Kenny G went on to play many more of his classics. “Forever in Love” was followed by a virtual duet with Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” which would have mellowed a raging elephant. Louis Armstrong’s rich voice must have come directly from God himself, and with Kenny G’s sax complimenting it in perfect harmony, the result was the epitome of what melody could offer. He left the stage and came back for an encore with one of the most widely awaited songs of the evening- The Moment. The trademark song of Kenny G. And sitting in my chair, as he played the notes to perfection, I realized that my high school dream of seeing Kenny G Live had indeed come true. But I was waiting for one of my personal favorites to be played and well, I was in luck! As he went into “Songbird”, I could really feel my night complete!( I would have paid another grand to see him play Eatside Jam but unfortunately he didn’t play it there.) He went on to play the Sax version of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On which, frankly speaking, was way better than the original-largely due to Kenny’s Sax replacing the ear splitting vocals of Celine Dion! He then wound up the show with Cadenza, the culmination of over 40 years of practice in which he got to showcase his skills with his Saxophone!

On the whole, I have to say, a really memorable night and one that I will remember for a long long time to come. And like I said, it was all so SUBLIME……

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Game On!!!

My dark and sinister plan to take over the world got a shot in the arm a few days back, thanks largely to some untiring efforts on my part! My evil plan, which has so far included getting admission into a Premier institute of learning and scoring mediocre grades there, got a major boost after weeks of looming uncertainty. The future prospects of my ingenious plan have improved vastly considering the magnitude and significance of my latest achievement! OK enough of bragging…. To put it in proper words,

I have got a project at IISc for the duration of 1 year!

And so now you see the far reaching effects mankind will have to face, due to this seemingly miniature development!

I have somehow come to believe that I should be writing stuff here only if I have something to say.

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Post B.Tech Hangover…

The sudden lull on my part to update this blog can be attributed to such diversified reasons such as absence of internet facilities, intermittent power cuts, not enough privacy at home, absence of motivation to create a new post and involvement in a lot of other work. But i guess it is largely just due to my laziness and sluggishness. (Yeah now you know how to write a sentence that make perfect sense.)  The B.Tech hangover is still persisting in my head, strongly reminiscent of waking up on a morning filled with inebriated memories of the previous night. As you can see, the laziness and sluggishness, characteristic so much of a hangover, have come to define my very state of existence now. And guess what! I am not even complaining about it!

I wish I could say that now that my B.Tech is over and that I have a decent job in my pocket, I could just come home and relax without losing any sleep over anything. But like I had notified earlier, my Dad is opening a restaurant and as is becoming very evident, it is not an easy job! There are some hundred things to be done and the inauguration is set on 15th of May. So as you can see, I have actually been occupied.

Also of significance was my Scotch whiskey session last night with my Dad and Uncle, the Scotch, this time being WILLIAM GRANT’S.  Extra-ordinarily smooth! On par with Chivas Regal!

William Grant's

And as I was delightfully savoring the smoothness of the Scotch, I somehow actually missed the toxic, unforgiving and cheap OLD MONK XXX Rum that was my appetite in the hostel. Or I guess I just missed the company of my fellow alcohol buddies and the subsequent inebriated midnight walk around the campus.

All said and done, I really still need to write a post epitomizing my 4 year stay at NITK. I even know what it will be titled. I just need to write it thats all. I just hope that, like the innumerable times that it has happened before, I will not lose the drive and motivation to write this all important post. I also truly believe that my relationship with alcohol deserves a full post to itself. So hopefully I will be able to do justice to both these posts soon.

But presently, all I am feeling is just a lot of laziness and a lot more sluggishness. The only stuff I feel like doing now is reading MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN by Salman Rushdie. I guess will just go do that now…….