Post B.Tech Hangover…

The sudden lull on my part to update this blog can be attributed to such diversified reasons such as absence of internet facilities, intermittent power cuts, not enough privacy at home, absence of motivation to create a new post and involvement in a lot of other work. But i guess it is largely just due to my laziness and sluggishness. (Yeah now you know how to write a sentence that make perfect sense.)  The B.Tech hangover is still persisting in my head, strongly reminiscent of waking up on a morning filled with inebriated memories of the previous night. As you can see, the laziness and sluggishness, characteristic so much of a hangover, have come to define my very state of existence now. And guess what! I am not even complaining about it!

I wish I could say that now that my B.Tech is over and that I have a decent job in my pocket, I could just come home and relax without losing any sleep over anything. But like I had notified earlier, my Dad is opening a restaurant and as is becoming very evident, it is not an easy job! There are some hundred things to be done and the inauguration is set on 15th of May. So as you can see, I have actually been occupied.

Also of significance was my Scotch whiskey session last night with my Dad and Uncle, the Scotch, this time being WILLIAM GRANT’S.  Extra-ordinarily smooth! On par with Chivas Regal!

William Grant's

And as I was delightfully savoring the smoothness of the Scotch, I somehow actually missed the toxic, unforgiving and cheap OLD MONK XXX Rum that was my appetite in the hostel. Or I guess I just missed the company of my fellow alcohol buddies and the subsequent inebriated midnight walk around the campus.

All said and done, I really still need to write a post epitomizing my 4 year stay at NITK. I even know what it will be titled. I just need to write it thats all. I just hope that, like the innumerable times that it has happened before, I will not lose the drive and motivation to write this all important post. I also truly believe that my relationship with alcohol deserves a full post to itself. So hopefully I will be able to do justice to both these posts soon.

But presently, all I am feeling is just a lot of laziness and a lot more sluggishness. The only stuff I feel like doing now is reading MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN by Salman Rushdie. I guess will just go do that now…….

6 thoughts on “Post B.Tech Hangover…

  1. food in blore.. And the timing couldn’t have been better… Cheers mate..I’ll carry a photo id just in case you don’t recognise me…

  2. Ya do that and make sure that you dont show your NITK ID Card to prove your existence…Remember-it is outdated and not valid anymore….
    Carry something more meaningful like you passport or something and then realize that I reserve the right to deny you admission without reason!!!

  3. Well, you dint have it when it mattered most. Thats the gist of it…

    Anyways, what’s goin to be the name of this restaurant, or is that fodder for a new post?..

    Are you servin Big Kahuna Burgers there?. Give it a cult feel types..

  4. There is no Big Kahuna Burger there as it needs Hawaiian burger buns…which is not exactly available here….
    But there is a very good reference to the Big kahuna Burger in the menu card alongwith some quotes from Samuel Jackson from Pulp Fiction!
    So you see, I am keeping that cult feeling here….

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