Just an Update on the Search Terms

After my hugely popular post on the top search terms leading to my blog, I would just like to add the following search term which has around it, an air of an  innocent and concerned enquiry. Here is what lead to my blog:



Where is Choukkar and Nikhil Balaji? The two people you are most likely to find perpetually high on Old Monk rum…. Damn man! Whoever it was who searched for this, trust me when I say, you don’t die by drinking OLD MONK. And if you are even remotely associated with NITK, then it is mandatory for you to drink Old Monk at GB on a regular basis. Oh by the way, do visit the Old Monk page on Wikipedia. Largely updated and edited by fellow satisfied Old Monk consumer Logik.

Which reminds me of my still pending post about my tryst with alcohol. Gotta write it soon man… Gotta write it soon.

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