Anticipation of a Change in the air….

Ever since I attended my first Bloggers’ Meet organized as part of the Manipal Media Students’ Convention, where I was subjected to the nuances of serious writing, I have been constantly contemplating on changing my very mindset with which I write each and every post in this blog. My mood during my writing sessions can swing anywhere from sentimental to creepy to outright sarcastic and temperamental. Not to forget the innumerable occasions during which I have had a much “HIGHER” insight into the world around me-thanks largely to a lot of water, with some Alcohol content of course (usually around 40%). This being the case, I realized that there was never enough motivation for me to churn out a post which would possess some positive literary value.

I primarily am motivated to do some serious writing after I started reading some blogs which I personally rate very highly on the literary and informative aspect. It is another fact that these blogs that I read regularly are written either by Journalists or some freelance writers. I, being a Civil Engineer, will definitely have to tread a long, hard path to begin to churn out material which are somewhere even remotely close to their standards. But nevertheless, I can always see that there is some standard that I am definitely capable of achieving. And maybe, once I hit some improvement, I can go further and hope that it is a recursive  process. But how I go about it is a question that needs to be addressed at the earliest.

I find that most of the well written articles or essays are more opinion oriented than information oriented. Whether it comes to a debate on some prevailing policy or a review on a book, there seems to be an inherent opinion in the minds of the author/writer which is expressed, sometimes camouflaged, amidst relevant or corroborating pieces of information. When it comes to reviews- either of movies or books- it is usually found imperative to identify and communicate the ‘mood’ the book or the movie creates in the way it is written. I find that it really takes good talent and skill to be able to not only identify but to also be able to put into words, the mood that is the subconscious result of the experience of reading a book or watching a movie. It is this reason that I frequent The Middle Stage very often.

Apart from Book and Movie Reviews, the prospect of ‘Serious Writing’ extends over many dimensions which include script writing, political commentary and an objective analysis of any widely debated issue. Though I am definitely not going to try my hand at script writing, I may at sometime write some political commentary or debate both sides on a hot topic. It is also a good option to take a mildly sarcastic view of things which happen to be beyond my control to change, or to just describe quite literally, the world around me, either in my immediate vicinity or the general atmosphere in meticulous detail, explaining the contribution of each and every item to the general mood that is created!

So here is what I am going to do to put these massive plans of change into action. I will most likely be opening a new blog for this purpose so that I can continue to write nonsense unhindered in ‘this’ blog. I will post the link soon-provided I actually make the effort to open one. And in that blog, you will find me writing book and movie reviews, some political and policy commentary along with some verbose description of totally irrelevant places or events. And maybe someday, just someday, I actually feel that I can churn out a decent script.

This is one thing that I have really been wanting to do, as my passion for writing seems to be accruing at a steady rate since quite some time. And hopefully, with regular (????!!!!!!????) writing sessions, someday I can actually be in a position to be able to put into words, anything I feel or see…..

8 thoughts on “Anticipation of a Change in the air….

  1. But then again…. i thought u were referrin to whisky cum water…. coz whisky’s not water+alcohol… which you’d know by now…

  2. I’m surprised you dint tag this post under alcohol.
    So how much was it this time?…
    Or are we to expect that you were not high when you wrote this..
    Peeepal, Here’s to the new thinker… Post that link soon..

  3. Man! This is obviously categorized under alcohol…ANd so i didnt bother to tag it under alcohol thats all….
    Oh and I was actually sane and sober when I posted this! So do expect some serious stuff with hopefully good standard being written here or in the new place…

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