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Jameson Irish Whiskey & some Bisi Bele Bath

My latest tryst with some excellent Whiskey came about last week in the form of Jameson Irish Whiskey with some Bisi Bele Bath as an accessory to complete the dinner. The former, courtesy my cousin and the latter courtesy my mother. Five of us including my dad and my cousin were the fortunate souls who were able to successfully devour 1 liter of the above mentioned whiskey and subsequently found it insufficient and so ended up adding a full quarter of Royal Challenge Whisky to end the night on a real high.

Jameson Irish Whiskey

About Jameson Irish Whiskey, I have to say, apart from being exceptionally smooth and having in its possession, the now familiar mind numbing aroma of a 12 year old whiskey, the real distinguishing aspect of Jameson is its potency. Just 100ml and everyone is already high. But a few of us brave souls, guided into the night by some exquisite music in the form of Aqualung and Maggot Brain, stretched our capacity beyond our limit to empty the 1 liter bottle and the extra 180 ml of RC that was inconspicuously lying beside us all the time.

But probably the only thing that places this experience apart from all the others that I have had before at my home is the midnight inebriated walk that I was finally able to accomplish in the company of my cousin. At 1 in the night, my cousin and I, hardly in our senses, walked quite a distance while divulging some well concealed facts about ourselves all along. It did remind me of all my midnight drunken walks in my hostel and it also reminded me, albeit painfully that they wont be happening any more frequently.

That said and done, a few days later, I had the opportunity to have some alcohol with a few of my fellow alcohol buddies at some Pub in Jayanagar. Just had some beer and some Bloody Mary. Had some decent time though. Don’t know how often its going to happen in the future……

PS: Royan, in case the William Grants bottle is still not empty, then I give you the go ahead to empty it now.

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So Long… and Thanks for All the Phone Calls!

I guess that quite sums up what I have to say after what I learnt yesterday from my very helpful roommate of 4 years. He gave me some sooner than expected news about someone/something that had something to do with me for quite some time a while back. And those somethings largely included long phone calls and a certain penalty which ended up being one of the happiest days of my life. ( I still remember that damn smile that I couldn’t wipe off my face.)

But I couldn’t believe the damn irony of the timing. Just in the afternoon I get this wonderful news that my Kenny G blog got selected  for some monthly mag’s back page and that in return I would be given a dinner worth 2500 bucks at Le Meridian! And in the evening, I learn that whatever haunted me the last couple of years about my earlier tryst with Le Meridian had driven the final nail in the coffin! Damn the irony man….

And I now find myself smiling, looking back in retrospection at all the things that were and all those things that could have. Maybe  it was never going to happen any different. Hey but what the hell! I don’t lose anything contemplating the possibilities of what could have been.

Its just that I cant believe it came so soon. I have written quite a bit in my previous posts about whatever I am talking about now. I really need a drink to celebrate this thing. Too bad the guy who gave me this news, once a fellow alcoholic, just refuses to drink anymore.

PS: I am listening to Scarborough Fair.

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Just an Update on the Search Terms

After my hugely popular post on the top search terms leading to my blog, I would just like to add the following search term which has around it, an air of an  innocent and concerned enquiry. Here is what lead to my blog:



Where is Choukkar and Nikhil Balaji? The two people you are most likely to find perpetually high on Old Monk rum…. Damn man! Whoever it was who searched for this, trust me when I say, you don’t die by drinking OLD MONK. And if you are even remotely associated with NITK, then it is mandatory for you to drink Old Monk at GB on a regular basis. Oh by the way, do visit the Old Monk page on Wikipedia. Largely updated and edited by fellow satisfied Old Monk consumer Logik.

Which reminds me of my still pending post about my tryst with alcohol. Gotta write it soon man… Gotta write it soon.

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I Give Up

I officially give up. I realized that its just not going to happen. Irrespective of what I do and what I can’t do, nothing is going to change. It is sinking in. And I now have come to actually believe its never going to happen. I just hope that I don’t drown myself in Self Pity. I need some distraction to keep steady. Its just not going to happen.

God I need a drink.

God Damn It!

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Top Search Terms leading to My Blog…

I had to do this. This post was inevitable and was bound to happen. And it promises to be the most shocking and insane stuff that has ever happened to this blog.

You see WordPress daily gives you an update on the search engine terms that have your blog as a result-most likely in the Top 10. So I have made a list of some of the terms that I couldn’t have possibly thought of while writing the post but voila! They lead up to the post alright! So here they are:

1) Average age for first girlfriend: Now this has been a very frequent search engine term leading to one of my very early post: G for Girlfriend.

