Game On!!!

My dark and sinister plan to take over the world got a shot in the arm a few days back, thanks largely to some untiring efforts on my part! My evil plan, which has so far included getting admission into a Premier institute of learning and scoring mediocre grades there, got a major boost after weeks of looming uncertainty. The future prospects of my ingenious plan have improved vastly considering the magnitude and significance of my latest achievement! OK enough of bragging…. To put it in proper words,

I have got a project at IISc for the duration of 1 year!

And so now you see the far reaching effects mankind will have to face, due to this seemingly miniature development!

I have somehow come to believe that I should be writing stuff here only if I have something to say.

3 thoughts on “Game On!!!

  1. Congrats… And remove that related posts thingy.. There’s no way You’re as evil or as superbly intelligent at putin … Dude he was from KGB… You’re just the GB types..

  2. KGB or GB, its all the same…just the extra K!
    It also so happens that fewer people know about the existence of GB whereas the whole world knows about the KGB! So you see, I can be more clandestine than anyone in the KGB!

  3. Ya.. the K was added by some female Hindi Soap Director for ekkstra luck….
    Clandestine.. Bulla..
    You’re as conspicuous as a nude Tibetan protester in China…

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