As Close as I am going to get to getting SENTI…

Needless to say, I am quite drunk now. Quite high, considering the fact that I am getting high more frequently nowadays at home with my dad than with my friends at my hostel. But I would any day exchange any number of my highs here with my Dad for 1 high with my friends at hostel. But thats just not possible now…is it? I am done with my college and hostel. I have got high enough number of times-largely encapsulated in my Post BTech High Series. But like I said, I would gladly exchange this blog post for a walk around NITK campus-my campus- at 2 in the night with the company of fellow drunkards-P, Royan, Sads, Suhas, Logik, Shodan, Nikhil Balaji, Ghoshta, Guru Sub…… anybody at all…. But I have to painfully remind myself that I am out of NITK and that I will probably be going back there only sometime in December to get my degree. And even then, Royan or Suhas or Shodan or Nikhil or Guru Sub will not be there at that time- as they would be half way around the globe doing their MS. Cant really comprehend that. Its too much for me to digest-even when I am high… After I came back from college and hostel for good some time 1 month back, I have gotten high some 3-4 times. Thats maybe probably more frequent than I had in my hostel. But like I said, I would give any number of highs at home for just one high with any of my fellow drunkards and for a midnight walk around my campus. Damn! Those were the times man! Those were the times! Why the fuck did it have to end? I just wish those midnight walks never ended…. The one during which Sads, P, Logik,Royan and Me went around the campus, tenting at the Basketball Court for over an hour and talking shit was probably one of the high points of my Final Year! But again, there is not going to be another campus beat at the dead of the night with all of them…. Still cant believe it… I don’t think I ever will….. And so every time I get high at home, I will keep wishing that there was some way I could transform my high to a drinking session in my hostel followed by a midnight inebriated walk around the campus….. I guess this is what they call WISHFUL THINKING….. God Damn it! Why the hell did it have to end????

I guess this is as Sentimental and Nostalgic as I was going to get over my college and hostel life. Not that I dont have anything more to say. It is just that I am not sure if I would have ever made the effort to write about it…. So in continuation of the Senti posts, I believe this is just as far as I would go to becoming Senti about my 4 years at NITK.


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