2) Gays at Wonder la: WTF??? I mean WTF??? I remember to have just made a passing reference to Gays in my Wonderla post and what do u know? Some pervert is actually searching for it! Ah! Gross!

3) Watch people hump each other : Ok now I really don’t get it! I mean when the hell did I write about people humping each other? The closest I have made a reference to humping is about how the hostel dogs humped the Hostel Bitch to death. AH God!

4) I am 21 and do not have a girlfriend: Ok did I myself search for it when I was drunk?

5) NITK Girls: WTF??????!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????

6) Weed nitk: Wrong time sorry. I no longer am in college.

7) MS Word sucks: Anyday! It also so happens that this too is a very popular search term. Variations include “2007 Word Sucks”, “Word Help Sucks” etc.

8) Play something by the scorpions: I mean what kind of a search term is this? Which noob would search for something like this?

9) Who founded rectilinear research speaker: Now you get it how easy it is to get mislead!

But wait for this:

10) akshay nr rectilinear redemption: Do u get it? Someone actually searched for me on the net! Sure as hell wasn’t me! But woah man! Thats something!

There were a lot more and I will perhaps write another search engine post sometime soon.

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No Country for Old Men- A Book Review

“What’s the most you ever saw lost on a coin toss?”

No Country for old men

Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men consists of a fast paced Western story with elements of greed, evil, senility and guilt all inculcated in razor sharp dialogues. McCarthy’s unique writing style makes it a little difficult to follow the story initially, but once you get used to the absence of quotes, the judicious use of conjunctions and the absence of references to the speakers, you will find it hard to put the book down. What compels you to keep reading the book, however, is the way the depth of its characters is constantly under revelation through the dialogues and actions alone. There is never a single description of any character in the book- appearance-wise or with regard to the character itself- that helps one to visualize the characters involved. Nevertheless, the sharp dialogues and monologues completely obviate the need for the same. Take for instance Anton Chigurh’s intimidating dialogue with the proprietor of a filling station. The whole scenario doesn’t serve any purpose with regard to progression of the plot. But the ease and terror with which it reveals the guiltless, contemplating evil character of Anton Chigurh can take any seasoned reader by surprise. Or for that matter the definite and purposeful use of his weapon- the cattle gun. In fact, the terror of Chigurh, largely perceived through his sharp dialogues and actions, sometimes goes to the extent of being comical in nature, thereby deceiving the reader (but not his victim) on the intensity of the scene. The humor, in general, is sparse, but when present, it is subtly comical in nature despite the evidently perilous circumstances surrounding the character.

No Country for Old Men takes off with the seemingly facile escape of Anton Chigurh, the main antagonist, from the Sheriff’s prison. It immediately shifts focus and follows the journey of Llewlyn Moss, a welder (“If it is anything that can be welded, then I can weld it.”) , who stumbles across the remains of a drug deal gone bad in the middle of the desert. When he discovers the 2.4 million dollars in hard cash and decides to take it, he realizes that he has to run. The rest of the book follows his journey as Anton Chigurh tries to hunt Moss down to retrieve the money and to kill him for having caused “some inconvenience”. Amidst this cat and mouse game for the money, McCarthy provides some much needed balance to the storyline in the form of Sheriff Bell, the long standing Sheriff of the county who is on the lookout for the ghost of Chigurh, whose ruminations and self evaluation on a myriad of personal and general aspects form the small alternate chapters in the book.

In the end, this is not just a book about the good v/s the evil. That is because there is no ‘absolute good’ in this book. There maybe an absolute evil in the form of Chigurh- considering his terse explanation about why he has to ‘do it’. But there is definitely no absolute good. Not in Moss and definitely not in Sheriff Bell. But it is this presence of large areas of grey that makes the reader follow the story in an objective manner-not clearly knowing what you want the end of each character to be. Looking from a broader perspective, No Country for Old Men successfully explores, through Sheriff Bell’s meditations, the continuous moral decadence of the West through the decades, giving a clear idea as to where it is now headed. If I have to give 2 reasons why you should read the book, the first one would be to see the expertise of McCarthy in bringing out the depth in his characters without having to resort to a single description and the second one would be to explore and marvel at the character that is Anton Chigurh.

For those of you, who like me, have watched the movie first, there is still quite a lot left for exploring in the book. And I have to say that watching the movie definitely helped me visualize the scenes and the characters better and you will also see why Javier Bardem got the Oscar for his portrayal of Anton Chigurh.