I Give Up

I officially give up. I realized that its just not going to happen. Irrespective of what I do and what I can’t do, nothing is going to change. It is sinking in. And I now have come to actually believe its never going to happen. I just hope that I don’t drown myself in Self Pity. I need some distraction to keep steady. Its just not going to happen.

God I need a drink.

God Damn It!

3 thoughts on “I Give Up

  1. Well, things change irrespective of what one does and what one doesn’t. The question is whether you can influence.

    Oho!!! eek. Dont drown man, also, distractions always make you drown irrespective of what they are…. hehe

  2. @ Suhas
    Common man don’t be surprised…IT was waiting to happen.

    @ evilsense
    Have to disagree..coz my distractions are really helping me right now to cope with the scenario.

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