Top Search Terms leading to My Blog…

I had to do this. This post was inevitable and was bound to happen. And it promises to be the most shocking and insane stuff that has ever happened to this blog.

You see WordPress daily gives you an update on the search engine terms that have your blog as a result-most likely in the Top 10. So I have made a list of some of the terms that I couldn’t have possibly thought of while writing the post but voila! They lead up to the post alright! So here they are:

1) Average age for first girlfriend: Now this has been a very frequent search engine term leading to one of my very early post: G for Girlfriend.

2) Gays at Wonder la: WTF??? I mean WTF??? I remember to have just made a passing reference to Gays in my Wonderla post and what do u know? Some pervert is actually searching for it! Ah! Gross!

3) Watch people hump each other : Ok now I really don’t get it! I mean when the hell did I write about people humping each other? The closest I have made a reference to humping is about how the hostel dogs humped the Hostel Bitch to death. AH God!

4) I am 21 and do not have a girlfriend: Ok did I myself search for it when I was drunk?

5) NITK Girls: WTF??????!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????

6) Weed nitk: Wrong time sorry. I no longer am in college.

7) MS Word sucks: Anyday! It also so happens that this too is a very popular search term. Variations include “2007 Word Sucks”, “Word Help Sucks” etc.

8) Play something by the scorpions: I mean what kind of a search term is this? Which noob would search for something like this?

9) Who founded rectilinear research speaker: Now you get it how easy it is to get mislead!

But wait for this:

10) akshay nr rectilinear redemption: Do u get it? Someone actually searched for me on the net! Sure as hell wasn’t me! But woah man! Thats something!

There were a lot more and I will perhaps write another search engine post sometime soon.

6 thoughts on “Top Search Terms leading to My Blog…

  1. Some freak searched for ” gay boys in Hosur”, and landed up at my blog.
    NITK girls seems to be a veery popular keyphrase. Must be some insider-despo.:)
    and 6th comment was the best…

    7th is not so noob. there are sites that play music online. these lead to that usually.

    See, google pays importance to word proximity, when giving ranks. So a ‘gay’ here, and a ‘Salman Khan’ there, would lead all perverts searching for you-know -what straight to your blog

  2. @2,3,5,6 : LOLLLLL!!!!

    awesome, too good. I wonder what would be the kind of google ads if on blogspot!!!

  3. @Logik
    “Gay Boys in Hosur”…Now guess what? everytime some wastage searches for the above term, your comment pops out first result! Shit!

    Ads would probably include the address of the local supplier of weed in nitk(H-Wing & for sometime Room 132 8th block -Kotte’s and Fother’s Room), some ad for the next B Grade English film made in India and the likes…

  4. Dude. Remove personalised search in google and then try. Hope that helps.

    Anyway, this is called dirt-shifting[ i coined it just now]. You want some nasty terms not to lead to your blog, you shift it to a popular blog [ don’t start flying now].

    Granted you can delete that comment. And this too as it is evidence. But no wait. what about your gay fan-base. [ obvious jokes to be avoided, for this reference]

    I think they’d come anyways. One of ur wonderla posts I think had word-usage. Granted, Due to this ,now some despo people of hosur have a new station on the web. Hurrah

  5. I got here through “word tables suck.” I was hoping someone had posted a rant with a bunch of solutions to typical table troubles (no luck). I did like the Tex post, though. Using word does feel like using crayons.. oh, let’s use blue for the title and, oh yeah, let’s use yellow for all of the headers. The styles and formatting dialog is like your box of broken up crayons. Barf.

  6. @E
    The way crayons are synonymous with kids, so is Word with all the people who don’t know TeX. There is absolutely no point in searching for “WORD Tables Suck” when the more relevant thing to search for would be just “Word Sucks!”
    In fact if you want to see some amazing rant about MS Word, then google ” MS WORD SUCKS” and click on the first result. The writer, whoever that is, has done an amazing job at making the reader feel that MS WORD is the worst piece of typesetting application ever made…

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